Florida Man Sues Games Workshop for 62M

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A Florida man has filed a suit against Games Workshop for $62 million. Here’s the details of the case.

The Case Basics

The complaint was filed with the United Stated District Court – Southern District of Florida on May 31, 2017.

David Moore, a Florida Man, is suing Games Workshop. Alleging fraud, price fixing, tortious interference, violations of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Orgs. Arct (RICO), and Unfair Trade Practices under 18 & 15 USC, Moore aims to reclaim $62.5 million in damages, broken up as follows according to the official complaint document.


Here are some excerpts from the complaint:

Plaintiff Seeks Damages



Plaintiff’s Allegations

The complaint is a 6 page document altogether and outlines 5 causes of action: “Fraud, Restraint of Trade, Willful Pump and Dump Scheme, Conspiracy, and Breach of Contract.” The nature of the action stems from Moore’s allegation that GW maintains a “Monopoly on Sci-Fi/Fantasy Wargaming.”



Plaintiff supports the allegation with 40 examples that outline his case against GW, including a conspiracy to defraud businesses:



Which he asserted itself was being carried out by those without ethics and morals.



You can read the full text of the court complaint here. Accompanying it was a 6-page affidavit, filed in support of the complaint, both filed pro se by Moore.


Filed along with the affidavit was Exhibit A, a letter from Games Workshop in which they cite a violation of GW Advertising Policy, which seems to be one of the core tenets of Moore’s case against GW.

You can read both the Affidavit and Exhibit A here

Case Thoughts

BoLS has talked to a legal consultant who has the following thoughts on the case:

  • Clearly somebody is very angry.
  • The plaintiff is representing himself, pro se. He possesses an LLM, which is similar to a doctorate in law. It’s roughly equivalent to what you would have if you were going to teach law school, or specialize in a practice area, like Torts, or Environmental law, oil and gas, etc. The plaintiff may have been a lawyer at one point, but it is unclear.
  • The court has sent him notifications for not following proper legal filing procedures.
  • This is a federal case filed in Florida, where the plaintiff lives, but the named parties are from other states, such as South Carolina.
  • The plaintiffs have claimed just about everything you can claim and named essentially all of GW’s executives. It will be difficult to get jurisdiction on them personally.
  • At a high level, this is what is called a “bathtub case”. The kitchen sink wasn’t big enough so the plaintiff threw the bathtub at them.
  • It reads as essentially a laundry list of complaints about how GW has done business over the last twenty years – distilled into a lawsuit.  Some of this could have teeth, as any company running its own retail stores and adjusting stock levels in the way asserted is a grey area.
  • On the other hand self-represented pro se cases almost invariably go nowhere.
  • On the other, other hand Games Workshop hasn’t responded yet, which likely means a voluntary extension.

~We will continue coverage as the case moves forward. Have at it.

  • orionburn

    The Pimpcron article came early this week?

  • YetAnotherFacelessMan

    Laughably bad case. What a fool.

    • Zingbaby

      We finally get GW where we want them and some nut tries to take all their money…

      Florida does collect the dumbest people in the world though.

      • Swimpackus

        I grew up there and yes I can tell you it is policy to have your brain removed at birth. I got mine back when I left but a few pieces were missing.

        • E65

          Is it the unstable ground down there or the humidity that causes it?

      • Damistar

        I believe the term is Floridiots.

      • Jory4001

        Paying $50 for a single non-pose-able model with near to no options is where you want GW?

        The law suit is laughable, and if it does gain any ground it will only hurt GW customers in the long run.

        Though, where GW is now and where they seem to be going is not where I would say most people want them in terms of model customization and pricing.

        • Tobias “Rommel” Magnusson

          Funny that seeing that the GW shares are skyrocketing and the annual report stated a massive profit.

          Almost like you’re in the wrong here buddy.

          • Jory4001

            Profit can be manipulated by many factors beyond sales.

