40K CSM Codex: Chaos Primaris are Only a Matter of Time

The CSM codex has some not so subtle hints of what’s coming in the future for Primaris marines.

Everyone know’s about the Emperor’s new golden boys, the mighty Primaris Marines.


But nothing can ever stay pure in the Grimdark. Take a look at what the evil scientist of Chaos has cast his eye’s upon according to these two excerpts from the new codex.

Fabius Bile is covetous…

 Fabius’ Dream…


Now the Chaos Space Marine codex just came out, but I could easily see Fabius and a squad or Chaos Primaris, or perhaps even whole squads of them in a future campaign book similar to Traitor’s Hate. Just think of what GW could do with a CSM upgrade sprue for this kit:

Plus, let’s be honest – Fabius’ mini is WELL past it’s prime.

I’ve been stuck with this mini since the 2nd Edition CSM Codex!


~ How long do you think GW will hold out before unleashing Chaos Primaris marines upon us and how would you do it?


  • Crablezworth

    please no

    • TB0N3

      Too late. The new Death guard models are Primaris sized.

      • YetAnotherFacelessMan

        Negative. They’re shorter, but stout. They’re bloated regular marines and are as tall as the current line of tactical marines… which is good because they used to be a full head shorter in their finecast form.

    • Marcus Langdale


    • WhenDidVicesBecomeVirtues

      What do you mean no? No as in you need more Imperial models? Do you know when the CSM troops/havocs models were last updated?

      • Spacefrisian

        After Battle Sisters were made?

        • Josh Felstead

          Here we go…

    • Richard Mitchell

      Don’t know why they just didn’t release Primaris Marines as resculpts. But I guess with the lawsuit that was in the background, part of which is addressing GW cease and desist letters and lawsuits on false copyright claims (like space marine) and the potential to faze out an entire line of minis so veteran players are forced to by the new resculpts in two years.

  • Harkeal III Brennon

    Upgrade? Yeah right, with imperial eagle on the chest. I like this. ☺

    • CloakingDonkey

      The chest comes in two bits, a front and back section. You could easily add 10 Chaos-ey front bits to the sprue.

  • Ronin

    Eh… I kind of like the contrast of ideas of where Chaos are augmented by magic and daemonic powers and the (renewed) imperium is augmented by tech.

    • Malisteen

      I’m sure magic and daemonic power will feature heavily in the creation, gear, and general look of the inevitable chaos counterpart to primaris marines when they eventually appear. Most likely they’ll look very much like taller versions of the dark vengeance chosen mixed with a hint of gal vorbak possessed – quite daemonically gifted indeed.

      I’m just hoping that, instead of some version of ‘gravis armor’, we just get bigger guys in bigger, fancier, more daemonic suits of terminator armor. Maybe could triple-kit them with obliterators and mutilators.

      eh, we’ll see. It’s a long ways off, regardless, as I expect all the remaining cult legions will be redone first.

      • euansmith

        Big guys in baroque armour could tickle my fancy.

      • Anggul

        Yeah, it does say he’s planning to make twisted chaos versions. Maybe we’ll get giant Gal Vorbak-like dudes.

    • Graham Bartram

      Yeah, me too. We get enough chaos stuff that’s just imperial plus spiky bits, I would prefer a more varied direction.

      • grim_dork

        And vice versa. Remember when Obliterators became Centurians?

  • Malisteen

    Anyone who thought Chaos Marines were getting left out of (or ‘being spared’, depending on your opinion of them) the primaris treatment was fooling themselves. I don’t think we’ll see this until the rest of the cults are out and done, so like 2019 or 2020, but it’s coming.

  • blackbloodshaman

    Seems to have already happened to the new death guard

    • Aura1

      They’re just carrying a bit of water (pus filled water…) weight…

  • defensive

    Yet again, GW showing that Chaos is not its own faction, but rather “Space Marines Lite™”

    Hey GW, how about giving chaos all their missing stuff from the Horus Heresy? Space marines can keep their new tech, but I’d love Chaos to have a bunch of old tech, like volkite weapons, and cataphractii terminators, and units from the Heresy (If not slightly warped).

