Retribution: Hemera – Ultimate Arc-Node

Hemera is a new jack for Retribution. Come check out this cheap Arc-node with a solid gun.

Guest Article by JohnheV

What’s Hemera Do?

Bond [ISSYRIA]: Issyria gets to up keep a spell for free while bonded with her.

Empowered Arc Node: This is it the ability that makes Hemera an impressive heavy arc-node. Reducing the spell cost of any spell channeled through her by 1 once per turn. There is not a Retribution caster that cannot take advantage of this. Even on first turn giving yourself that extra focus if you go second may cause your opponent to think twice about the top of 2 assassination.

Field-Dependent: Shield gone all toys gone, no marked target no gun.

Mark Target: In an incredibly shooting faction this is always a nice addition. Increasing the assassination protentional on a war caster or allowing us to take down high def targets w/o knocking them down will be a welcomed addition the Retribution faction.

Reposition [3”]: Ever since premeasuring was added in mark 3 this has become one of the best abilities in the game on a range jack it allows a second shot before engagement in most scenarios. With Mark Target, this jack has the ability to get very far up the field to give its bonus out to a position the opponent might not have considered with a unmodified walking threat of 14 inches on Mark Target it will be very hard for your opponent to hide.

Critical Dispel (Celestial Gate): Funny name for a gun but an amazing ability to have with power up it takes very little resources to operate this gun.

Tactics with Casters:

My top 3 Synergy Casters:

Issyria: With how many spells Issyria wants to throw out game this is a no brainer. Additionally, if you want to get very brave you could potentially throw 3 blinding lights in one turn now and keep both upkeep spells with Hemera and Sylys.

Rahn: Rahn loves arc nodes, and he loves more focus getting a reduction in spell cost is a huge win for him. Hemera’s reposition also allows him to play a lot of cat and mouse games either behind a forest or tree with popping out shooting arching a spell barely in line of sight and the getting telekinesis back behind and safe.

Helynna: Her feat loves jacks with a shield and bringing this model back to full functionality a turn if you did manage to get her whittled down will allow her to throw a 3-cost obliteration or a 1 cost Hand of Destruction seems over powered to me.

~What do you think of the new character jack for Retribution?  Please share in the comments below.

  • Richard Mitchell

    Elves who hate spells will now kill me with more spells. A sad day for the Motherland.

    • Jared van Kell

      It is always a sad day in Khador. So business as usual.

    • ZeeLobby

      I always thought they hated humans who used spells, not using spells themselves.

    • UnpluggedBeta

      They hate YOUR *human* spells, filthy sub-elven round ear.