            Regardless, I play the game, I buy the models despite me feeling they are over priced (the 20% off at my local game store makes it less hard of a pill to swallow)

            I am steering clear of the overpriced and uncustomizable models. Such as the $40 assassins and $50 primaris single models. Compare the old SM commander kit to any recent release single model, a very big difference. The newer single models are also made in such a way that makes kit bashing them difficult in comparison.

            GW still gets my money though, I just buy what I feel is a better deal as they still have lots of great kits with lots of customization. It’s just been very lacking from the newest single model sets they have brought out lately.

      • “Florida: Where bad things go to happen.”

      • IronGryphon

        There are stupid people everywhere and to think that Florida “collect the dumbest people,” is simply ignorant.

    • orionburn

      As Bugs Bunny would say: “What a maroon.”

  • thereturnofsuppuppers

    If ever the BoLS comment section was put to paper…

    • DJ860

      Lol, yes.

  • Porty1119

    Florida Man, the superhero we neither wanted nor needed…

    • elShoggotho

      Says the guy who condones slavery through his profile pic.

      • Zingbaby

        I’m guessing they’ve run into each other at KKK meetings, or at least at the regional gun fetish circle-jerk.

        • Bobby Loggendogger


          • YetAnotherFacelessMan

            Bobby, your use of the English language reminds me that my ancestors had their culture destroyed by my other ancestors and that I’m a product of that destruction. Please stop triggering me by reminding me that I speak English because my ancestors didn’t give my other ancestors a choice. You’re making me disassociate.

            Also, all of this has nothing to do with tabletop wargaming. 😉

      • YetAnotherFacelessMan

        I will note that the battle flag of Virginia has a little more complicated of a history than just being a pro-slavery symbol… but more-so, I’m confused as to why you’d bring it up.

        Porty’s picture aside, his comment just seems to make fun of the title of the article has “Flordia Man” capitalized, making it sound like the name of some sort of superhero.

        I’m not defending the battle flag of Virginia against people who find it offensive. It has a lot of prominence in civil war art and so it’s been both demonized and lauded by different groups. I’ve got no stake in it, so it doesn’t matter to me either way.

        That being said, it takes a leap to go from his profile picture and completely innocuous post into saying he condones slavery and Zingbaby chiming in that he’s a KKK member.

        If you want to talk about how bad a person Porty1119 is, it’d make a lot more sense to me to quote his posts and debate his ideas than it would to invoke favorable views of slavery and the KKK. Even if you were to do such a thing, I don’t believe Bell of Lost Souls is the correct forum.

        tl;dr: You look like a nazi with your bald head. You can’t talk back because my picture is a painting of Jesus, so I’m holier than thou.

  • Rafał Pytlak

    Too bad GW lawyers always rolls natural 20’s

    • Allerka

      Except that time they didn’t and lost badly. 😛

    • DangerBeaver

      There’s no critical 20 on a d6.

      • Rafał Pytlak

        There must be a way to use d20 in 40k 😉

        • DangerBeaver

          Breaking news: Grey Knights now use d20s to hit, wound and save. Florida man plays Chaos Marines, sues GW.

        • stinkoman

          yeah, it’s called 2nd edition

          • Rafał Pytlak

            Advanced War&Hammer 2 ed

        • DaveWeston

          Wound counter on an Imperial Bastion!

        • Scott Guise (Shrew8541)

          There is, I use them to keep track of wounds on high wound models 😉

    • Krizzab

      GW lawyers are primitives 1 year students, compared with the ubber god tier lawyers disney ones.

      • Rafał Pytlak

        Disney ones are Daemon Primarchs. You can slow them down but you can’t put them down for good…

  • georgelabour

    Well we were waiting for something stupider, and more self-absorbed than setting your army on fire and making a youtube video for it…

    • ZeeLobby

      I know. It’s almost as bad as renaming Orcs Orruks.

      • YetAnotherFacelessMan

        You mean “orkz”, right? Renaming Orkz “Orruks”. Oh, orkz was fine for space orcs, but Orruks is just too much? For crying out loud, they all sound exactly the same when said aloud! Literally crying them out loud, it makes no difference!

        • Crevab

          You really don’t see the difference?

