A Heroes’ Feast For Your Miniatures

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Everyone’s gotta eat. Even little metal/plastic/resin adventurers. Help them get some much needed food with these minis.

Check out these amazing feast tables from HexyShop. Made out of high quality resin (as you can no doubt guess) these feasts are fit for a tavern full of laughter, mirth, and a flickering hearthfire where adventurers gather to await the arrival of a mysterious hooded figure to send them off on some kind of crazy adventure that will forever alter the course of the world and the fate of existence.

Also there is little tiny delicious looking food–and seriously, when was the last time you actually saw food detailed like this in miniature form. I don’t think I ever have, if I’m honest. But there it is. Some kind of fruits and flatbread and stew. Just the sort of thing that the soon-to-be heroes will need to keep their nutrition strong and ready to go. I could totally see using this as a home base type kit you can break out in-between adventures.

via Hexy-Shop

There is a second (and basically third) HQ Resin series of ‘tables’ – this time for the common people of fantastic worlds on a 28mm-32mm scale…
We hope you are hungry… because when we look at these sets, we want eat something!

There are three new sets available from HQ Resin:

Commoner Feast Basing Kit 1 – €12,43

Commoner Feast Basing Kit 2 – €12,43

Commoner Feast Basing Kit 3 – €12,43



Each set includes a table (in the right shape) and a seats and a set of 31 (!) food and dishes elements.


Hexy-Shop is a place where you can equip your troops, prepare the battlefield, and made your own tabletop world – all thanks to Polish producers!

These tables and more are available over at Hexy-Shop, so check them out.

Alternate usage for these minis: a table you won’t feel bad about flipping when you need to tilt out.

  • dave long island

    And so the subsequent kit is sure to follow, as in real life: the privvy… Now everyone can reenact the death of Tywin Lannister…

    • Khelban Blackstaff

      And finally, get the answer we have been waiting for. Does a Lannister poop gold?

      • dave long island

        Lol, that’s right. 🙂