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There’s an errata out for Codex Space Marines. Take a look.

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Codex Space Marines has been out in the wild now–and here’s the first patch for it. Working out a few bugs and known issues. They still have to address Guilliman’s pick rate, but I feel like all in all this is a pretty good sign of what to expect. I hope they decide to release some new skins though–I feel like we could use some Beach Party Primaris or maybe like a Lunar New Year Combo Pack for Space Wolves.

I was originally gonna make a joke about how every game is League of Legends now. But then I stopped and pictured Primaris Beach Marines and that’s kind of all I want in the world now.

Anyway, there’s not that much in the way of errata this time– only 13 items all in all, and these are mostly just minor fixes. Things like, “hey your Space Marine Sergeant can take melta bombs.” Or cleaning up the language on various wargear options (some of which have had their AP values adjusted). Nothing super game changing, unlike other errata releases.

Can’t you just picture him on a surfboard, for instance?

They do clarify that you can only use the Relics of the Chapter Stratagem once per game, though, so you can only trade in your command points for one free relic, which is probably for the best. Now it still might be unclear as to whether or not you’d be able to take something like Relics of the Chapter and Armoury of Titan and combo them together across different detachments, but, I imagine that’ll all get sorted soon enough.

In the meantime, you can find a link to the full writeup of the errata below. So grab it and update your datasheets today.

Read the Codex Space Marines Errata

Or like Halloween themed Dark Eldar. Or maybe just some conversion bits or something, right?

  • Jeremy Larson

    The only legitimate FAQ (which was kinda a no-brainer, but nice to clean up) is that scouts can’t deploy within 9″ of enemy models, not just the enemy deployment zone.

  • Nyyppä

    Well, seeing that salamanders were not toned down or templars tuned up i fear that when it’s time for CSM the legion traits will remain unchanged despite at least one of them needing an immediate correction.

  • arkhanist

    Adding combi-grav back to sergeants fixed an odd omission!

  • benn grimm
  • Jaime Corona

    Could someone confirm if the enhanced versions of the digital codexes get the updates when this kind of erratas come?

    • Pedwidge

      I have the enhanced version and none of the changes are in it yet.

      • Jaime Corona

        That sucks! If the enhanced versions get the update I’d buy them no-brainer… but if not then I’d consider the printed version.

  • Koen Diepen Van

    Am i the only one that keeps thinking that Reiver is dancing

    • euansmith

      Breaking it down, Primaris-styleee

  • gordonshumway

    The quick responses are nice and all…but remember how everyone hated the fact that you needed like 3+ books to play any given army in 7th? I feel like we are getting to a similar problem with the volume if errata and faqs so far. I mean major changes to the game and rules have been made via random FAQs…dev commentary one, etc…how is your average new player supposed to piece all this together when someone starts whipping out random rule interpretations and clarifications on them? They’ll just kinda have to take people’s word on it as it is different from what’s written in the fancy new book they just bought…which is kind of a negative experience no? Especially when unscrupulous players try to game them, and they will.

    • Lee Ashford

      This! I love 8th so far but I already have a rulebook, 2 ‘indexes’ and about 6 pdfs. Yes there will always be teething problems and things that come out with massed play but I think some more testing and just simple proof reading would have ironed out a lot more glitches before release

  • Garthantash

    Relics of the Chapter still allows for 2 extra relics for 3 CPs. The clarification is preventing getting 3 extra relics for 4CPs, 4 extra for 6CPs, etc.

    • NNextremNN

      Some cheeky bastard probably tried to pick two relics for 2CP by taking the 1CP Stratgem twice XD

  • Calarax

    It seems odd that the pg 201 update sayschapter master when there is no chapter master. I guess it’s just referring to marneus calgar? If it it should read ultramarines captain or marneus calgar.

    • Garthantash

      Chapter Master is a Stratagem to upgrade a Captain. There is no ban on UM taking it.

      • Calarax

        Oh oops I thought it meant an actual chapter master character not chapter master strategem. I need to read more.

  • NNextremNN

    Changing the AP values on the grenade harness from 1 to -1 is not an “adjustment” it’s the fix to a spelling mistake which they already did in the index books and should haven’t have been anymore in the new codex.

  • Crablezworth

    8th is no different than 7th, the bloat is already starting and it’s not even just naked capitalism, it’s gw making consumers pay for their lack of quality assurance and play testing on their rules.

  • Spacefrisian

    If only that minor thing corrected in the errata was the problem with the Marines dex, its a codex with an ocean of content but the depth of a mud puddle.