          • YetAnotherFacelessMan

            It’s a green thing that has tusks and fights humans. It’s clearly an Uruk.

          • rtheom

            I’m guessing most people don’t actually realize it’s still a Lord of the Rings reference…

          • benn grimm

            Nah, it’s an Orc.

        • Rafał Pytlak

          Alpharius baby, I feel ya. Orks, Orkz, Orruks…it’s all green in the dark

        • benn grimm

          No he meant what he said. Orcs. Orks are still Orks. Thank Mork.

          • E65

            And thank Gork

        • luke-vdv

          Yes it does because it’s stupid. And FYI, they are Orks not Orkz (which is a spelling Tolkien has even used). I don’t know how you’re pronouncing it, but Orruk doesn’t sound the same as Orc.

          • IronGryphon

            Orruk – fantasy specific world name for AoS Orcs. Orc fantasy specific world name for Middle-Earth and became a generic name.. Either way you slice it an ork is an orc, is an orruk.

          • luke-vdv

            An Ork is an Orc is an..not an Orruk which is just some stupid name GW came up with because they need to trademark everything.

          • SIA

            God forbid GW be allowed to protect their products. What name would you have preferred any they came up with would be made up.

          • luke-vdv

            How about they just leave it as Orc? It was never a problem before so why is it now. Why do they feel the need to try to claim a common fantasy trope?

          • DJ860

            Don’t be bitter because you don’t understand the concept of intellectual property in a business.

          • luke-vdv

            It didn’t hurt them going with Orc for the past few decades so I’m sure it’s having such a positive impact on their business.

          • UnpluggedBeta

            I’m bitter that intellectual property laws exist like they are at all. This is yet another example of how stupid they are.

        • ZeeLobby

          Uh. You do know that in fantasy they were Orcs right?

        • kingcobra668

          That’s the point, fool

      • Xodis

        Well apparently there is a very good reason to rename them, otherwise the crazies might try and sue you.

        • ZeeLobby

          eh, crazies don’t win though. I mean if that reasoning was used every company would rename everything to some unused/nonexistent word. Thank god that doesn’t happen.

          • Xodis

            No but crazies are bad PR, and an annoyance that could cost them cash even if they do win. I think most successful IPs have actually made a point of making their stuff unique…anything that can be considered recognition of the brand anyways.

          • ZeeLobby

            Just like everything else, any PR is good PR. Especially if the crazy doesn’t win. If the crazy loses usually as penalty they pay some portion of the court costs for the afflicted company.

            And I mean sure. There’s definitely plenty of examples of unique IP, but at some point it can be harmful to a brand. I’d argue GW has lost more money making all these changes than anything they ever lost to Chapterhouse.

          • Xodis

            I dont think so, it really cost them nothing to reprint a new name, and they constantly change the looks anyways, so its not like they werent already going to eat the cost of new packaging.
            I dont know much about this guy, but I imagine that he wont be able to pay anything back quickly if ever at all.

          • ZeeLobby

            Eh, supposedly he’s know for doing these things, and has money, so maybe he will. Regardless I’ve heard plenty of people ask what an Orruk is in store. I mean by changing the name you lose all recognition and association with commonly known fantasy tropes. And this isn’t a fanboy thing. I think people are just as confused by Ogrun in WMH. And the crazy part is that it does nothing to prevent people from selling 3rd party replacements. “Green Beastmen” and boom, 3rd party Orcs. The type of people who go bargain model hunting know exactly what they are.

          • Xodis

            Oh I agree that it wont prevent 3rd party replacements, but if it prevents BS like this its probably worth it in GWs eyes. I havn’t seen anyone confused by the naming changes, but I can see it happening. I wouldnt imagine it being too common though, or difficult to remedy by a shop owner.
            Professional conman then, lol, maybe he will get taught a lesson.

          • ZeeLobby

            One could only hope, hehe.

            And yeah, I mean I’m not saying it’s non-solvable. I mean everyone locally still calls them Imperial Guard. It’s just awkward for new players. I’ve definitely seen kids fighting over whether Orruks are actually Orcs. And while it’s comical for me, it’s just a reminder of how silly of a solution this has been.

