40K: New Products Inside July White Dwarf

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Get a preview of this month’s upcoming new releases. Primaris, Plague Marines and more.

8th Edition is coming in hot. The coming weeks will see the release of a few new models. The Primaris train continues to build up steam with some new units inbound. We have a little more information now on those Primaris Reivers that were mere rumor yesterday. Check out the new models and a first look at first strike below.

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40K First Strike Pre-Order: July 8th

Easy-to-Build Primaris Reivers Pre-Order: July 8th


Easy-to-Build Primaris Intercessors Pre-Order: July 8th

Easy-to-Build Death Guard Plague Marines Pre-Order: July 8th

Easy-to-Build Poxwalkers Pre-Order: July 8th

Except for the Reivers, these easy-to-build models look like their “normal-to-build” counterparts from the starter boxes. The Reivers look cool–like some new type of scout Primaris, I’d wager. They’ve got combat knives (you can tell their knives because they’re only as big as their thighs) and pistols, and with those skull masks they practically scream, “we’re sneaking up on you so we can murder you to death.”

Now how anything that massive manages to be stealthy is beyond me–but I guess we’ll see once the models come out.

First Strike is a new starter set, a little more streamlined than the Dark Imperium, but it looks like it comes with some new sculpts, which is pretty cool. Or you can grab Getting Started with Warhammer for $8 which is just a guide to getting started and a Primaris Marine that you can assemble and paint with the tips they give you in the book.

All in all, looks like we’re going to keep seeing more Primaris coming down the pipeline–they’re the new hotness, so, we’ll see what else they get. We’ve seen Primaris Apothecaries and a Primaris Librarian, now all we need is a Primaris Techmarine and a Primaris Chaplain and we’ll have the full set.

…no no ChaplAin we said…

And be sure and stay tuned for announcement of a new Hard-to-Build line of models that come pre-treated with superglue but only in places where it makes sense to grab them.


  • Juan Antonio

    So… nothing about the “Know no fear” starter set this month? I’m waiting for that one…

  • Krizzab

    the Infinitymarines are neat.

  • MightyOrang

    $15 for the 3 man sets?!? GW continues to impress.

    • SilentPony

      Eh? If they’re just snap fit dudes, that’s not overly impressive.

      • JPMcMillen

        The question is, how much will the regular models cost and how many will you get in a box.

        Many of the old snap fit dudes were a good bargain if you didn’t mind a bunch of identical models, or didn’t mind modifying them. A few here and there, scattered through your army could be a good way to stretch your forces, or allow you to build more regular models with special/heavy weapons for more list options.

    • LEGION3000

      Just wait. The new heroes are $35 for 1 single pose model. O.o

  • Luca Lacchini

    Think I’ll get the First Strike box, the price tag is just right, and it’ll add variety and options to the Dark Imperium core.

    And if the Reivers stats, points and equipment options (chainswords!) are reasonable, maybe an extra trio of them too. Maybe.

  • Derek Lee

    Lol, those names just make me want to call them “Easy-Bake” marines.

  • Ben_S

    “these easy-to-build models look like their “normal-to-build” counterparts from the starter boxes”

    I assumed ‘easy-to-build’ meant ‘like the starter kit’, as opposed to, say, regular tactical marines (which would be normal to build).

    Am I misunderstanding – in which case, what else does easy-to-build mean? – or is it BoLS?

    • Someone

      It’s bols. Accurate reporting, or for that matter a solid understanding of the material and industry their reporting on is not their strong suit

  • dave long island

    Charlie Chaplain: he ruined the toothbrush mustache for all time… lol

  • Rafał Pytlak

    Soo… the 12€/50zł sets of Death Guard/Primaris will have only 3 figures in it? Wow that’s low…

    • Brian Griffith

      It’s not low for that price. That tends to be what you get in an easy to build set, if they’re space marine/stormcast sized guys.

      • Rafał Pytlak

        Oh i ment “GW that’s low, even for you bro. Only 3 minis for such price is kinda costly”

        • Brian Griffith

          …and I’m saying that’s among the most affordable GW sets at present. It’s positioned as a cheap, simple set for beginning modelers.

      • luke-vdv

        Cheap? Maybe in comparison to all the overpriced stuff they are hocking…

      • Nicolas M

        And here we have it folks the end result of GW brainwashing: people thinking 12bucks for 3 FIGS is okay.

  • gugliermo

    When GW release the new units of death guard? When we will see mortarion and the plague terminators? T.T

    • Brian Griffith

      Likely late July or early August.

      Personally I’m planning on picking up the easy to build guys (bringing my total to 10 counting Dark Imperium) and then mixing them with the multipose guys so each squad gets one of the squad leaders.

      • Bradley Xavbrah

        WD hint for August is ‘Index Astartes,’ so the DG full release is going to be September earliest.

  • Ravingbantha

    GW is really dragging this crap out.

  • Does anyone have Reiver Stats yet?

  • So… the box with all of the easy build is $55AUD and each of the units are $25AUD? Why wouldn’t I just buy two of the first strike boxes, and get twice as many models for a similar price? That is going to be a popular box, thats for sure. Not going to be many around for any people just wanting to get started with the game…

  • Nyyppä

    I hope there are not so easy to build models coming up soonish.

  • zeno666

    These new space marines really do look more GI Joe.
    Do their arms and legs bend?

  • Nicolas M

    Ho, so the Primaris are too cool for the infiltrating scout now? They are just infiltrating marines?