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The Alpha Legion is known for their subversive, secretive tactics. Check them out in detail.

The Alpha Legion have a fearsome reputation, and rightly so. With their ruses and machinations backed by brutal assaults and ambushes, they are a powerful, versatile legion that can deal with threats before they even have a chance to strike.

On the tabletop, they pack a mean punch as well. And with the upcoming release of the Chaos Space Marines codex, we can get a much better idea of how they’ll take control on the battlefield.

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For one, there’s their legion trait. It’s the exact same trait as the Raven Guard, so you’re probably already familiar with how annoying that is. Taking a -1 is brutal, and it’ll make sure that more of your models make it to where they need to go, while your opponent begins to boil over with apoplectic fury.

But wait, there’s more. Add to that some of the Alpha Legion’s trademark trickery and you’ll get an army that leaves your opponent unsure of what is even real anymore. And I’m behind any faction that fosters an existential crisis–it’s a surefire way to win.

I love this warlord trait. Not only is it an effective points denier, it is entirely within the flavor of the army. It’s just a cool way to lean into the legends and lore if the Legion.

But then on top of that, you can also supplement them with sorcerers, and the powerful Dark Hereticus Discipline:

The Dark Hereticus discipline allows for a range of different strategies, and you’ll be able to choose yours based on the battle ahead. If you need some extra mobility, Warptime is great either for fast-moving units like Raptors or for pulling some Tactical Marines out of trouble, while Death Hex is among the most useful new spells in the game.

Stripping the invulnerable save off a unit means even elite characters like Roboute Guilliman become vulnerable to massed armour-piercing firepower – take your Sorcerer with a unit of Terminators wielding combi-meltas, drop them next to your opponent’s favourite model, then destroy them with a combination of Death Hex and melta-beams. One of the most fun features of the Chaos Sorcerer is the Chaos Familiar Stratagem – for a single Command Point, you can swap one of your old powers for a new one.

It’s true, flexibility and adaptation are the watchwords of the Legion. And their new powers and tactics make it fun to play to those strengths.

So whether you’re fallen to Chaos, or just playing the longest con, check out the Alpha Legion, and stay tuned for more Chaos.

And if you double check your name tag, you’ll find that you are, in fact Alpharius.

  • Jani Jalassalo

    Hmm… could be nasty Alpha strike dropping 5-6 Terminators with sorcerer and terminator lord and could potentially really hurt or possible even kill Robbie G, when taking warp powers that Death Hex and Warptime to move those termis melta range and unload em to Primarch or really hurt Knight titan.

  • Sicxpence

    I have been waiting for the Alpha Legion knowledge bombs to drop all week. Certainly going to be painting up an AL army now.

    Now, we need to talk about cultists, traitor guard and the dark mechanicus 🙂

    • Dan Wilson

      Tide of Traitors Strategem: Remove one unit of cultists from the table, replace them within 9″ of one of your table edges AT FULL STRENGTH. Can’t remember how many CP, probably 3. I’m Slaanesh myself, but play cultist mobs, so I’m gleeful at this.

      • Sicxpence

        I did like the look of that one.

        I just like the idea of laying hundreds of seditious cults across the Imperium 🙂

      • Malisteen

        it’s two CP, and I think they can come back from any table edge, though I couldn’t quite make it out so don’t quote me on that.

        • kingcobra668

          I think it says 6″ from any table ledge, and 9″ from any enemy model.

          • Malisteen

            looks right to me. Hopefully it’s that, as that’s pretty good. If they can only walk back on from your board edge, that wouldn’t be nearly as usable.

  • Rafał Pytlak

    Anyone else see the title as focus? Who is described in this article? I can’t see…

    • euansmith

      I am [REDACTED]!

  • MightyOrang

    Kinda disappointed to see them replicating Loyalist Chapter traits as Traitor traits. The point of the Alpha Legion isn’t that they’re hard to see Arby’s a distance — it’s that they’re standing right next to you. That’s been done in the past — and better.

    Same for the Iron Warriors / Imperial Fists overlap re shooting against cover saves.

    • Malisteen

      While not the fluffiest, it is a /fantastic/ ability, and they get some infiltration from their stratagem, and that warlord trait looks like tons of fun. All in all, they’re looking pretty good.

    • euansmith

      Alpha Legion could have had “Masters of Infiltration”, or “They are behind you!” and gain the ability to just set up in the opponent’s Deployment Zone 😉

      • MightyOrang


  • Malisteen

    Probably the biggest winner out of all the chaos legions. Their rules are either super good (that tactic) or super fluffy (that warlord trait) or both (their infiltrate stratagem). Their relic – (spoiler: a powered up, d3 attack chainsword is also pretty decent). Add in the freedom to take whatever marks and cult units they want with how good the aligned psychic and stratagem support is and Alpha Legion players should be feeling pretty good right now.

    • Koen Diepen Van

      I think it is kinda bad they can just take cult units. Its not verry fluffy and its is also broke. Makeing that infletrating unit slaanseh whit lots of plasma will just help you destroy 3 units in the first turn (schoot twice and then charge a thrid)
      voor 3 cp that is a verry good deal

      • Xodis

        Its still fluffy depending on your point of view.

        AL, are smart and sneaky enough but they also know how to manipulate those to their own ends. Take a group of Beserkers…..no self respecting AL member would intentionally pledge to the god of blood lust, much less go full Butchers Nails for a battle benefit….but they would convince a group of Beserkers to come join their cause for the honor of more Blood and Skulls to appease their master.

        • silashand

          Agreed. They may not manipulate people the way Tzeentch does by whispers and promises, but I can easily see them as duplicitous enough to manipulate others into doing their will.

        • euansmith

          I like to think that the AL are actually a Loyalist Legion, but are so freaking sneaky that they’ve got Chaos Cultists doing their bidding.

  • euansmith

    “I am Alpharius” is an hilariously fluffy Warlord trait. I’d love to see the Orkz get one called, “Plenty more where dey cum frum!” which would mean that they never give up First Blood for Boyz and Grotz and Buggies and Kans.