          • IronGryphon

            That’s what your have to step in and say, “Guys Orruks and Orcs are both orcs. One just has a specific world name.

          • IronGryphon

            Every company depicting a fantasy, or future, world must have names to reflect that world. These names give the world an identity and provide a specific IP to that world. All the races that are human, dwarf, elf, etc may be found on multiple worlds in multiple universes, but they will almost never have the same name.

          • IronGryphon

            Exactly why people shouldn’t get upset, or in some kind of uproar when GW decides to use unique name for their races.

          • Me

            Occasionally they do win. That’s why there are warning labels on everything. If you see something telling you not to use a hair dryer while sleeping, or that a sleep aid may cause drowsiness, or that a Dremel is not a dental drill, or that a Razer Scooter moves when used, that’s why

    • IronGryphon


      • georgelabour

        I’m from Texas. A place where only God itself gets to tell us what words go where, and with which letters.

  • Nick

    Let me tell you a little bit about the man suing GW… Actually, I’ll let him tell you about it himself, then post some links about him.


    I’ve had the misfortune of associating with David Moore professionally. He’s a con artist and a crook. He’s aiming for a settlement, little more.

    TL;DR, he believes he can catch arrows from the air, and make sticks float with his mind, he has a church in his name, and he’s a fool.

    • thereturnofsuppuppers

      You should probably remove this, doxxing the guy wont help him, realise he’s being an idiot.

      • Averam

        Sharing related, relevant articles and the persons own website isn’t doxxing. Doxxing would involve making personal details such as their address and phone number public.

        • thereturnofsuppuppers

          Arguing semantics. I found his full name/names and address by following through your links.

          • Donald Wendt

            Not to get all super detectivey on you but his name is on the affidavit to the court…which is a public record.

            He doxxed himself by bringing the suit.

          • thereturnofsuppuppers

            That is true, it is worth noting that I did find out that he has that weird alias and a rather colorful history.

          • kingcobra668

            You mean the info he shared on his own publicly accessible site? I don’t think you even think you know what you’re talking about.

          • thereturnofsuppuppers

            Did you know of his site before clicking on the link? I did not.

    • Zingbaby

      You can sum that up in one word: Florida.

      • Rafał Pytlak

        There are still people there who gets eaten by aligators because they didn’t learn to read, right? Or are those a myth? 😉

      • IronGryphon

        Why on Earth do you think all Floridians are stupid? You know absolutely nothing.

        • Zingbaby

          Your state is a punch line…

    • Nilok

      When you are trying to get $62 million from Games Workshop’s lawyers, you know you have a mental health problem. Everything else just adds fuel to the fire.

    • Wolf-Assassin

      but he calls himself sifu lama, obviously he must be a trustworthy guy, don’t he? and he has an aol.com mail *said ironicly*

    • Garren Seifert

      Honestly I just got done talking to the guy on fb about the whole thing lol I’ve got lots of screen shots lol basically he’s crazy and wants to challenge basic copy right laws or at least that’s how it came off to me lol

  • James

    There is no bar number after his name on the paperwork. Attorney’s usually place their bar numbers on paperwork filed. Lack of a bar number could mean he never passed the bar in FL. Of course he could be disbarred or inactive or have passed the bar in another jurisdiction.

    A Google search of his email address “sifulama@aol.com” turns up some very interesting results in martial arts circles.

    • Nick

      That’s because I’d bet money he’s not actually a lawyer. While I worked with him, he sent emails pretending to be a woman opening a hobby shop to get extra free product support.

    • Mike X (Official)

      There’s no bar number because he’s not currently an attorney. He has an LLM, which means he’s studied law and got a degree but generally people who get an LLM are planning on teaching law rather than practicing law.

      • Lexikon

        Who gets an LLM is kind of a mixed bag. Depending on the type of LLM and where it’s from they could be planning to teach law, practice law in a specialized area, or they are simply layers desperately trying to improve their credentials in a job market that isn’t very good for lawyers.

