The emperor’s beard #232: It is madness to master a cat


“The cat is cryptic, and close to strange things which men cannot see.”
-H. P. Lovecraft

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  • sniperjack

    And that is why i dont have a cat.
    At my parents home we had many cats. I loved them. But sometimes they are nuts.

    • Luca Lacchini

      Remove “sometimes”. My gf cat wants to cuddle and be petted. So he meows and cries.
      But it’s summer, and very humid and hot, so after a few seconds he’s in your arms/lap, it’s uncomfortable for everyone involved, and strains to get away, giving you a “friendly” scratch.
      But he wants to cuddle and be petted, so he meows and cries…

      • dave long island

        lol 🙂

    • dave long island

      It’s da truf!

  • benn grimm

    Cats are far better suited to a simple life than humans, which is why they see fit to punish us with furry inconvenience when we get distracted doing all our silly ape-hobbies. Learn from the cat.

    • Bakvrad

      Moewnough said

  • Tshiva keln

    You have to realise that you don’t own a cat, they own you. If you accept your place in the relationship you will be fine. Also, when they knock over your models you have to realise that is how they express criticism of your painting. Must do better.