NeverQuest: The Story Begins

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NeverQuest is BoLS’ own D&D campaign. Each week there’s a new adventure handcrafted and locally sourced for your enjoyment.

NeverQuest is our D&D campaign, run by me, your friendly neighborhood RPG Columnist and Sunday Editor. Watch as these boys try their best to Never Quest. It’s always an adventure, even if it’s not the one you thought it would be.

We’re running through fifth edition D&D, and playtesting the rules in Unearthed Arcana when we can. So come join us for an adventure!

Episode 1 – Meet the Adventurers

In episode 1 you’ll meet the heroes of NeverQuest. We’re taking you every step of the way, from character creation to the inevitable TPK. Come meet the party: a pair of half-elves and a duo of gnomes (even if one is a Goliath raised by gnomes). Between them we’ve got 2.5 adventurers investigating a dire threat in a ruined town.

Episode 2 – Friends,  Enemies, and Frenemies

Part two of our introductory adventure reveals a powerful artifact being misused by a sinister organization known as the Emerald Eye. Our heroes try to stop them, but not before they befriend a BugBear, a mercenary, and do some ghost murdering. Which is both murdering ghosts and doing some murdering while a ghost.

Episode 3 – Something Fishy This Way Comes

The boys investigate a mysterious shipment, much to Peren Greycastle’s chagrin. A bar brawl brings boats, a lighthouse tour ends in intrigue, and an awkward morning after are all part of this week’s NeverQuest.

You can watch the Saga unfold live on our Twitch stream every Friday, with new videos added to the YouTube Playlist every Tuesday.

If you have a monster, adventure hook, or other thing you’d like to see, let us know and we’ll see if we can’t work it in!

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