40K Minis & RPGs, Blightwar, Star Wars & Warmachine

Busy weekend. Death Guard rumors, 40K RPGs, New minis, FAQs, Admiral Thrawn and a whole lot more!

40K: Check out the 30th Anniversary Veteran Sergeant

Celebrate Warhammer 40K’s 30th Anniversary with this collector’s edition Primaris veteran sergeant.

PP: New Grymkin Releases

More Grymkin appear, stepping out of your nightmares and onto the tabletop.

40K RUMORS: Deathguard Release Rumor

It must be close to Deathguard day, more rumors have been found, this time, a supposed leak about the Deathguard releases.

Star Wars: Armada Wave VII Announced

Wave VII is coming to Star Wars: Armada and The Grand Admiral is coming along for the ride…

40K: Wrath and Glory and Narratives

The newly announced 40K will set players loose in the Dark Imperium.

GW: New Releases August 26 “Pricing & Links”

The Blightwar is on the way – It’s Games Workshop’s latest weekend pre-orders!

Age of Sigmar: New FAQs Out Now

Games Workshop has a huge list of new FAQs for Age of Sigmar – come get them while they are hot!

40K: Forget The Codex, Give Me Miniatures

Maybe it’s just me, but I would rather have some more miniatures to drool over instead of new books to read.

40K Editorial: We Have What We Asked For – Enjoy It

Been a while…what a crazy summer for me. But wow, the folks in Nottingham have been busy!

~OK, you’re all caught up – onto the new week.

  • euansmith
    • spla5hmummy

      Agreed. He’s just not special in any way.

      • memitchell

        Sure he is. Primaris is the end of Space Marines as we know them. I sold my Ultramarine army to the guy I bought it from 10 years ago. He’s back into 40K. But, he’s decide to build a Primarus army, instead. Obviously. Wanna buy an Ultramarine army of pipsqueak marines? Yeah, me neither.

        • dave long island

          Well, apparently the guy who bought back the Ultramarines army from you wanted to buy an army of pipsqueek marines… lol

    • Tushan

      There is absolutely nothing that differentiates this mini from among a blob of other primaris. What a *yawn*.

      ffs I can resculpt a primaris to look like a 10 times better “special” character then this crap without breaking a sweat.

  • Richard Mitchell

    I am just a couple of releases away from unleashing my perfect Bump in the Night 75pt army for Grymkin. Time to bring hell on earth and collect the sinners in full Brothers Grimm fashion.

  • Josh Felstead

    That anniversary model is laughable. Yay 30 years of GW, here have a completely ordinary Primaris Marine that costs 5 times what it should and has no options. I’m actually ANGRY that they didn’t do anything even slightly more special like re-releasing an old character or better still releasing a character from an area of fluff that didn’t have a model yet.