Runewars: Deepwood Archers Upgrades

Fantasy Flight Games shows off some of the upgrades the Deepwood Archers are bringing to the table in Runewars!

We’ve already gotten a preview of this unit from the Latari Elves expansion. But now, FFG is showing off some of the new tricks this unit will bring to the table when they get their unit expansion later this year.

via Fantasy Flight Games

“Fantasy Flight is pleased to offer you a closer look at the Latari’s Deepwood Archers Unit Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game!

The Deepwood Archers Unit Expansion includes five upgrade cards, six tokens, and eight unpainted miniatures that allow players to don their archers in the colors of any of the many Latari factions.”

The Upgrades

Hunter’s Guile says when your unit is preforming a melee or ranged attack, you can replace one of your dice with a white die if you are at range 1 up to the X (number of natural energy rune tokens on the battlefield) of a piece of overgrown terrain. That can vary as the magic phase randomizes how many and what type of magical energy runes are on the board. On the plus side, not only do you get to use the white die (which can upgrade your attack) the archers also get Overgrow 1.

During setup, units with the Overgrow keyword allow you to place overgrowth tokens on terrain pieces around the map. With this upgrade, the unit gains that ensuring they will have a much better shot at getting that dice boost!

The Pathwalker’s Amulet is another card that the Archers might find valuable. While the elves prefer the safety of ranged combat, the enemies of the Deepwood might prefer an up-close and personal fight. This upgrade gives the unit gains the Protected keyword while defending vs a single attack. That might be just the thing that pulls their bacon out of the fire!

The Deepwood Archers Unit Expansion is bringing even more to the tabletop later this year. They are scheduled for release in Q4 of 2017!

Deepwood Archers Unit Expansion $24.95

Nock your arrows and prepare for battle with the Deepwood Archers Unit Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game!

The Deepwood Archers Unit Expansion includes eight Deepwood Archer Figures and two plastic infantry movement trays, enough to field a unit of Deepwood Archers or add on to the units found in the Latari Elves Army Expansion, as well as five upgrade cards.


Something, Something …”Fight in the shade!”

  • GnomesForge

    Warhammer what now?

  • Calgar

    Having played X-wing for years, its hard to get behind another game from FF that requires the purchasing of units you don’t plan on using to get upgrades for the units that your do use. I don’t know how prevalent that is in this system, but it has turned me off several of their games in the past.

    • Bigwebb

      the upgrades are the same across all factions so you only have to buy the units for your faction to get all the upgrades

    • Thornoo1

      Yeah I want to knock this one on the head now. The upgrade cards are cross faction. You do not need to buy units from other factions to get the cards, they come in your own unit boxes.