40K: Ad Mech: New Codex Wishlist

The Adeptus Mechancius are getting new codex after the Death Guard – What would you like to see added to their faction?

We now know the Adeptus Mechanicus is heading our way soon-ish. We’re really excited to see them get a new codex with all the parts of the Ad Mech combined into one fully fledged fighting force! …Or at least collected together in their own book. The Ad Mech has always been an army with units that work together to become something greater than themselves. They’ve got the Cult Mechanicus, the Skitarii, and the Knight Houses that form the three pillars of their army.

While this is a pretty strong foundation it still feels like there are  a few key elements missing from their unit pool. With a new ‘dex on the way now is the perfect time for some wishlisting as to what we want to see in the new full codex!


The Adeptus Mechanicus is one of the most technologically advanced Imperial armies in the game and yet they don’t have their own flyer option. Regardless how you feel about flyers in 40k, the fact that the Ad Mech doesn’t have one strikes us as very odd. Having a flyer unit seems like a natural fit in terms of adding a cool, new model and adding something the army is missing. Now the question is what type of flyer? And which branch of the tree gets this new unit?

Ornithopter Sketch via Dune Wikia

In my mind their is one type of aircraft that fits the aesthetic of the Ad Mech Skitarii forces better than most others: The Ornithopter. The idea of an Ornithopter has been around for ages and has been designed and re-designed for all types of Sci-Fi interpretations. Why I think it works for the Ad Mech is because classic Ornithopters are attempts at mimicking the “natural” way of flight – which is a bird/insect flapping it’s wings. Of all the factions in the Imperium, the Ad Mech strike me as the ones who could pull this concept off the best. A cross between a hardcore military vessel and a graceful bird/insect like flyer – the Ornithopter would be perfect.

I think the Skitarii should get this flyer as well because they are the most “humanoid” of the three branches. Plus, based on how the Robot Cortexes of the Machine Cult work, I think they would need a mind capable of making quicker assessments of a battlefield as the pilots of these flying machines.

The Ornithopter concept could easily be modified to either be a swarm of smaller flyers, a larger gunboat or….

A Transport

Our frequent contributor Stormcaller mentioned this back in October of last year – but seriously, where are the Ad Mech’s freaking transports!? To re-interate his point, the folks that build everyone else’s transports don’t have a ride to the battlefield they can call their own – what gives? I think he’s got a great point!

Back in the 30k days, the Mechanicum had the Triaros Armoured Conveyer as their main battle transport. 10,000 years later it’s suddenly…gone? For a group that worships machines as gods, I find that very hard to believe! Now, maybe this is just one of those GW/FW things where they don’t want to cut into their own business – I get it. But if Cawl can finalize a new suit for Guilliman, why the heck can’t someone else design a new transport for the Ad Mech? As mentioned above – maybe it’s a flyer! But there is no reason it can’t be a “boots-on-the-ground” transport. In fact, I think this type of transport would be fantastic for units like the Kastelan Robots. Drive them up, plop them out, and let them light-it-up with their Incendine Combustors!


Fast Attack!

The last thing I think their codex needs is some more Fast Attack options. I’m not saying the army is slow – I’m saying between the 3 branches, they only have 2 Fast Attack options in total. And while I think the Sydonian Dragoon models are fantastic, I think they could use some extra options and some fast support! It would be cool to see some type of smaller, lighter scout “Knight” but I don’t think that’s the answer. No, I think they need access to a “jump-pack” like unit that can rapidly move in and strike. This could also open up the possibility for more “Deepstrike” style deployment options for them. Forge World already makes the Ursarax for 30k:

Why not take those designs and “update” them into a 40k version. I think that an Ursarax unit is exactly the thing that would fill that battlefield role and still retain the flavor and theme of the Ad Mech!


What’s your take? What new Ad Mech models/unit types would you like to see with their new codex? Let us know in the comments below!

