Twitch Re-Stream: “Alaitoc Strikes” & More

The Twitch Re-Stream is coming at you all weekend in case you missed any of the BoLS Twitch Shows – come see the line-up and catch you favorites!

This week on “Dark Apocrypha” – Alaitoc Strikes! An Eldar Craftworld hunts fate itself.

Alaitoc Strikes!

Alaitoc Strikes – Part 1: Strike Fast, Strike Sure!

After centuries of searching Alaitoc’s Rangers & Pathinders have located 3 relics from their homeworld before the Fall. The Farseers portend that these relics will grant the Craftworld either great fortune if secured, or oblivion if they fall in the hands of the Great Enemy. A Mighty Warhost is dispatched through the webway to secure them or die trying. At it’s head is Autarch El’athan Voidzephyr “Scent of the Stars”. His first target – the Glaive of Alaitoc, on a recently conquered Imperial world near the Eye of Terror. Woe awaits any who stand in the Voidzephyr’s path.

Alaitoc Strikes – Part 2: Everybody Fights, Nobody Runs!

With the quest for the first relic behind him, Autarch El’athan Voidzephyr “Scent of the Stars” moves onto his next target. On the Tyranid infested world of Gehenna III – the Alaitoc’s Tear awaits. But the doomed world heaves under the tectonic shockwaves of its almost total Hivefleet consumption. Voidzephyr must strike fast to reclaim the artefact before the world itself becomes his greatest enemy.


Alaitoc Strikes – Part 3: Waterworld

Autarch El’athan Voidzephyr “Scent of the Stars” hunts for the final artifact – the Grail of Isha. The relic was discovered by a T’au Earth Caste expedition and is under study on a ocean Sept world. The Voidzephyr readies his warhost for aquatic and island combat to relclam the relic from it’s unknowing T’au guardians.


NeverQuest – D&D 5th

Check out our continuing 5e D&D campaign – Neverquest. Grab a cold one, settle in and adventure with the BoLS party. Someone might find glory, gold – or die!

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