40K: Fate of Konor: Chaos Wins Week 5

After a VERY close week Drenthal falls as Chaos claims Week 5 of the Global Campaign! The Fate of Konor enters the final week.

What started out as a lopsided campaign has slowly turned into a real contest of wills. For 3 straight weeks the Imperium held off the Chaos invaders, but in week 4 Chaos pulled a victory to make it 3-1. Now, at the end of week 5, they have manged to bring the score even closer with another win putting the campaign at 3-2.

Drenthal has been claimed in the name of the Ruinous Powers. Oceans turn blood-red as butchered corpses bob and float upon the surging tide, while Daemon-forged drakes whirl and screech overhead.

Looking at the results, the Chaos margin of victory was razor thin looking at the overall campaign progress. Check these screen shots out:

Drenthal was split right down the middle in the Planet Ownership graph, but that’s the thing – it’s not showing you just how close it really was. Look at the region specific maps:

The EU was pretty much right on the line.

The UK actually had the Imperium in the lead – but it’s just one “tick” over. Again, VERY close!

In North America, we had the opposite results of the EU with one tick over in favor of the Chaos Forces. Again, it looks extremely close! With over 127,000 games reported in total for the campaign in 5 weeks, it’s making me wonder just how narrow that margin really is! I’m also curious about how wide those margins of victory are per region. If the EU was tied 50/50 and the UK was at 51/49 was NA closer to 48/52? Was that enough to tip the scales in favor of Chaos? It looks like it really was that close!

Week 6 Begins

Loebos was once an Aeldari Exodite world, until an Imperial invasion slaughtered the populace and rendered its world spirit violently insane.

As the war in the Konor System reaches its crescendo, dire vox reports filter in from the far edge of the region. The death world of Loebos hurtles across space like an enormous wrecking ball, trailing a vast cloud of spore-ridden asteroids and noxious gases. This is Mortarion’s final gambit for the conquest of Konor – a world weaponised, powered by continent-sized engines and the fell power of the warp. If Loebos’ furious momentum is not stopped, the system-wide war still raging will be rendered irrelevant. The death world will barrel through the system like a plague comet, trailing corruption and death in its wake, infecting world after world with Nurgle’s pestilential gifts.

The final battle is over the planet of Loebos. This week’s theme is Terran and Lords of War. We just talked about some of the pros and cons of Lords of War in games and now we’re expecting to see them pop-up a TON this week. Let’s check out the mission:

Week 6 Mission: Death of a World

In this mission, if one player’s Warlord has the IMPERIUM keyword, they are automatically the Attacker, and their opponent is the Defender. If both player’s Warlords have the IMPERIUM keyword, or neither player’s Warlord has the IMPERIUM keyword, the players must roll off to decide who will be the Attacker and who will be the Defender.

Setup & Deployment:

The Defender then sets up three objective markers. The objective markers can be located anywhere in their territory, as long as the centre of each is more than 12″ from the centre of any other objective marker and 6″ from the edge of the battlefield.

Mission Special Rules:


If, at the end of any turn, the Attacker has more models within 3″ of the centre of an objective marker than the Defender, they successfully destroy that objective marker; remove that objective marker from the battlefield.


The ranges of any battlefield effects caused by Deathworld Forest terrain are doubled. For example, roll a D6 each time a model moves within 6″ (instead of only 3″) of a Barbed Venomgorse terrain piece whilst Advancing or charging – on a roll of 1 or 2, that model’s unit suffers a mortal wound.

Victory Conditions:

If, at the end of the game, the Attacker has destroyed all three objective markers (see Destruction Protocols), they win a major victory; if they have only destroyed two objective markers at the end of the game, they win a minor victory instead. If, at the end of the game, the Attacker has only destroyed a single objective marker, the Defender wins a minor victory; if the Attacker has destroyed none of the objective markers at the ends of the game, the Defender wins a major victory.

Week 6 Stratagems:

2CP INCENDIARY GRENADES – Attacker Stratagem

Use this Stratagem at the start of your Shooting phase to remove a single Deathworld Forest or Citadel Wood terrain piece that is within 6″ of an INFANTRY unit from your army from the battlefield.

2CP/3CP PLAGUE HORDE – Defender Stratagem

Use this Stratagem at the end of your Movement phase to summon a NURGLE DAEMON unit to the battlefield. The cost in CPs depends on the type of unit you wish to summon: 1 Herald of Nurgle, a unit of 1-3 Nurglings or 1-10 Plaguebearers costs 2 CPs; a unit of 11-20 Plaguebearers or 1-3 Plague Drones costs 3 CPs. Set up the unit anywhere wholly within 6″ of the Defender’s battlefield edge that is not within 9″ of any enemy models. Note that in matched play games, a unit summoned in this manner is free, so you do not need to spend reinforcement points on them before the battle.

1CP BLESSING OF NURGLEDefender Stratagem

Use this Stratagem before rolling to see if a unit from your army suffers any mortal wounds from a Deathworld Forest terrain piece; that unit does not suffer any mortal wounds.

This one sounds like it’s for ALL the marbles folks – The Planet Loebos has been flung across the system and will infect the entire system with Nurgle’s pestilence. On top of that it could also be used to slam into another planet causing a cataclysmic event! Will the forces of the Imperium be able to stop the planet in time? Will the Forces of Chaos strike a final blow and destroy the Konor System? You’ve got a chance to impact the game’s story by playing this week.


It’s coming down to the wire – place your bets!