  • benn grimm

    Basically I want it to be as varied, interesting and customizable as the 30k list, without becoming the 30k list. More tech priests, more vehicles, more servitors. Termites/Moles would be awesome.

    • Rotten Deadite

      Honestly, if they just brought in the 30k stuff, I’d be happy. I’d be overjoyed. I’d be broke.

      • benn grimm

        You could just play HH, or 7th ed, or just use it as counts as. I’ve used Castellaxes as the deep sea diver derpbots before and 40k skitaarii as 30k thralls. That said I won’t be mad if it happens.

  • I_am_Alpharius

    I don’t reckon they will be getting anything. It will be a quicky codex pass like the Grey Knights. For sure we’ll see Crawl released a single figure. Perhap they will be given access to an existing model kits like how the GK’s got Stromtalon/hawk. So perhaps Ad-Mech will get a Valkyrie or Corvis? or maybe Chimeras for transport?

    • Pcm979

      Are you mispelling Cawl’s name on purpose, as a running gag, like I do with Gravis armour (I call it Gravid) or is it Autocorrect messing with you?

      • Shawn Pero

        Expecting 40K players to be able to write well is a losing proposition.

        • I_am_Alpharius

          Go run and jump. No need to be insulting.

        • euansmith

          “Expecting 40K players Matt Ward to be able to write well is a losing proposition.”

          There, I fixed it for you.

        • Pcm979

          Whatever could yuo be tlaking about/

      • I_am_Alpharius

        Just a miss type – Fixed 🙂

      • Lee Ashford

        I agree. With all the death guard we won’t get anything… So as the article says in an edition where flyers and transports are really important we’re a tad screwed…

    • benn grimm

      Probably right, hope not though.

    • Dalinair

      Though I hope for the new things above, I kinda agree I dont think they will get anything, however I think whoever is after them will get a few new units.

  • uatu13

    How about just bring in all the 30K models, everything they’re missing in the 40K lists are present with the 30K stuff!

    • BaronVonYoloing

      They are. It’s the subject of Forge World’s next book Fires over Cyraxus. It’s been in development for about 2-3 years now so it might be seen some day soon…

      • BrassWitch

        Last I’ve heard is that Fires of Cyraxus got delayed and currently has no ETA.

      • Severius_Tolluck

        Probably got turned on its head by the rule shift to 8th.. well and the ever vacuum of resources that is 30k, well and specliasts getting thrown in. I think FW had to adjust for quite a bit the last few years of development.

    • benn grimm

      I guess not, mostly because most of the stuff in the 30k list was lost in the heresy.

      • uatu13

        Except for the fact the robots used to be missing, and now they’re front and center in the 40K Ad Mech list. They also mentioned in the previous codexes that several forgeworlds still use some of the rarer robots, and the triaros was used in the Gathering Storm books. I think in a world where 10,000 year old clones of primarchs can suddenly show up, it’s not much of a stretch to think the Ad Mech have more than a few robots tucked away in storage!

        • benn grimm

          Eh, you have a point. Just seems a bit pointless to establish something in fluff then just disregard it a couple of years later.

          • uatu13

            Welcome to 40K! The land of Malal, Squats, Primaris Marines, and The Star Child!

          • benn grimm

            Lol. Thank you! 😉

        • euansmith

          “Um, Boss, we moved the filing cabinets to dust behind them and we found a forgotten portal hatch.”

          “Did you open the hatch? Did you find a vast chamber filled with ancient technological wonders?”

          “Er… yes, boss… They call themselves “The Men of Iron”…”

      • pokemastercube .

        FW had said in open day a lot of the HH era equipment will be in that book, but not able to function in the same ways as in the HH. for example it was said castalax wouldnt be troop choise
        tho bare in mind that was from last year’s open day and that was early plans for the HH stuff, i wasnt able to attend this years one so wasnt able to ask about the situation a year on

        • benn grimm

          I guess it’s good that there is at least a nod to previously established fluff.

