BtGoA: Algoryn Special Division Commander Ess Ma Rahq

Warlord Games is back with some new Special Divsion Units for the Alygoryn!

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The Algoryn are going in full force to Chryseis with the new Hazard squad, being led by the Hazard Command Squad and the Special Division Commander Ess Ma Rahq.

503011003-Algoryn-SD-Commander-Ess-Ma-Rahq-01Algoryn Special Division Commander Ess Ma Rahq

Ess Ma Rahq belongs to one of the oldest and most renowned of all the great Optimate moch, or clans, of the Algoryn: the Rahq. Ess Ma Rahq is every inch a member of the haughty and ambitious clan into which she was born. She took to the obligatory military training with relish, proving an insightful if merciless leader, inspiring both loyalty and dread in equal degree. Most of all her evident intelligence and technical aptitude distinguished her from her cohorts.

If she was hardhearted and calculating it was only because these qualities were necessary to survive; if she was ambitious it was the worthy ambition of a superior mind; if she were to rise to supremacy it was a duty she would accept by right. It would be an honour to serve and it would add another Rahq name to the long history of Algor.


Contains 5 highly detailed multi-part metal troops.


Hazard Squad

Algoryn Hazard squads are equipped with heavily-armoured enviro-suits, generally known as Hazard armour. They carry a powerful combination of ranged and close-fighting weapons. Troops wearing Hazard armour benefit from integrated weapon systems, including distort-spinners, and they carry an uprated plasma carbine that draws power from the suit’s own energy pack facilitating a rapid rate of fire.

This pack contains the following metal models:

  • 1 Hazard Leader with plasma carbine and D-spinner
  • 4 Hazard Troopers with plasma carbines and D-spinners

Hazard armour consists of multiple layers of reflex armour that offer extraordinary protection against high-power weaponry, although at some considerable loss to both speed and manoeuvrability compared to the lighter armour worn by Vector troops.


Hazard units fight as part of the elite and heavily-equipped Hazard Vector formations, often under the direct command of the ultra-secretive Special Development (SD) division, the select corps responsible for experimental weapon development and testing. Hazard troopers are few in number but disproportionately effective.


Contains 5 multi-part metal troops


The Alygoryn prepare for another assault Beyond the Gates of Antares!

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    I really like their understated female minis.