Geekery: How About That GoT Season Finale…

[Spoiler] and [Spoiler] did a thing! [Spoiler] also did a thing! [Spoiler], [Spoiler], and [Spoiler] did something! And a boat.

The pacing was bad and it didn’t get going till the end, but a lot of stuff happened. The show opened with a frank discussion about male genitalia between Jamie and Bronn. Not really sure what the point was there. Anyway…

  • The meeting at Dragonpit didn’t end up in anyone dying, which was a little surprising.
  • Euron cuts and runs, which doesn’t really seem like something he’d do – and he’s not.
  • Cersei messes with Tyrion’s head by revealing that she’s pregnant – or is she?
  • Baelish is dead, however. Very dead.
  • 3 of the Starks siblings are back together, and they’re not taking any guff.
  • Sam returns just in time for Bran to reveal Jon Snow’s true parentage – Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen.
  • Dany and Jon hook up… while we learn that she’s his aunt in some interwoven flashbacks. This is going to complicate things next season.
  • But it may not because the Targaryens have a rather long history of incest.

  • Cersei reveals her plans to go against her word and hang out at Kings Landing with Euron and mercenaries from Essos to Jamie
  • Jamie is not ok with this and leaves on a horse into the snow.
  • Cersei is more or less alone now – will she go down in season 8 or will this gamble pay off?
  • Oh, and Viserion and the wall… followed by the lack of the wall.

We don’t get season 8 until 2019 so there will be plenty of time to theorize on where all of this is going. My predictions:

  • Jon will ride Rhaegal in a battle – the dragon is named after his father, after all.
  • We may see this come down to the Faith of Seven – Father, Mother, Maiden, Crone, Warrior, Smith, Stranger. But who is who?

~What did you think of the finale?

  • ForgottenKnight

    It was a great episode and makes me sad that it’s going to be over a full year that we don’t get to see any more. Maybe GRRM will write a book in the mean-time.

    Two things bugged me more than most.

    Some of the wrap-up seemed rushed and not realized to it’s potential. The Littlefinger event could have been much more. Esp with Arya’s and Bran’s abilities. It seemed like they said “well, this is happening, so…. how do we do this… umm…. well…. meh, just do it, nothing special”

    The final scene, so… dying makes dragons SUPER powerful? I don’t think the fire dragons could have done that. He was faster, stronger breath AND apparently didn’t need to breathe between blasts. They might as well have had the king fly somewhere in the south and just torch a town and start from scratch. 3 or 4 towns and he’s be unstoppable.

    • James Regan

      well, not needing to breathe is one of the hallmarks of being dead- I wonder whether this is simply a quirk of dragon physiology, in that it makes even less sense than ‘breathing fire’ to breathe in oxygen and exhale it as fire- basically, could the ‘breathing in’ part of regular dragons just be conventional requirement of lungs, so when they are breathing fire they’re basically doing that gasping in breath in between hurls thing we do when we throw up really violently?
      Though maybe regular dragons could have done that- they melted harenhall after all, and the wall is only made of ice (which melts on hot days, never mind when burnt by magic fire).
      What i do want to know is why dying got so much copper into his flame glands, given it seems to be basically blue fire- a more icy breath could have been fun, but i suppose they have to leave the actual ice drakes for another time.

      • euansmith

        Good point on the breathing; one of the best dragon moments for me is the dragon breathing in in Dragonslayer. It is the little pause before it breaths out a torrent of flame that makes it so dramatic.

        I wonder if Bran has screwed up the wall. When the Night King touched Bran, it apparently gave the Wights the ability to breach the Three-eyed Raven’s defences so long as Bran was inside. Maybe Bran going south of the Wall will have weakened the magical wards keeping the White Walkers out?

    • euansmith

      I enjoyed the episode too. I like that they are taking the time to maintain the relationships among the characters rather than letting everything get swamped in grand action.

  • EnTyme

    Father : Jon/Aegon
    Mother: Danaerys
    Maiden: Sansa? Yes, I know she isn’t a “maiden” anymore, but she otherwise fits the archetype, and some cultures consider virginity lost by force to not be lost.
    Crone: Melissandra
    Warrior: Arya
    Smith: Gendry
    Stranger: Bran

    I’m sure I spelled many of the names wrong, but I’m sure you know whom I’m referring to. I think they fit the archetypes best.

    • James Regan

      i think arya might be better as the stranger, given there’s possible connection between the stranger and the faceless men.

      • EnTyme

        Hadn’t considered that, but you’re right. If Arya is The Stranger, I would say Jorah is The Warrior.

        • Adam Richard Corrigan

          I think Jaimie could be the warrior if he isn’t the lord of lights Avatar. Arya as Stranger, Bran is from older gods.

