P3 Painting: The King of Nothing gets his Crown

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Join the Privateer Press Studio team as they paint up the King of Nothing and answer your questions.

The Privateer Press studio painting guys are at it again, this time they’re tackling the King of Nothing.

He rules a barren wasteland, wanting to fade from existence after having been cast out by Menoth as a defire. I love how faded and patchworked he looks compared to the tree around him. Though you can get an even better sense of how they manage that in the video below, here’s a quick example of the work they put in on this guy.

Here’s a before, and then here’s shortly after applying a wash to try and make him more “see through” so as to fade ino the background a little more.

Watching these, you can get a lot of theory/technique learning in–they talk about the various kinds of contrasts you can use and what sorts of effects each can help you achieve. And you can get a good idea of the kind of mixtures you’ll want to cook up to get your models looking the way they do. The whole video’s only about an hour and a half at that, so there’s a lot of fine work done very quickly.

But they also take your questions over the course of the stream, and you can catch a few details about what’s coming down the pipe for Privateer Press, though there’s nothing super spoilery–you could, for instance, learn that there’s a live paint demo at their booth at Gen Con, or what kinds of paints work best on a given surface, etc. If you’re a dedicated hobbyist, these videos will help take your painting up a level.

Of course, the King of Nothing, being a nothing king, sits on a nothing tree near a nothing ring.

  • Nosebleed

    loving this paintjob style

  • Sonic tooth

    Do pp tutorials go into feathering and glazing? 2 techniques I just can’t get my tiny brain around

  • zeno666

    ~/ Where’s your crown King Nothing! /~