        Lots of LLM programs are little more than cash cows for law schools seeking to make money from desperate attorneys who are unemployed or stuck in a dead end job. An LLM isn’t necessarily BS, but given the general tone of this filing and the plaintiff’s history… I’m very skeptical that his credentials are valuable.

      • James

        I am not sure about that. All my law profs were barred in the state they were teaching in, and usually their original home state as well. Not many law schools, to my experience, have profs who are not barred. Even with a LLM. Now, I am sure he could teach in an undergraduate setting. But really, we are trying to read tea leaves here with what that guy is/was/hopes to do.

  • Evil Otto

    Y’know, this is one of those cases where the loser should be required to pay the winner’s legal fees, and all court costs.

    • YetAnotherFacelessMan

      I imagine GW’s lawyers will be able to swing that. They’re battle-hardened and not above a countersuit.

  • BaronSnakPak

    Florida Man strikes again!

  • inquisitormack

    What’s the chance he starts a GoFundMe to support his fight for justice & then pockets all the donations from the suckers?

    • kingcobra668

      Frankly, those “suckers” would deserve it.

  • GiftoftheMagi

    Odd thing is, he might have had a case on a few items…if he had not gone off the deep end with the rest.

  • MechBattler

    Asinine as this is, the scary thing is that some of it may hold water.

    No one can deny that GW has employed very hostile and aggressive tactics in their trade agreements and business models which seemed purposely designed to sabotage the very third party retailers that signed those agreements to sell their products.

    They might be in real trouble here.

    • YetAnotherFacelessMan

      If he didn’t want to sell GW’s merchandise, he didn’t have to sell GW’s merchandise. He could just get it off his shelves and dedicate his store to Magic the Gathering and Malifaux, if he wanted. He chose this. He made an informed decision to participate.

      Also, the important thing to note is that GW isn’t obligated to keep FLGS in business. They sell models. The antitrust laws aren’t there to keep GW from stomping FLGS, they’re there so GW can’t stop someone else from starting a new tabletop miniature game. There are plenty of them out there. If this guy can keep his lights on by just selling Infinity and Flames of War, then he can just sell Infinity and Flames of War.

      GW doesn’t owe this guy a dime, let alone 100,000,000 dimes.

      • MechBattler

        It’s true that retailers had a choice. That doesn’t mean GW is a saint though. They really treated the retailers like crap.

        And it’s true this guy is probably just looking to make some cash, and he doesn’t deserve it.

        Problem is, this guy’s a demagogue. And one thing demagogues are good at is convincing people to believe what they’re saying. This guy isn’t stupid. He picked GW as his target BECAUSE of their nasty business practices. He’s a preacher with a platform and he’s got plenty of ammo to paint them as the bad guys. He’s going to be a very serious problem for GW.

      • TenDM

        They have no obligations to keep random game stores open, but they do have obligations to people they do business with and there are legal obligations regarding how they trade. Once you start interacting on this level the whole idea of the ‘it’s a free market, you should have read the fine print’ goes out the window.

        The whole reason we have anti-trust laws in the first place is to stop these sorts of ‘I didn’t break the law but I did find a way to make it impossible for my competition to compete’ schemes.
        I’m really happy with where GW are now, but they’ve definitely done some questionable stuff in the past. They clearly made a focused attempt to kill off their online competition and maybe their retail competition in the process. They’ve done some nasty stuff and the question is really as simple as ‘was all that legal?’.

        Nothing will come from this and obviously he isn’t owed what he’s demanding, but I think it’s a prime example of a company either oblivious to or ignoring the law because nobody being wronged is large enough to recognise the problem or force action to be taken. If it were Amazon instead of Ted’s Game Shack this would have been resolved decades ago and it probably wouldn’t have gone well for GW.

      • Mike X (Official)

        I understand what you’re trying to say, but think of it from the other side:

        He’s saying his hobby store would fail if it didn’t carry GW products. This is more than likely true. A hobby shop cannot survive off Malifaux and other alternatives alone, as they’re just not popular enough systems.