  • John Henry III

    So another defender wins scenario? I mean by the throne could they tip this in chaos’s favor any more? Defender places all the objectives has the majority of the table as a deployment zone and if at any point the attacker gets some guys near the objective that will of course be on the rear of the table they can spend 3 cp to plop down 20 plague bearers (one of the most effective tar pits ever with a 5++ and 5+ disgustingly resilient) so that the attacker really can’t hope to outnumber them.

    • YetAnotherFacelessMan

      Assuming the player owns 20 plaguebearers. You’ve got a lot of xenos players who are going to be on defense and a lot of khorne/tzeentch/slaanesh-worshipers who don’t have nurgle daemons specifically.

      Also, summoning those daemons requires a character that didn’t move, 2/3 CP, and requires the daemons stay outside of 9″. That means that you need to spend another CP on average to make the charge.

      If, at the end of any turn, the attacker has more models near the objective than his opponent, the objective goes poof. As such, the defender won’t be able to react or salvage a bad situation. It’s one shot at defending a point and if you lose it once, you lose it forever.

      • John Henry III

        You don’t need a character for these particular summons nor do they require reinforcement points. And once your opponent has committed to reaching one objective and a turn before they get there plop down 10 or 20 plague bearers to contest. As they can come on within 6″ of the objective just not 9″ of the enemy. Sure they are killable but its going to take another turn to take them out since there is no way to soften up this mob before hand.

  • Ronin

    Kind of lame if the final battle is all or nothing. If that’s the case, each faction should get a bonus for each world won which would put imperium at a slight advantage.

    • BrianDavion

      yeah is kinda lame that after all the fighting it all comes down to one battle

  • BartTP

    When DG codex is released?

  • SilentPony

    So I was re-reading the Fate of Konor lore that was written months ago, and man its going to be disappointing when Mortarion is released only for him to lose to Guilliman and retreat to the scourge stars because Khorne left the door open and his dogs got out.

  • Anasa

    Funny thing is, if you looked at the Fate of Konor app earlier today it showed the Imperial Aquila over Drenthal as well as a the planetary ownership slider being clearly swinging towards the Imperium’s favor.


    • USS Daedalus

      Apparently the answer to this is that the campaign is using an “electoral college” type deal. Chaos won 2 of the 3 regions, but the Imperium overwhelmingly won the other region. So the “global” result looks like an Imperium win, but the actual result is going to Chaos.

      Edit: I mean no political statements. It just seemed like an excellent example.

      • Drpx

        I think you have that backwards. The EC would be the two lesser sized regions overruling the single larger one.

    • Ronin

      Chaos rigged the elections!

      • Luca Lacchini

        Tzeentch is on their side, no surprise.

    • ZeeLobby

      Meh, they’ve been skewing results since the beginning of time. Or throwing them out when they don’t turn out how they want…

  • Severius_Tolluck

    Even if chaos wins final planet, it basically as always will result in status qou. Some sort of stalemate story arc.

    • bobrunnicles

      Yeah the minute they revealed an even number of arenas of measurement and two comnpeting factions I thought “this is going to be a tie, isn’t it?”. I will be surprised and a little impressed if it goes to the Imperium and they win 4-2. An odd number of battle sites would have guaranteed one side or the other winning (barring any complete ties which I would imagine would be almost impossible to pull off).

      • DeCold

        Who cares if lore is already written and Chaos lost in it. So if we get a tie, it is still be written as of Imperium victory, same for 4-2. Heck even if Chaos pulled somehow 6-0, we will still be given some sort of “it was all not important and Chaos suffered huge casuallties and such” type of ending.

      • Severius_Tolluck

        Well it was weighed in imperium’s favor heavily as it usually goes, with just enough of a hope for chaos to maybe win or at least pull a tie. Happens every global campaign they ever had. Usually they are kinda rigged. Outside of the popular vote which let us be honest, Imperium by and large has way more dedicated players, after all out of 17 factions like 8 or so are Imperial.

  • Nyyppä

    Meh. It’s good that they organize events but it would be better if they did not claim that they make a difference when they do not.

  • Xodis

    Its amazing what a real codex can do lol

    • Nyyppä

      If you are lucky enough to get some rules in it, yeah, it’s awesome.

    • Drpx

      Yeah, it’s almost like they waited till the campaign was halfway over before releasing the chaos codex so marines had a headstart.

    • NNextremNN

      Yeah strange it’s almost as someone wanted Chaos to win … http://i.redd.it/17iozamwm1jz.png

  • Tom Spear

    I’m not a chaos fanboy and have my own sweet blood angels army but I actually want chaos to win so that things change for once. I want their to be more grim dark and have it as the age of chaos.

    • John Henry III

      Chaos destroyed Caida, the eye of terror is now a rift that literally cuts the galaxy in two. How much more winning do you want chaos to have? 😛

      • Tom Spear

        I want them to have enough winning to make up for all the past losses. I want Chaos to become so powerful that they feed upon themselves until they starve themselves to death. Then after thousands of years the Imperium will take advantage of this and be reborn again. For the Imperium to succeed they first need to fall lower than they have ever been.

  • Majere613

    Am I being dense, or is there nothing about Lords of War in this scenario?

  • Marco Marantz

    Call me a cynic but I dont believe the campaign results. I think they are skewed so that chaos isnt just rolled; certainly the missions have been tweaked to give chaos’ position a break. Take away the mission and the Imperium would clean up; this shows that even after game simplification and only 3 codicies, balance is non-existent.

  • FailureNecron

    Chaos literally won Drenthal because of the electoral college.