  • Defenestratus

    The whole 2019 thing was fakenews.

    They’re starting filming in October again.

    Just like usual.

    • EnTyme

      More accurately, HBO said they would give the creators as much time as they needed to do the final season right, even if that meant delaying the season into 2019, and people took that to mean “the show is being delayed until 2019”. What they were saying is that each of the six episodes of the last season will be feature-length (so about 90 minutes), and that the production schedule will likely need to be extended to compensate. They’re trying to set a realistic deadline so people aren’t disappointed should a delay be necessary.

  • Drew_Da_Destroya

    We may see this come down to the Faith of Seven – Father, Mother, Maiden, Crone, Warrior, Smith, Stranger. But who is who?

    I hadn’t really considered this, but it’s an interesting idea. Some possibilities:

    Father: Jaime, Jon(?)
    Mother: Daenerys, Cersei
    Maiden: Sansa? Lyanna Mormont? Missandei? Brienne?
    Crone: Cersei, but that feels mean
    Warrior: Jon, Tormund, Jorah, Brienne
    Smith: Gendry
    Stranger: Arya

    • dave long island

      But where does Mord the jailer fit into all of this? I’m hoping Mord is the dark horse that comes out of nowhere and wins the iron throne… lol

    • euansmith

      Doc: Maester Qyburn
      Grumpy: Sandor Clegane
      Happy: Euron Greyjoy
      Sleepy: Brandon Stark
      Bashful: Brienne of Tarth
      Sneezy: Drogon
      Dopey: Jon Snow

      • Jonathan B.

        Kirk: Jon Snow
        Spock: Samwell Tarly
        McCoy: Davos Seaworth
        Scotty: Tyrion Lannister
        Uhura: Missandei
        Sulu: Renly Baratheon
        Chekov: Podrick Payne

        • nuggy

          To be perfectly honest; I’d watch both of those shows.
          Just like take the actors in full GoT costumes and put them on the Enterprise and go. no other changes needed.

  • vlad78

    The main complain I have lies with the fact characters have been dying in droves during the 2 last seasons without many consequences. The lack of written material to elaborate upon is showing.

    • ZeeLobby

      is it really though? I thought this was the first season where it didn’t just seem like people were randomly dying left and right. At first I thought it was weird, but then I was like, I’m OK with that, lol. Honestly the Red Wedding may have been enough for me. Plus what happened to little finger was just pure awesome.

      • euansmith

        I’m assuming that we will see more of Littlefinger in the next series. After all, Cersie probably doesn’t know that Peter Baelish is dead and his face might be able to get close enough to Cersie for Arya to end the threat from the Red Keep. Valar Morghulis.

        • ZeeLobby

          My wife and I were talking about this. They were talking about the faces quite a bit. And like you said it would get Arya inside. But Cersie has to know that he sided with Sansa against the Boltons. Who knows how little finger will be received. Valar Dohaeris

      • vlad78

        Yes it is. During the first 5 seasons, each important death had huge political ramifications and changed the position of power of everyone, the fame of the killer, the stance of each seat of power, and so on…

        The red wedding decapitated the North, allowed the Boltons to rise to power, showed how despicable the Freys were and had huge ramifications within the story.

        What are the consequences of Stannis’ death? Not much, one less pretender, that’s all. What are the consequences of house Tyrrel demise? Less characters on screen. At least Margaery’s death did put the last of them firmly on Danaerys’ side, much for the good it did to them but that’s all.

        What are the consequences of the killing of all the girls of Dorne? Less people on screen again.
        The episodes are too few to tackle the logical and catastrophic consequences of such events and the story becomes less and less complex.

        It’s a bit of a shame imho but it had to be expected.

        I wonder what the differences will be with the coming book, but I think beyond the 7th, if Martin is able to finish the 8th one day, they could be quite huge.

        • ZeeLobby

          Maybe. Personally I think Martin is just done. Sadly I think Rothfuss may be joining him. I would love to imagine the last of the series books may redeem it, but having read everything that’s available in it, it’s been getting kind of sloppy nearer to the end. Dunno if it’s the pressure or what. But I’m kind of glad he’s not influencing the show.

          And while I totally get what you’re saying (and your 100% right), we were eventually going to reach a point where every death was less important. Like all good series, there has to be some final confrontation between good/evil/undead, lol. People were going to have to take sides, and sadly when people take sides, deaths become less interesting.

          That said, I still think the show fits with the spirit of the GoT universe. I think it just emphasizes how extraordinary this timeline in it’s history was. I mean if the first several books was how the GoT universe always operated, there would never be cities let alone a kingdom. Brother would kill sister for an extra helping of soup in the morning, lol.