        It would be like a grocery store having a soda aisle without Coke and Pepsi products.

        • YetAnotherFacelessMan

          Okay. I don’t care. If I walked into a grocery store looking to buy coke and you didn’t have it, I would walk out. That’s not coke’s fault, though. I wouldn’t write an angry letter to coke telling them to be nicer to the grocery store.

          GW isn’t responsible for Infinity and Warmachine not making “40k money”. If GW was stopping people from making plastic miniatures somehow, that would be an antitrust issue. If a FLGS needs to sell 40k to stay open because that’s what makes them the most money, then that’s just what they do.

          If they don’t want to, then they shouldn’t be in business. It’s just that simple to me. If you can’t make a living off of it, don’t do it.

          • Mike X (Official)

            But it CAN be Coke/Pepsi’s fault if their contracts are absurd. If they abuse the system by saying, “You need us to survive, so we can charge or demand whatever we want from you.” That’s why ALL monopolies are illegal – not some of them.

          • YetAnotherFacelessMan

            Again, they don’t have a monopoly. They aren’t the only ones selling plastic tabletop games. Gamestores are retailers, not end users. If GW decides tomorrow to never sell a miniature through a FLGS again, that is still not a monopoly. If GW decides that their miniatures may only be purchased on days beginning with ‘T’, that’s still not a monopoly. You are free to buy any of the other games on the market. The games store is free to sell Teddy Bears or Snapple, or whatever else they want.

            This. Is Not. A monopoly.

            Coke is the only one who makes Coca-Cola, Pepsi is the only one who makes Pepsi Cola, and you could make a strong case that they form a partial duopoly on soda, if you ignore Maine Root, Jones, RC, and literally all the other sodas. GW is the only one who makes 40k, but they do not have a monopoly. There are other games.

            If there is only one power company in a town, they have a monopoly. If there is only one person who sells beds for 100 miles in a small town in Alaska, they have a monopoly. You can go to http://www.pig-iron-productions.com/ RIGHT NOW and buy more 28mm scale miniatures. GW does not have a monopoly on 28mm miniatures.

            Now, if you tell me that the FLGS need GW to survive, then I’ll tell you that they should either play nice with GW for their own sake or diversify their business. My FLGS from college sells teddy bears, jack in the boxes, and other old school toys. GW products are a decent chunk of his profits, but the store would be just fine if he stopped selling them entirely. He also sold Flames of War and Warmachine. Because, and I’ll say it again…

            GW doesn’t have a monopoly.

          • Lexikon

            The only game store in DC (correct me if there’s another) doesn’t stock any Games Workshop products and does just fine. Expanded recently.

          • YetAnotherFacelessMan

            Exactly! Thank you!

  • Erik Giersdorf

    Something this juvenile is a legal form?

    • Neal Laxman


      • orionburn

        Murica lawyers. That’s the problem.

  • Josh Felstead

    I’m glad that there’s enough people in America that there will always be some silly f***er who thinks taking on companies like GW is a good idea. It’s very entertaining.

  • Edward Mlynar

    If GW had only release plastic SoB, maybe he wouldn’t be so pissed.

    • Rafał Pytlak

      “Gee Dubbs, as a judge of High Court of Florida i declare, guilty! As punishmnet you have to release plastic Sisters of Battle in the next 6 months!…..Emperor Protects.”

  • uatu13

    What a total clown. It’s a shame companies have to waste money defending themselves against this kind of BS…

    • orionburn

      There needs to be tougher penalties for bringing frivolous lawsuits like this. It’s a waste of the court’s time and can also damage a business’s reputation. Especially in this day and age when 90% of people read a headline an assume they know the entire story.

  • markdawg

    You had me at Florida man.

  • Crevab


  • Dylan McManus

    They should get someone smart to handle this case, and maybe they’ll win.

  • Blackfel

    Silly me. I thought it couldn’t get any crazier than PETA trying to force GW to stop skinning plastic wolves for their plastic pelts, to be used on their plastic miniatures. What was I thinking? What a FOOL I was!