    • Spacefrisian

      Its even in the lore.

    • Anggul

      Thy have magical daemonic stuff instead. That’s their thing. The issue in the past has been that the mighty powers of the warp have been… not so mighty. Now though, chaos psykers, marked troops, possessed etc. Are truly brutal as they should be, losing the unity of loyalists but gaining unholy power.

  • thereturnofsuppuppers

    Thought the new deathguard were much bigger.

  • Anne Employee

    That and Belisarius Cawl is open about the fact he has made primaris marines based on traitor legion DNA. He promises they won’t go bad too. What could go wrong?

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Technically, the Imperium has been utilizing traitor geneseed for millennia.

      • Indeed. It’s best to not delve too deeply into the mysteries of Titan.

        • I think you mean Caliban

    • Jonathon Runge

      What if Cawl is a stooge of Bile and the Primaris are a ticking time bomb?

  • Suicidemaniac

    Please leave the Fabius model alone it looks so good.

    • Damon Sherman

      yeah, he hasn’t fallen victim to scale creep that has made Abbodon look like Horus took his child to work one day.

      • AircoolUK

        I’ve always wondered how Failbaddon managed to look upwards without his stupid top-knot hair getting in the way.

        • euansmith

          Like dogs, Chaos Warmasters can’t look up.

          • Spacefrisian

            I tell my dog he aint a dog when he looks up.

          • euansmith

            Big Al says so.

          • Brettila

            That made me laugh.

      • Anggul

        I can’t believe Abaddon didn’t get a new model in Gathering Storm. It would have been the perfect time!

    • He’s always made me think of a mix of Patrick Stewart and The Tall Man from Phantasm.

    • Rafał Pytlak

      True, he actually still looks cool. Keep your dirty paws from Fabulous Bill

      • Brutus Motor


  • Drpx

    They’re missing an opportunity if Honshou doesn’t get in on this.

    • Josh Felstead

      Did you mean: “Honsou”?

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        He did but he sneezed.

        • Josh Felstead


  • Donald Wendt

    Sure. Took Cawl 10,000 years to get them out to consumers. Bile should be able to crank out a few thousand of them by next week in his easy bake oven.

    GW, just stealth update CSM models like you d with the Death Guard. I’ve got nothing every marine one day looking Truescale and I don’t need a reason why.

    • Mathew G. Smith

      Geneseed is plug-n-play. Once the new versions are out anybody can use it. The new armor and rifles, on the other hand…

      • Donald Wendt

        So CSM are basically the Chinese knockoffs of the 40k universe? Go figure, GW wrote recasters into the fluff.

    • Of course Fabius doesn’t care if his creations have a half life of 2 hours – so that makes it easier to cut corners.

    • Seienchin

      Not to mention how long Bile has been experimenting on creating perfect (in his sense) marines… MAKES NO SENSE… GW come on, dont do it.

      • Not just the perfect marines, but the next step on the evolutionary ladder of all mankind.

    • ZeeLobby

      Please! Enough with the dumb plots to justify the change. Just make the change.

      • IronGryphon

        Ahh, but the change is so much more meaningful when it happens for a reason!

        • ZeeLobby

          Haha. I’d rather have the plot drive the models not the sales drive the plot


    Is just matter of time…what different reasons is for primaris to come out..to replace old models ..guys this is business in the end of the day they need to make money …

  • Jeramy Bailey

    Really look at the new Primaris Chaplain and Apothecary. There’s a really good Fabius kit bash in there.

  • SilentPony

    I mean did no one get this when the central image of 40k is a Primaris helmet, halved by a Primaris chaos marine helmet?

    • GravesDisease

      that’s supposed to be a death guard trooper – the other faction in the release.

      • SilentPony

        Except none of the DG units have Mrk Iv or X helms…

        • ZeroOne

          There is also the Alpha Legion book with some very Mark X looking armour. After seeing that I was honestly expecting an upgrade for Alpha Legion to reuse the Mark X to go along with the Chaos Codex release.