          • pokemastercube .

            yea, but as said i dont know if over the year since i asked if things had changed, but the reasoning is for things like poor maintinance cos of lost skills, the minds in the automata degenerteing to a more mindless state makeing them function worse, ect. but we shall see what they do when the book comes (or if i at a event and ask before then)

          • Crevab

            Oh, haven’t you heard of Forge World Bulshitticus? It’s been closed off by a warp storm for the past 10k years, but during the Indomitus Crusade Guilliman flew by and it completely dispersed! Now the eager and grateful survivors are sending their STCs of Heresy era Mechanicus gear to every Forgeworld they can.

          • benn grimm


          • Crevab

            It’s meant as a joke, but I wouldn’t put it past GW to write this, anymore.

            …or for the fanbase to defend it :/

          • benn grimm

            To quote Mark Twain; ‘Humour is the good natured side of a truth’…)

      • Ak318

        Well with the 30k Mechanicus the line they used in the old skitari codex was that the robots existed but were condemned as heretek because they were too easily corrupted and used by horus’ forces. (I guess they finally learned from the men of iron that robots are not good)

        • benn grimm

          I guess it’s just what sets the two apart and gives the HH gravity; the consequence of a galaxy shattering civil war is lots of lost tech; tanks, robots, guns… That said, they do seem pretty determined to undermine this nowadays with Gullyman rising etc.

  • Mr.psyker

    DuneCrawlers are going to get transport capacity.

    • Sicxpence

      I’d be happy with that. Stick an extra set of legs on a Dune Crawler with the transport cab on the back and I’d be quite happy.

      Actually, a bigger Dune Crawler type thing could mount all sorts of new weapons 🙂

    • OldHat

      I would love a transport version of it! But I don’t expect we will see that.

    • I_am_Alpharius

      Really? What makes you think that? I’d be doubtful that being the case.

      • Mr.psyker

        (read with central African accent)You need to read a book.

        • I_am_Alpharius

          Errr ok…didn’t know I had to read posts in accents (and guess at the accent no less) to understand them…..

  • lunahula .

    My biggest dissapointment with admech and skitarri is that so many of the interesting units and things are from Forgeworld so come with an inflated pricetag and the problems encumbent upon working with resin over plastic. Though it is a better quality of resin than finecast.

    How I long for the classic rogue trader era robots to be in plastic. ;__;

  • OldHat

    I would love access to Imperium vehicles like Inquisition has. That isn’t asking much and would boost their sales, so why not? Then maybe my Fulgurites will make it into combat.

    • GreyPanthers

      Inquisition HAD access to a ton Imperium vehicles. Now only the Inquisitor and a acolytes can randomly jump into things. They can wave at the Jokaero and deamonhosts as they drive off into the sunset.

      • OldHat

        That is still better than AdMech who apparently make stuff, but can’t actually use it.

        • GreyPanthers

          Very true, at least you didn’t build/paint an army only to have most of your transport options stripped away into other sub factions. Please excuse me while I stare longingly at my Deathcult assassin and Crusaders as they sit outside of an inquisitional landraider they can’t embark on.

  • Kurt Metz

    i want a martian flying saucer. and a tripod. sad face.

  • Leics Fox

    I wouldn’t mind some more basic infantry choices tbh, something in between the two extremes of rangers and vanguard…or perhaps some more weapon options for the two

    • Crevab


  • generalchaos34

    I would like another HQ option than just a tech priest (with little variation) or Cawl

  • Asmodai

    More HQ options, specifically a Skitarii chieftain.

    • IronGryphon

      An Alpha in “Adeptus Mechanicus”, is, for all intents-and-purposes an HQ. He’s the general of the skitarii forces sent to liberate a forge world that had been in the warp for centuries.

      • Asmodai

        There are mention of Skitarii battlefield leaders like Chieftains in several books (Know no fear, Lords of Mars), plus its impossible to field a pure battleforged Skitarii force at the moment without using auxiliary detachments.

