40K: CSM Codex Cavalcade of Change

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Codex Chaos Space Marines is up for pre-order. Join us for a quick look inside!

The new Codexes are starting to roll out from Games Workshop. Codex Chaos Space Marines is out, and soon we’ll see the release of the Deathguard–which will be neat because it’ll be the first new ‘subfaction’ Codex for 8th. And after that it’s anyone’s guess (though I epithet be surprised if there’s more power armo(u)r).

For now though, we have the Chaos Space Marines Codex, which updates and clarifies the army. It doesn’t have any huge, sweeping changes that redefine the army or anything. But it does a fair bit of fine tuning: points values are adjusted (units are cheaper in general), all the unique things that give a faction its flavors are fleshed out.

As you can see, there’s a lot of lore here. The setting gets updated, but, there’s also the intro to Chaos Space Marines. After all, 8th is probably the best edition for new players. So it’s good to see something setting out to draw them further in.

As far as units go, they’re cheaper in general, and you have a couple new configurations to take, but no units using heretofore unseen models or anything. They’ve also included the demons–chaos marines can, after all, summon them in.

The real meat and potatoes here though, are the new stratagems, the Legion tactics, the full suite of psychic powers, relics, and warlord traits. We’ll be taking you pretty in depth this week through this codex and the Grey Knights–but there’s a couple of things I want to call out.

One of the biggest changes is that chaos marines get Despoilers of Humanity, giving them a Space Marine’s superior objective control as well. And coupled with legion traits that mirror loyalist chapters, chaos marines are stepping into the role of Dark Reflection of Space Marines pretty handily.

And backed up by the new stratagems–like the Word Bearer’s Dark Pact stratagem, which for 1CP lets you reroll a demon summoning check AND prevents mortal wounds from doubles and triples–they really evoke that Chaos feeling too. Or take the Alpha Legions warlord trait, “I am Alpharius,” which does exactly what you think it does. Interesting flavor backed by cool mechanics–that’s what this book does best.

So stay tuned for a closer look inside Codex Chaos Space Marines. Join us on our Twitch stream Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.

We’ll be putting these codexes to the test and answering any questions you might have!

  • Randy Randalman

    “and soon we’ll see the release of the Deathguard–which will be neat because it’ll be the first new ‘subfaction’ Codex for 8th.”

    Um, no. Grey Knights are.

    • Damos1212

      shut up randy

    • karloss01

      No, it’s Death Guard. 😀

      Grey Knights got their own book in 5th edition. Death Guard are a new sub faction just like Death Watch were a new 7th edition faction.

  • karimicus

    It’s interesting how cypher shows up in this codex but is he not listed under the Imperial space Marines as well?

    • Xodis

      Adds to the mystery. Lets anyone play him as they see him in the lore.

    • georgelabour

      Maybe Cypher is Alpharius?

      Or maybe Alpharius is that half-eldar librarian from rogue trader. He then became a solitaire, and is now impersonating cypher…

      Until Alpharius calls once more.