    • Aura1

      It’s just the Mk IV and Mk X helmets are so similar. Not sure Nurgle needs Primaris genes, what use are metal muscles when they’ll just rust anyway?

  • Crevab

    …they made a Primaris chapter named after a Necron title?

    • Anggul

      They named a space marine chapter after an eldar animal?

      • Crevab


  • MarcoT

    In the Dark Imperium novel Cawl Inferior mentions experiments of Cawl using the genestock of the ‘other’ 11 legions, but Roboute refuses to let him progress further. So there’s a second angle for Chaos Primaris (although obviously the XV legion were never betrayers, so you’d just have a tenth loyalist faction).

  • spla5hmummy

    I dont think I’ve ever seen the Fabius Bile mini before. It’s pretty awesome even if it is old.

  • Jeremy Larson

    Hey! I love Fabius Bile’s mini!

  • Atogrim

    Bile isn’t even able to manage the creation of an average traitor SM. How in the name of the eight should he be able to recreate PSM!?

    I really hope GW comes up with something different. CPSM would just be too lame. Give the CSM something else.

    • Anggul

      What? Of course he is. He does it en masse and is paid for it.

  • EndreFodstad

    “Change we can believe in”. Or not. It is 40k, after all.

  • Rafał Pytlak

    Chaos Primaris…sounds like Primordial Chaos. I dig it

  • Marcus Langdale

    Fabius at it again with his syringes and his seeming lack of any form of anaesthetic.


  • AircoolUK

    All GW have to do is come up with some fluff (as someone mentioned, ‘Marine Plus’ modified by chaos rather than technology), stick the new models in a box with the rules and post a PDF on their website with the points values.

    I see the Codex books more of a ‘core rulebook’ for that faction rather than a complete package that needs to be renewed every few years.

    So adding units to a faction that aren’t in the Codex already is super easy and fits in with the way most tabletop games work these days.

  • I’m not sure why anyone is surprised by this. Bigmarines ARE the new Astartes; the old models ARE going to be discontinued and replaced. That was obvious from the moment we saw the new sculpts.

  • Matt C

    this would be eternally stupid.

  • Talos2

    Well obviously. Despite gw protesting their innocence they are obviously the eventual replacement not addition. They just don’t want everyone to stop buying the normal ones in the mean time

  • badmojo1966

    Chaos has enough options. Seriously. Once you give them Primaris as well? What a joke.

    • ILikeToColourRed

      you could say the same for space marines (see: the army with the biggest book)
      however, as a csm player, I have no interest in getting “the same as SM, but chaosy”
      much prefer having distinct unit choices for different armies

  • Arthfael

    I like the idea. There is no way Fabius would let old Cawl one up him, he’s been trying to improve marines for 10 Millenia, and now this guy beats him to the race, old Fab’s credibility with the Despoiler and co must now be severely reduced.

    • Arthfael

      Although, considering existing Marines can be upgraded to Primaris, the question remains whether the same can also be done to existing Chaos Space Marines, or whether their geneseed is so degenerate as to be incompatible. A technical challenge for Chaos’ favourite mad scientist in space?

  • TheWanderingJewels

    Just no. CSM are already Marinnes + Deamons + Warp. Let the Imperium keep the Primarius just to keep some difference

  • MadProphet

    Hurry up then. I want Primaris sized Khorne berzerkes asap. Time to join Chaos.

    • Bootneck

      Just use AOS Khorne, they have been slightly rescaled and much bigger than one of the old KB, add some chain axes/swords and a backpack and your done.

      Thats what I did and they look great.

  • Marik

    …and this is why I don’t play Chaos anymore. They’re just Spiky Loyalist Marines with how GW handles them…and not even Crusade/Heresy-era marines either. For example, why are Chaos squads limited in their weapon use? Last I checked there wasn’t any or much difference between the Guardsman version of a weapon and the Astartes version. So what is GW trying to say, that Chaos Marines are too stupid to loot the battlefields for weapons THAT ARE BETTER THAN BOLTERS?