  • Pcm979

    In response to one part of the article in particular, GW has no problem with making their own versions of things that were selling well in FW. Just look at the plastic Cataphractii, Tartaros, and Mark III and IV kits you can get from games-workshop.com these days. If it’ll sell well they’ll make it mainstream, no questions asked.

    • I_am_Alpharius

      The HH stuff GW produced the last two years was done to ease the pressure having to produce basic troop models. You’ll notice on the FW site, baring specialist units, they only see “upgrade” kits – far easier and quicker to cast.

      There are only three kits that GW have deliberately ported to plastic over from FW for 40K game: Baneblades, Drop Pods and Valkyries.

  • Keith Wilson

    im betting on rules for the triaros or secutarii, maybe the flyer from 30k …. no new models

  • spla5hmummy

    I’m sure there won’t be any new models for admech. Hopefully they’ll give us access to some other factions goodies though. Chimeras or rhinos would be nice. Even that seems wishful thinking though. I’m crossing fingers for some serious organisational changes which will make them easier to field.

  • Derek Lee

    Castellax or Thanatar Siege Automata I hope. Those plastic “lost in space” robots are a nonstarter for me. Maybe their own variant of a imperial knight or pocket titian for a warlord?

    • Fergie0044

      third party heads are available. makes a world of difference

      • OctopusVolcano

        I green stuffed a dunecrawler smoke launcher to the front of my robots heads to create a kind of trio of telescopic eyes! There’s loads you can do with a rounded surface.

  • Fraser1191

    i want better skitarii rangers lol

  • L0RDZ3R0

    I’d love to see the legio cybernetica brought back

    I know most of them sided with Horus, but i’d figure by this point the loyalists would have had the time/resources to rebuild all their kickass murderbots

  • Kevin

    I second the notion of a Martian Saucer. with a massive volkite “heat ray” underneath it.

  • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

    Character Dragoons, maybe an Ordinatus, possibly a Chimera or Razorback conversion Kit with choice of Eradication Beamer or Radium Cannon, or even a Phosphor Cannon.

  • Fergie0044

    I don’t expect any new releases – although I must admit that a Ornithopter style thing would be super cool.

  • Taskmaster

    How about just giving them a bit more balance on the rules? FNP, relentless are gone but they still are T3… I’d love to see more models, but I would like to see a balance on their low T.

    I like the idea of a flyer, but it’s hard to imagine something that doesn’t look ridiculous (as an insect like flying machine) that fits the army. Style. Perhaps I’m more drawn towards an Ork flyer design than anything else.

  • David

    The skitearii need army wide scout and the opertunity to not take expensive tech priests or a 3pt reduction

  • nope none

    This won’t happen but it should. They open up the FW 30k mechanicum units to 40k and make them in plastic. Now you have players that play 40k that can also play 30k. Similar to how demon players can play AOS and 40k. You potentially open the door to more 40k players. Also you’re costs are low as you have the molds and designs already so no RD/creative design dollars are spent. Just need some rule changes. Here’s my long list:

    Doctorina imperatives replace the canticles we have now – all units can use them as.
    Canticles are the our Strategems.
    Give back vehicles and unit upgrades that were removed.
    Give back relics

    HQ – Move the following to HQ’s
    Cybernetica Data Smith at 50ppm
    — if he is near any automata units he offers them bonuses or programming changes
    — Can fix automata – restore lost wounds
    Tech-Priest Enginseer – Same as Above but for vehicles
    – All HQ’s get 4++ and can purcahase a FNP update
    – TPDominus and Cawl can fix both automata and vehicles as well as heal multiwound infantry
    – TPD has 4 attacks and costs 120pts
    – Cawl costs 200 and has a 4+ FNP ability

