Raging Heroes: WarStages Terrain Looks Amazing

This detailed terrain is sure to add high drama to your games – from massive battles to skirmishes.

Raging Heroes is launching a Kickstarter this month for WarStages – a modular terrain set that’s meant for everything from massive battles to skirmish settings and RPGs. It easily transforms from a massive fortress to urban ruins with a look that suitable for both sci-fi and fantasy settings. In one kit…

The WarStages system is based on two types of components. The Bricks are small basic components: ground sections of 2×5 inches, wall sections, railings, stairs. The Stages are structures made of these Bricks. Each Stage is a building structure that can stand on its own and has a specific function: main portal, choir, bell tower, wall section with catwalks, etc.

  1. Use the Bricks to assemble the various Stages of your WarStages kit, like you would with large Lego bricks;
  2. Place the Stages together on the table to create your Cathedral;
  3. Move the Stages around to create any other setting you might need.

The full Cathedral kit is an assembly of several Stages. Put them together to make the Cathedral… or nearly anything else in just a few seconds. This is because we have conceived each Stage in the Cathedral Kit to have a different type of architectural and gaming function: large portal, catwalk structure, wide platform, enclosing wall, etc.

Once you have these Stages ready, it’s super easy to either assemble the full cathedral or organise the Stages to set up a fortress, a city in ruins, a giant gothic complex, or whatever you can think of… just by moving the various sections around.

  • STUNNING: For the first time ever, your chance to get a gaming table as awesome, big, and epic as a convention center piece.
  • MODULAR: Make it yours! Assemble the Gothic Cathedral, reorganise its layout to your likes, or completely re-invent your own WarStages thanks to our super modular assembly system.
  • IMMERSIVE: Immerse yourself in a movie-like environment with loads of accessories that bring an unprecedented sense of atmosphere, scope and epicness to your games.
  • PRACTICAL: Easy to assemble, easy to store, no painting required.

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  • eMtoN

    Looks great

  • WhenDidVicesBecomeVirtues

    Well I feel the need to say shut up and take my money.

  • dave long island

    Wow… totes awesome. If they throw in a Ramones tshirt, I’m all in… aw who am I kiddin’, I’m all in anyways. That’s awesome terrain!

  • Xodis

    Wow that looks amazing. Im thinking the price will cause my divorce, but it could be worth it lol

    • Xodis

      Hmmmm, made from Cardboard….probably not as expensive as I thought.

      • euansmith

        Maybe GW will pay attention 😀 That’s how you fill a table.

        • Andy Wise

          Beats the hell out of using the box you got your new 40k starter in…

  • georgelabour

    I think the only question they didn’t answer is the one we all think of when their miniatures line comes up in discussion.

    What’s the cup size of their latest release?

    • euansmith

      “A” as in “A Bucket”.

  • Gorsameth

    Considering all the trouble of their previous kickstarters I would advise people to research well before spending any money on this

    • orionburn

      What has been their issues? Delays or not getting product out at all to people?

      • Greg Osborn

        Delays, which is not too unexpected with Kickstarter projects. Poor resin materials leading to problems with parts breaking. Problems with some minis not curing properly, a lot of people had problems getting the release agent cleaned off the minis, lack of communication. just head over to one of their projects and scroll through the comments. Bring popcorn.
        They make absolutely gorgeous miniatures but the materials used for production and how petite the models are have been my biggest problems. Once a piece breaks, there is seldom enough material there to repair it properly.

      • Luca Lacchini

        Backer for both KS here.

        Delays, delays, delays.
        The latest one has been hit really hard with some quality issues too: release agent on the resin casts that seeped even after weeks, severe mould lines, casting gates/vents on detailed or delicate parts.
        Instead of improving on lessons learned on the first project, they experimented on new, promising ways. Failure, sadly.

        But mostly, delays.

    • rakshasa

      Greatly exaggerated statements about the issues with previous kickstarters.
      I am a backer of both kickstarters and can say that the main issues were the delays. Yes there was also one incident where the release agent could not be removed from the minis which has been corrected.
      But their communication has always been very good…with regular newsletters and status updates and quick answering to questions posed directly.
      Other than that, if you like the aesthetics of their minis, the quality was always very good. And a great value for money.

      Between the 3 of us which backed the kickstarters, we got most of the miniatures (Jailbirds, Iron Empire, Sisters, Dark Elves, etc) and did not find any big issue with the minis.

  • zeno666

    Not enough LoS-blockers for 40k 😉

    • euansmith

      Maybe it will come in a cardboard box that can be used as LoS blocking terrain?

  • Tshiva keln

    Looks fantastic but the filming on the video wasn’t too good. Bit too fast so can’t fully appreciate it, more like a teaser video than an advertisement video.