    • MPSwift

      Plastic mythical wolves the size of horses (which PETA claim it would take no skill to hunt and kill – hypothetically of course)…

  • “At a high level, this is what is called a “bathtub case”. The kitchen
    sink wasn’t big enough so the plaintiff threw the bathtub at them.” You’re guilty of me almost killing my notebook with my drink, good sir.

  • Mr.psyker
    • Mr.psyker

      got milk?. .

    • Severius_Tolluck

      Malice be praised

  • Hjalfnar Feuerwolf

    Lost it at socialist Europe. xDDD

  • Big Red

    This is why we can’t have nice things..

  • Atogrim

    “He possesses an LLM, which is similar to a doctorate in law.” No….no it really isn’t.

  • s12demon

    As much as GW isn’t a saint by any means this is just a ‘rant’ by a guy who seemingly barely understands what the law even is never mind how it would apply.
    His point 3 in short reads “how dare Gws not sell me what i want how i want” Then goes off on a tangent about how gw is apparently not entitled to sell items in that area through its own stores just because his independent business sells there

    I actually had to stop reading at point 7 because i was laughing so hard
    “GW trains a sociopath-cult of gossipers rewarded for calumuny”
    …. He actually wrote…. that in a legal document…..

    And once i started reading again it got better: unproven (and probably unproveable) “what people say” claims and “it must be true because someone on my facebook said so” points

    Overall this is just laughable. As much as some of what gw does is a bit questionable: preferential treatment of its own stores re pre-orders, limiting independent store order amounts.

    Any serious points hes trying to make are lost under the hillarious rant that is most of his points, he actually stops referring to gw and its staff by names and refers to them as the ‘the criminals’ and ‘the creeps from memphis’ for most of it.

  • D. B.

    Beware of people who think caps lock is a legitimate way of making their arguments valid.

    Other than that – he sounds like a weeaboo Daniel Mandelbaum.

    • orionburn

      Ho-lee crap. What a loon. 0_o

  • karloss01

    The guy deserves to be taken of all his earnings just for the sheer un-professionalism of those six pages.

    Point 14 – That just sounds like complaining for the sake of complaining.

    Point 15 – I’m guessing that’s US GW not wanting to sell imperial space marines outside of their stores? Because I got mine from a third party store and they’ve got the battle sister and chaos warrior miniatures up for sale as well.

    Point 25 – points out that GW takes inspiration from real life tanks, yeah the original plastic Rhino may look like a M1113 but the current one, not at all.

    point 28 was about people burning their collections (most of which were joke videos) of their own free will; how did GW force them to burn their miniatures? Also a miniature is never made obsolete I’m still using a second edition Hive Tyrant in my army and playing in a GW store with it.

    Point 29 – he apparently wants their return policy to cover everything for an unlimited time. I know this time they offered vouchers to those who bought the 7th edition books a month before 8th’s release (don’t think they offered this to 8th – AoS players)

    As some have said he has like six stupid points to every one passable one, perhaps someone should sue him for wasting five piece of paper and for thinking a court is a place to do a bit of unprofessional bitching.

  • Andy Wise

    Amazed that no one has picked up on the ‘cult of thralls’ comment.

    A, he’s probably talking about us which would be defamatory if it weren’t true


    b, I’m loving the fact that he’s inadvertently (more or less) referencing an actual unit from 40k .

    • Graham Bartram

      “A, he’s probably talking about us which would be defamatory if it weren’t true”….
      ….sounds like we should sue him! XD

  • pokemastercube .

    i am not exbert in law, but as GW are based and founded in the UK, arnt they govered by UK laws and not US ones?

    • Admiral Raptor

      To my understanding (which may not be perfect), when you choose to do business in another country you become subject to their laws and regulations as well as your own local laws. I think the rules are a bit more murky regarding online only retailers, but seeing as GW has American stores and an HQ, they would be subject to the same laws as American companies.

    • Defenestratus

      Ilike your way better.