          • vlad78

            Don’t know, Martin being done is something i heard 10 years ago, I think he’s getting old. I fear we’ll never read the end of the story.

            Besides, this particular kind of slaughter is specific to the game of thrones, average people do not kill their whole family, even in that setting. ^^

        • euansmith

          I guess that things will come home to roost. Stannis’s death seemed strange and anti-climatic (I’m not even sure Brienne actually killed him. It was odd that GoT missed the opportunity to show someone getting decapitated. Maybe he’ll rock up later 😀 ). The destruction of the cathedral might come back to haunt her if she needs the support of the people to resist a siege. I assume that Dorne is currently involved with internal struggles over who will fill the power vacuum down there.

          Mainly I think that these things might all take a while to have an effect, as the people involved need time to organise some sort of response. Hopefully in the next season we might at least get some little scenes addressing general discontent.

          What tickles me is that, whoever wins, unless slaying the Night King ends the Winter, is going to be left ruling a kingdom suffering an ice age. It is a bit of a poisoned chalice.

          • bobrunnicles

            They didn’t show the Blackfish getting killed either, just mentioned it off camera. Hell for that matter we didn’t actually see Olenna die, and presumably Elia is still rotting in the dungeon along with Tyene’s corpse (unless Tyene had an immunity to the poison). Lots of potential for miraculous returns lol.

          • euansmith

            Maybe the last episode will have an epilogue with the Three-eyed Raven doing a round up off all the characters who have slipped off the edges of the story.

            “Having been knocked out by the merciful Brienne, Stannis Baratheon awoke with little memory of his past life and went on to become the manager of the Winterfell franchise of the Hot-Pie Pie Shop. He could never understand his revulsion at the sight of the shop next door, Spatchcock Barbecue Chicken World”

            I can see Bran being used as a way to dump all sorts of exposition now he’s gone full on Uatu the Watcher.

    • UnpluggedBeta

      I’ve assumed that the tv series was always a vastly different beasts than the books which inspired it; it appears it tried to hew close to the books after all but didn’t understand what made the killing off of major characters so fun.

  • Jared van Kell

    Why do I get the feeling that Danaerys is going to end up pregnant with Jon’s kid in true Targaryen fashion?

  • dave long island

    Ah bit did they burn Baelish? I submit to you that they did not. Aeasin 8 episode 1: opening scene is the rise of Zombie Littlefinger!…. lol

    • Tim Lester

      “Undeath is a ladder”
      – Zombie Littlefinger

      • dave long island


    • petrow84

      More like, Zombie Middlefinger.

      • dave long island

        Lol. 🙂

  • petrow84

    Apart of Littlefinger’s death, this episode was quite underwhelming…
    – Jon can’t lie, but Cersei can. Hardly a surprise.
    – Cersei alienates EVERYONE from herself, and wagers on a risky ploy. Seen it before.
    – Bran narrates the events we’ve already seen in season 6 and in mid-season 7, just so he can give (?) some meaning of Sam’s clumpsy adventures in the last 4 seasons.
    – Night King(Bran?) burns down the wall – winter is really here. And they didn’t even have the balls to kill Tormund or Beric. Shame. Shame. Shame.

    • Seienchin

      You forget: Cersei again has a huge risky plan with no real danger of it going wrong. I mean come one, everyone else’s plans always go wrong / take a hit pretty soon. Only Cersei’s plans seem to always work it. Is she never betrayed by someone? (Tomen aside but that was not a life threatening betrayal)

      • petrow84

        Yeah, writers got reeeally lazy about Cersei. Blew up the Vatican, and half of the city? Well, accidents can happen… A dragon and a mongol horde mulched our troops? No probs, here’s another army just because! Lena Headey does an amazing job in portraying her, but the writing really doesn’t help her.
        I really loved in the books, how she could be a master plotter, when she’s aspiring for power, and how everything backfires and slips out of her hand, once she reached it. Sadly, almost nothing remained from it in the series.

    • bobrunnicles

      At least we got proof that Sam actually went back and retrieved Little Sam’s coloring book and reread what was in it…

  • euansmith
    • petrow84

      I AM GoT spoilers.

      • euansmith

        Can we has GoT spoilers? 😀

  • I_am_Alpharius

    Underwhelming last episode. Not quite sure how the spun it into being 90min long…Every plot point had been telegraphed from the first/second episode of the season. It made the whole thing terribly dull and predictable. Makes me worry for season 8 with the six episodes being 90mins….

  • nuggy

    The night king being like:

  • Scarlet Wong

    It is unbelievably sad that in Hong Kong, I only knows a handful of people have ever watched GoT…
    They love Korean soap drama or Japanese ones…