Weekend Re-stream: A BoLS Twitchstravaganza

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Codex Space Marine reigns supreme while NeverQuest settles the score with naked orc assassins and pirates?! We’re not sure how it happened either!

This week on Dark Apocrypha – The BoLS Crew puts Codex: Space Marines to the test with the help of viewers like you.

Space Marine Week Part 1: Against the Traitors! PLUS Codex Q&A

We have a fully painted Ultramarines detachment, rife with new Primaris Marine toys. We tested it out all week against a variety of different army types, and delved into the codex answering your questions and the whole time. This game featured the Ultramarines vs another Space Marine force for some Red vs Blue action! Once the battle is over, sit down with us for a Codex Space Marines talk show.

Space Marine Week Part 2: Against the Xenos!

In this game we had the Ultramarines back for another round facing off against an “Old School Mech Eldar” Ulthwé Army. The Armies are Black and Blue because everyone takes a beating when these two forces meet!

Space Marine Week Part 3: Blood & Guts!

The Primarch of the Ultramarines Roublute Guilliman is in the house to face down a Khorne & Nurgle daemon army led by a mighty Bloodthirster! Can the Primaris and the Primarch hold the line and carry the day? If you’ve read Guilliman’s rules, you can probaby figure out how this one ended.

NeverQuest – D&D 5th

Our gang of heroes brings an end to a smuggling ring, finds a red herring, nude wrestles an Orc, and unboxes a surprise. (Not the flying squirrel).

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