40K: Grey Knights Codex – Fighting Psykers with Psykers

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Dive into the Grey Knights Codex with us and learn how you’re probably a heretic.

Codex Grey Knights is here. The full might of the legendary 666th Chapter can now be brought to bear against the enemies of humanity. Foul daemons shall be scattered like falling leaves in an autumn wind. Whether you want to slay bloodletters with swords, or give lords of change a taste of their own psychic medicine, this is the codex for you.

Now, again, like the filthy heretics released alongside it, there are no sweeping changes in this book. It’s true, the Grey Knights have 4 new units–but again, they were already extant models. Though it does make them feel like a full fledged chapter.

As you can see, this book is the smallest one yet. Coming in at only 104 pages, you get the setting and unit lore we all know and live, followed by updated data sheets for all your grey knights kneeds.

Worth mentioning though, are the 4 new units that grey knights can now take. They have full access to the Imperial flyers now (at least the plastic ones), as they can take the Stormtalon and Stormhawk. Additionally they have access to a Chaplain–possibly the only time you’ll see a psychic chaplain, and what a beating he can dish out. The full Sanctic discipline is a punch to the face.

The other option for Grey Knights is their Grandmaster in a Nemesis Dreadknight. He’s a little more expensive than the standard dread knight, but he hits on 2s, had 12″ movement, and has all the psychic might of a grand master and all the endurance and psychic weaponry of a Dreadknight. Truly a devastating combination–that heavy 12 psychic gatling gun means business. Especially when buffed by some of the Grey Knights’ unique stratagems (the one I’m thinking of allows you to increase the strength and AP of your psy weapons for a turn).

And then of course you get all the tools an army that’s become a real boy gets. You get your custom stratagems (about 9 are uniquely Grey Knights, the others are shared with Space Marines), your warlord traits, and relics. As well as a fully fleshed out psychic discipline which gives you some extra demon slaying power.

There’s a lot that centers on the unique strengths of this army. You’ll get stratagems that capitalize on the mobility of their teleportation, or ones that let got activate extra psychic powers–with this Codex out, I think a grey knights player will feel much more active dieing their turn, and have a much more proactive use for command points.

We’ll be taking you more in depth all week, so be sure to stay tuned. And come join us on our Twitch stream Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. Codex Grey Knights and Chaos Space Marines are going to be on display, and we’ll be taking your questions.

Or, leave a comment, and we’ll hook you up with the unofficial, steamy yet balanced fanfiction version of this book, Codex Grey Nights.

  • Keith Wilson

    strategems are nice but good luck getting any decent amount of CP

    • You can get an allied battalion for about 140 points(30 conscripts and two officers of the fleet for example). So you get some cheap objective sitters and 3 cmd points for 140.

  • SacTownBrian

    Five new units; the Dreadnaught is new as well. In 7th they could only take the Venerable.

  • Josh Felstead

    Would it kill BolS readers to spend more than 5 seconds proof-reading what they write??

    EDIT: Actually, the answer is probably yes to this.

    • zeno666

      Yes, as much as it would hurt the readers to proof-read their comments 😉

      • Josh Felstead

        Yeah that’s probably true. Although I do do this myself, you did pick up an error there 😉

  • zeno666

    I’m a bit curious about these guys. But I’m mostly leaning on Deathwatch.
    Does anyone know if Deathwatch will have their own Codex or be part of some other codex?