      That way Google doesn’t have to abide by the ridiculous EU laws since it’s an American company 😛

  • Admiral Raptor

    I was hoping for some kind of juicy scandal. Too bad it’s just angry guy with an axe to grind. I can’t see this going anywhere.

  • Hagwert

    What a 24 carrot balm cake !

  • This is some grade-A horse****

  • Garren Seifert

    I’ve got info on this story if somebody could message me

  • David Leimbach

    This guys actions are purely for his own gain, not out of need for any justice. What a jerk.
    Sadly, this arguably hurts GW and by extension and GW fans and anyone who continues to do business with GW. The costs end up somewhere, and that means the customers.

  • This Dave

    Ah, Florida Man. Just when you might see a speck of hope for humanity you come thundering out of your trailer park to dash it.

  • Talos2

    Im sure they’re terrified

  • AircoolUK

    Only in the country that is the Grandfather of capitalism could you attempt to sue someone for capitalism.

    • Ryan Miller

      Keep in mind that the US uses a hybrid mix of regulated and free market and is less capitalistic than the completely unregulated Chineese markets.

    • 6Cobra

      .. while at the same time accusing them of “Sosh’lism”!

  • Xodis

    Next time everyone wants to make fun of GW for changing Eldar to eldariblahblah, or Imperial Guard to Astra miliwhatus, just remember…people like the guy in the article exist.

  • Richard Mitchell

    I don’t have an issue with the suit itself. Anyone can file a lawsuit, however, if you are going to do it, do it right. Hire a lawyer, pro se, is never never never a good thing. Unless this guy is a retired lawyer and he has all the time to make this case his job. In which case, GW is in trouble. As far as this being called a bath tub case…ahh that is common. If you are suing you throw everything you can and the court will decide what sticks or not. Common practice in lawsuits. Only fools do a kitchen sink lawsuit and there is no such thing as a friendly lawsuit.

    Got to say after GW has spent over a decade sending their army of Imperial Lawyers to 3 party producers and even retailers….nice to see someone final file a case against them for once.

  • Krizzab

    its you get for discriminating trasngender/crossgender gods, good move slaanseh.

  • Ell Tee

    >>>> He possesses an LLM, which is similar to a doctorate in law.
    Actually Master of Laws is a master’s degree, not equivalent to a PhD. A JD is a professional doctoral-level degree, in the same vein as a MD. If you want to do more than practice law (or medicine) like teach or do research, then you’ll need to get a regular Masters or PhD in addition to your JD or MD. A LLM by itself just means that you went to law school after undergrad, but didn’t get a JD for some reason…

  • piglette

    “Florida Man” strikes again!

  • Aaron Elvis Pearce

    Just give hin Sisters already! Its clear this is what The Frustration is about!

  • Spacefrisian

    Iam going to sue him in Florida as wel.

    1 for being selfish
    2 for ruining our hobby
    3 for forcing me to buy a ticket to Florida so i could joke like him.

  • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

    He has no case, except possibly for the Fraud and Stock Manipulation charges, although those are next to impossible to prove without direct documented evidence (their claims that charging 10,000% of the casting cost is Price Fixing is ridiculous and shows a lack of retail/logistics experience, while his copyright infringement case was already litigated in the Chapterhouse suit, so his filing on behalf of Robert f#@king Heinlein, et al, is a joke; Stock Manipulation as a legal matter has nothing to do with products at market, but with shares of Corporate Interest, so unless this guy got baited into buying common GW shares at preferred rates, then got stung with Devaluation, he has no grievance). The Tortious Interference case has no standing because GW can’t both be beholden to a contract with this guy, vis-a-vis a Sales Agreement, and be an uninvolved party seeking to profit from the breach of that same contract (and there is barely a Gentleman’s Agreement between the customers and the Store Owner, so they’d have to find a better argument than, “your model distribution policy is bad for our business”).

  • UnpluggedBeta

    Imagine the nightmare scenario where this guy wins, takes GW for everything it’s worth because some court appealed to the highest level, and all of its disparate licenses get vacuumed up by Disney or some other terrible corporation.