Battle on the Bocage with these FLG Mats

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Battle across the grasslands and fields with these lush new mats from Frontline Gaming.

via Frontline Gaming

We got new FLG Mats for you: Bocage! Available in 28mm and 15mm scales, and in 4×6′, 4×4′ and 3×3′ sizes.

These mats are beautiful, with incredible detail. They work for any miniatures game, whether it be an RPG campaign, fantasy, far future, ancient or anywhere in between. But they are perfect for World War II games that take place in Bocage country. Games such as Bolt Action, Flames of War, Team Yankee, and many other historical games look fantastic on them.

And as stated, these mats are available in both 28mm scale (Bolt Action) and 15mm scale (Flames of War) in three sizes, too! 4×6′, 4×4′, and 3×3′. This gives you loads of options!

You can grab yours here!

Bocage 15mm scale FLG Mat in 6×4′ size.

Bocage 28mm scale FLG Mat in 6×4′ size.

Bocage 15mm scale FLG Mats in 4×4′ size.

Bocage 28mm scale FLG Mat in 4×4′ size.

Bocage 15mm scale FLG Mat in 3×3′ size.

Bocage 28mm scale FLG Mat in 3×3′ size.

You can recreate some of the most famous battles of history with these mats. Or, battle on a world where the world isn’t a blasted wasteland, but rather a beautiful countryside for once in your life. Take a scenic detour and watch how at home your minis look on the lush fields and dirt roads of the beautiful French Bocage. And whether you play with 15mm or 28mm models, Frontline has the mat for you.

Authentic French wine is not included, but recommended.

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