    This was such a missed mark. They had a wonderful opportunity to make Chaos far more unique with this edition, to make them feel less like Edgy Codex Astartes Marines and more like an actual relic of the Crusade/Heresy era. One of the things that still sticks in my craw is the Helbrutes. They had an opportunity to make a completely unique unit, so what do they do? Just redo the Chaos Dreadnought with the exact same rules and slap a new name on it………

    Now once again we are presented with a chance to have something very unique, but I’m not holding my breath that they actually will be any kind of unique. They’re going to be the exact same damn thing that the loyalists get, just with spiky bits and edgy chaos iconography. Not even a new unit with new wargear, just the same plasma squads and next-gen Tactical Squads and what not.

    I’ve been playing Chaos since 2nd Edition and I’m finally done. I’m putting my Chaos army in mothballs and going to start playing one of my other armies more. I may dust off the army again when GW stops treating them like bastardized modern Codex Astartes marines and starts treating them as a unique faction, but I’m not going to hold my breath. Still waiting to see how GW cans the Emperor’s Children and Slaanesh in the lore (come on, we all can see the writing on the wall, it’s coming)…

    It’s such a shame too because I was loving the new edition, but now I get the feeling we are either not going to see many new units for established factions outside of Imperial factions (or at the very least Imperials are going to get constantly pampered while other factions see a slow trickle of new units), or GW is going to try to force us to buy multiple Codex’s during this edition (which, cash-wise, will probably exceed what we were paying for one-to-two Codexs during a single edition previously).

    Please, GW, prove me wrong.

    • Bootneck

      I believe in the fluff, many of the “new” old tech weapons like Graviton guns etc don’t work within the warp hence why Chaos doesn’t have them.

      But its total BS. I cant understand why they don’t have stormshields and thunder hammers as they did during the Hersy, they all make use of force field tech which Chaos already have and use.

      • Marik

        On the topic of weapons I more-so meant even ones they already have. Why, for example, do Chaos Space Marine warbands/units limit themselves to two-to-three plasma weapons, flamers or meltaguns when they can easily pilfer them off of the Imperium, Guardsmen or Astartes variations.

        Yet, in clear defiance of the game’s own lore, they limit themselves. Why would, when for so long during the Crusades/Heresy they were completely accustomed to using entire squads of special and heavy equipment, they just up and decide “we’re gonna ironically and unintentionally imitate the Codex Astartes”? Are we expected to believe that these Chaos Warbands don’t look the Imperial forces they attack, or even aside form that, why these chaos forces wouldn’t seek new, crazier stuff from the Dark Mechanicus?

        How GW handles Chaos Astartes is insulting to my intelligence. While I can understand no grav weapons, where are all the melta pistols? Where are all the thunder hammers and storm shields (as you have said)? Where are the volkite weapons and other stuff that was widely used that they would probably have at least some of?

        Oh yeah, WHERE IS THE UNIQUE WARGEAR?! Are we really expected to believe that, apart from Daemon Engine-mounted weapons, that the Dark Mechanicus hasn’t started mass-producing warp-infused craziness for the traitors to use? If GW is going to pull the “they can’t maintain their wargear” lore BS well (which doesn’t even work on any level) than the least they could do is make Chaos-unique versions of plasma, melta and flamer weapons. At least then they could say that the Dark Mechanicus simply can’t manufacture enough to meet the demands of sizable warbands.

        • Deacon Ix

          On a similar note I have always believed that CSM squads (And Daemons) should be any size between 1 – 30 (maybe not 1 but it’s there to prove a point) as you said why would they imitate Girlymans codex? they really should be any size with any weapons they want, and with the targeting rules in 8th they start making more and more sense.

  • Brit Bong

    I hope not.
    That’d be bland.
    Sure, give them something comparable in gameplay terms and of an equal size, but spice up the origin a bit.
    Not just another ‘me too’ from fabby, but something original, tainted and very much a thing of chaos.