40K: Forge World Open Day Roundup

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The Forge World Open Day has come to an end. Check out the latest pics!

Among the big news and announcements at Forge World Open is the release of new Necromunda. But besides that, there’s a ton of new models on display, including some amazing new Blood Bowl players, a Khornate Dragon for Age of Sigmar, and a sweet new Tiger Shark sculpt. Check out all the pics and details below!

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Good news sports fans – there’s loads of cool new kit on the way for Blood Bowl. Here’s Jim & Bob with the latest:

Jim: We’re reporting LIVE from the Forge World Open Day! Isn’t that exciting Bob?

Bob: Certainly is Jim. I think I saw one of my old Troll rivals out there.

Jim: Looking very well for his age! And for the fact he’s a Troll.

Bob: It’s all the Halflings he’s eaten, I bet. I hear they do wonders for the skin…

Jim: Ah, and it looks like some new signings for the Elven Union! Typical – they always show up ‘fashionably late’ after the rest of us. But you gotta give ’em credit – those uniforms are magnificent!

Bob: Can’t say it’d do much to protect them against a decent tackle, but then again, you’d have to catch them first.

Accompanying the new models are some new dugouts as well, and some cool looking tokens for your Chaos Renegades team:

Now on to the Age of Sigmar, where a very lonely Sigmarine faces down a very large, and very angry Khornate Dragon sculpt. I believe it’s still in progress, but holy cow does it look incredible.

Of course there are all the Custodes models on display AND on sale:

The Forge World Firing Range (those poor poor Knights).

And of course, the new Tiger Shark:

Don’t drive around that drab Rhino and Land Raider that everyone else has, just off the rack. Check out these custom doors and decals:

Lastly, we close out with some pics from the perennial favorite: the Titan Game. Check out these giants of battle doing what they do best:

Well, another successful Forge World Open. Some big exciting news–and some very cool miniatures look to be on the horizon. And we’ll be sure to cover it all. Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks.

Betting is now open on how many more Sicaran variants we’ll see before 2018 is over.

  • Talos2

    The dragon is incredible. Huge too

    • I_am_Alpharius

      Err.. perhaps because they sell a shed load of miniatures and make more money off patrons buying food and drink in Bugmans

    • georgelabour

      Same reason Nascar has events where they show off the cars even through they’re all the same, and no one’s racing.

    • AEZ

      I hadn’t seen the BB elves yet.. might be useable as woodelves.. Just need a wardancer

  • I_am_Alpharius

    Whoop more Blood Bowl stuff. Looks awesome. I can’t wait. I suppose the Troll is the star player Ripper Bolgrot?

  • Graham Roden

    It was an ok event. A sort of mid term this is what we are up to.

  • orionburn

    No word on Titanicus? Dammits. 🙁

    • I_am_Alpharius

      WH-Tv had Andy Hoare, who heads up the “specialist” games team, on a few weeks back. It was mentioned in passing; he stressed it was coming and that the wait will be worth it.

      As I understand it the delay is down to the decision to switch to core plastic titans over only resin after how well Blood Bowl performed (sic). This would mean GW would need to squeeze in the mould production in to whatever schedule was already in place: likely trying not to delay any other kits.

      • orionburn

        Heard that rumor as well, and if so it’s a smart move. Better to delay it than release it as FW only. I hoped they would follow the BB path. Let GW do the core minis in plastic and then FW can handle different weapon options. Would be awesome if they just go the full on plastic route.

  • Randy Randalman

    So that rumor mill picture was of an Elven shoulder pad from Blood Bowl. No one guessing was close.

    • orionburn

      Umm…lot of people thought it would be for Blood Bowl, myself included.

  • Dan Wilson

    Elven Union hmmmm…. I don’t play BB but I want a dark elf team!

    • Sonic tooth

      That obsidian dusk dark elf team by greebo minis look amazing. Think the kickstarter was funded

  • euansmith

    Those Elf players are going to look pretty sweet with some head swaps and weapons, as Brats in Necromunda.

  • BrassWitch

    No news on the new imperial armour book? Or angelus stuff?

  • Boondox

    Why is there a land raider on top of the munitorum armored containers?

  • Josh Felstead

    Love the Custodes hairdryer guns. Custodes of what? The Emperor’s silky smooth locks?

    • Rush Darling

      Beautiful hair begins with genetically modified super stylists.

      Because he’s worth it.

      • orionburn


  • There’s a reason why no Eldar were involved in the Titan game, right? Everyone would’ve seen them evaporate on turn 1. Or maybe that picture is from turn 2? 😀