AOS: New Chaos & Stormcast Models Teased

Nurgle is rising, along with a new champion to beat his forces back.

A new teaser video was released this morning. It looks like Chaos players are going to be getting a new, big model; and Order players are getting a new assassin character. Take a look…

via Warhammer Community:

In the Realm of Chaos, Nurgle musters his forces, and a new cycle of decay begins. In Azyrheim, a chosen champion arises to meet the threat. War is coming to the Mortal Realms…

I’m seeing what looks like a new model for Nurgle in the shadows… maybe Morticulos?

What new things do you see in this teaser?

  • Xodis

    Did Morty go to the wrong universe?

    • gordonshumway

      Nurgle is the cheerful god of the Cronenberg universe for sure

    • dave long island


    • BrianDavion

      this to me heralds the release of a plastic GUO to go along with the new death guard stuff.

      • Lyca Atteneder

        I really hope you are right

  • BK Ripper

    I did not create this, but it is very interesting.

    It pulls together the last few model hints they have given us.

    Now I just hope some of this is available for 40k

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    Damn it, GW, I want Elves!

    • I_am_Alpharius

      I can fathom Elves will be one of the “main” factions in whatever realm this is going to be based in. A bit like GW did with the Slyvaneth during the Relam Gate Wars books; so they can tie in the release with the story.

    • The Firestorm boxed sets looks to be making a small attempt at branching out on other sub-factions of order, albeit with a heavy Stormcast presence. One is SE with Dwarves, one is SE with Dark Elves, and the last one is SE with human wizardy type guys. I was hoping for a dedicated Aelves tome with new models but these releases don’t bode well for that treatment yet.

  • I_am_Alpharius

    Logical conclusion is it the next “campaign” like the 4(5?) books done for the Realm Wars; likely with the Nurgle Battle Tome ala Blades of Khorne.

    Tie in with a dual 40K release when Death Guard Comes around. Like GW did with the Tzeentch release.

  • Christie Bryden

    didnt we just have more stormcasts.

    • I_am_Alpharius

      No indication either way that SC will get anything. Thats not to say they won’t; I can see maybe a character or two – I could not see any new models for them teased in the video. Only new thing in there is the really shadowy Nurgle thing; which I hazard maybe plastic Beast of Nurgle.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      Why not? Stormcast are, after all, …. ETERNAL…. But I kid.. Thing is, doesn’t seem they will ever stop giving them a bone. Hopefully the focus can drift. I am hoping against hope this will tie in nicely to death albeit a future book. All those bodies wracking up, and all that bilious green.. Soon, soon….

      • Randy Randalman

        Death and Aelves have major releases on the way. The Stormcasts have literally one character en route.

  • dave long island

    They mention Nurgle’s great garden at the end. And that makes sense. Nurgle would have an unending supply of compost and putrescent filth. Heck, he oughta just give up all this fighting and strife and open a business selling bags of rich black potting soil… He’d have the best garden in all the bubble kingdoms… lol

  • ZeeLobby

    Sweet! I was wondering when they’d finally release more Stormcast…

    • Moonsaves

      I’m glad they’re finally looking at the less-supported factions and really giving them some much-needed love.

      Ever since Age of Sigmar came out, I really felt there was a serious lack of Chaos and Stormcast Eternal models. I’m glad they’re taking steps to rectify this.

  • Bakvrad

    The last picture is actually what you see in the artwork. Snaillike nurglebeasts pulling a chariot for plaguebearers (like in the good ol’ days, hooray!)
    Snail looking to the left, first crew to left with a sword, second… well i am not sure if the other thing isn’t a banner or a throne-thing
    Maybe it’s cavallery

  • Prospero 4life

    I believe it is a femal character for SC and a Nurgle demon character as well. No other models but a book release of some sort

  • Please GW give nurgle a unified book and some more units, the 9 HQs are great and all but we could use some variety aside from blightkings

    • Cristhian Mario Landa Rivera

      They will, obviously.

      At this point is like hoping for GW to release a new Space Marine book with their new Space Marine’ Space Marines.

  • AircoolUK

    Confirmed, Nurgle is a Wurzel.

  • Brandon Rutter

    Oh, I was thinking Blightwar was just the name of a campaign setting, but someone pointed out this may be a boardgame, like execution force(or w/e the 40k version was)?

  • Michael Garrett

    Plastic Stormcast Eternals confirmed! and finally some chaos. its good to see them shift away from death for a while.

    • Cristhian Mario Landa Rivera

      Not sure, I’m tired of getting a new Slaaneshi stuff each few months…

  • Graymantle

    Another Female Stormcast! My dream of an Adepta Sigmaritas army is coming true!