    – Should get the FW options for Peltasts and Hoplites – priced appropriately
    – Rangers should go down to 8pts per model
    — Should get a scout rule
    — Plasma Caliver should be 3 shots again
    –Arquebus – cheaper by 5pts
    – Vanguard stay at 10ppm
    –Rad saturation rule back to 6″
    – Omnispex – 5pts
    – Data-teather – 5pts
    – Move Breachers to Elite
    – Move Destroyers to Heavy
    – Bring in Mechanicum Thallax Cohort from 30k as heavy automata troops

    – Both electro priests at 10ppm
    – Remove servators. make them special units that HQ’s can take —similar to tau drones.
    – Sicaran Infiltrators – 12ppm – Give neurostatic aura back its old rules, affecting BS, WS, A and LD. Make it 6″ again. Give them upgraded bionics 5+ inv
    – Ruststalkers – 12ppm – Add 1 attack to each model – Give transonic weapons back the wounds of 6 are AP -3 and everyround after the 1st are always ap3. Give chord claw back the rule that it wounds on 2+ give it ap -1 and on a 6 to wound it does it’s wound + 2 mortal wounds.
    – Both Rust stalkers and Infiltrators get dune strider rule back – Add 3″ to all movement.
    – Move Engineseer to HQ
    – Get Castellax Class Battle-Automata from FW in here as an Automata unit as well as the Domitar Class Battle-Automata Maniple as a big elite Automata
    – Kataphron Breachers – 30ppm, 6″ move, gain 1 attack and advanced bionics 5++
    — Heavy arc rifles S7 – 20pts
    — Torsion cannon – 15pts
    — Arc Claw – 5pts
    — Hydraulic claw 15pts – AP-4

    – Give both Ironstrider and Dragoon – base costs of 50ppm
    –Give both units incense clouds and dunestrider rule mentioned above
    — Both should have master bionics – 5+inv
    — Radium Jezzail – give ap -2 and each wound does 2 wounds as well as the existing rule that on a 6 it does a mortal wound – Make this gun 15pts
    — Taser Lance at 10pts and does -3 Ap the turn it charges
    — Cognis rule change – Make it don’t take the penalty for moving and firing heavy weapons and adds 1 to shooting at units with fly.
    — Give the auto cannon -2 ap
    — Make twin cognis lascannon 40pts
    – Give them the 30k Ursarax Cohort Fast attack automata

    – Give them the 30k Thanatar Class Automata from 30k – Big Heavy artillery automata
    – Kastelan Robot Maniple – 100ppm
    –Heavy Phosophor Blaster – Does 3dmg
    –Fists – 25pts
    –Incendine – 25pts – 2d6 auto hits
    – Dunecrawler – gains 1 wound.
    — Icarus Array – now 60pts
    — Icarus auto cannon gets -2
    — Gatling Rockets go to heavy 10
    — Neutron Laser – 50 pts
    — Cognis heavy stubbers 5pts
    – Kataphron Destroyers – 30ppm, still only moves 5″ and advanced bionics 5++
    — Heavy grav cannon gets 6 shots again
    — Phosphor blaster 10pts – gets ap-2
    — Cognis flamer – 15pts – does 6+d6 attacks in overwatch
    — Plasma Culvern – 30pts – D3 dmg std. 3dmg overcharges. Bearer takes a mortal wound instead of dying.
    – Give them Krios Battle Tanks
    –Standard Battle Tank – similar to predators
    –Krios Venator – tank killer
    – Give them the Karacnos Assault Tank – similar to landraiders

    – Give them MECHANICUM VULTARAX STRATOS-AUTOMATA – since nurgle got them….FFS
    – New mechanicum flyer – Cross between a vulture/Valkyrie and a covus blackstar

    Dedicated Transports
    Give them the Triaros Armoured Conveyer – light transport
    Give them the Macrocarid Explorator – Heavy Transport

    Mechanicum Ordinatus Ulator/Sagittar
    Imperial Knight variants