SW Armada: Six Squadrons FFG Should Add to the Game



With Wave 6 hitting tables this week it’s time to look to the future. What new squadrons should be added to the game?

Wave Six is out and ready to be played. As with the release of any new Wave it is now time for the honored tradition of speculating about what should come in the next one. Today we take a look at six of the squadrons the Fantasy Flight should add in upcoming waves. Lets dig in.

6. The K-Wing

What is it?

The K-Wing is the heaviest bomber in the Rebel arsenal, with a vast armament of guns and ordnance. While ugly the ship packs a punch like no other.


While the ship may be ugly, I’ve always loved it. Like some some of the best Star Wars ships it looks sort of patched together, but also functional. The Rebels have really struggled to find a good dedicated bomber, with both the B-wing and Scrugg suffering from problems. Most Rebel bomber lists are really built around combos and their famous fighter bombers. Lets give the Rebels an actual good heavy bomber. In addition the ship is already in X-wing so it would be easy to bring the model over.

5. The V-Wing

What is it?

Possibly the only “wing” fighter to be used by the Empire, the V-wing was a precursor to the TIE. Introduced at the at the end of the Clone Wars the V-wing saw service well into the Imperial era, before slowly being replaced by TIEs. Like the TIE it was a cheap fast interceptor, with a Twin Ion Engine and a lack of life support or hyperdrive. It had twice as many guns as a regular TIE and also mounted an Astromech. Some versions also carried shields and missiles.


It’s a super cool looking ship. It could also fill either a middle role between a TIE and a TIE Interceptor, or be an Imperial version of an A-wing. Either role would be cool to see it in.

4. GAT-12 Skipray Blastboat

What is it?

The Skipray Blastboat is a heavy support craft used by pretty much every faction during the Galactic Civil War. With a heavy load-out, including ion cannons, laser cannons, turbolasers and torpedo/missile launchers along with heavy armor and shields the Skipray is a real beast of a ship. The ship was used heavily by both the Rebels and the Empire, as well as various scum factions for well over 30 years. ‘


The Skipray is one of the most widely mentioned EU ships, featured in more than two dozen novels as well as numerous games and sources books. It’s been used by most factions and most major characters. It is one of the Iconic fighters of the old EU and deserves a place in Armada.

3. The Missile Boat Or Assault Gunboat


What is it?

Introduced in the X-Wing/TIE Fighter video games, the Assault Gunboat and Missile boat were heavily armed fighters. Both were some of the first shielded Imperial ships and were more on par with Rebel ships then the regular TIEs. The Missile Boat wins points for the wonderfully insane about of, well, missiles it carries. Unlike most Imperial bombers these ships could still hold their own in a dog fight. It would give the Imperials a beefy strike-starfighter in between an X-Wing and a Y-wing.


Like the Skipray these are both iconic and fan favorite ships. While almost every other ship from the classic X-wing/TIE fighter games have been brought over to either X-wing or Armada the lack of either the Assault Gunboat or the Missile Boat has been a sore point. Lets fix that now.

2. Fang Fighters

What is it?

The Fang Fighter is an interceptor used by many Mandalorians, in particular the Protectors of Concord Dawn. Along with its heavier brother the Kom’rk-class fighter it is featured in large parts of Star Wars: Rebels.


Another cool looking ship that is already in X-wing the Fang fighter is a major part of the Rebels show. Bringing it, and hopefully the Kom’rk to Armada will allow us to really play out all the battles from the show. As the Manalorians are being teased as being major players in the final season of Rebels I would expect this ship sooner rather than later. It would also make a great squadron for a new Scum faction.

1. The Yorik-et

What is it?

Also known as a Coralskipper, the Yorik-et is a heavy fighter armed with a pair of Yaret-Kor Volcano Cannons and a Dovin basal engine/protection system.


Because the Yuuzhan Vong are going to be the third faction. Search your feelings, you know it be true.

~That’s all for this time folks! Let us know what squadrons you’d like to see in Armada, down in the comments! 

  • mafiacheese

    I could see 6 and 4 getting made, maybe 2 if they introduce S&V as a faction. 3 might be a stretch, and 5 won’t happen unless they start with prequel trilogy items that aren’t also in Rebels.


  • Lyall N Morell

    Stop trying to make the Yuuzhan Vong a thing again. The one good thing about Disney redoing the SW universe is they can steer well clear of that non-sense.

    • daggermaw

      totally agree. the Vong were terrible.