Geekery: Mindhunter – New True Crime on Netflix

A series sure to make David Fincher and Zodiac fans very excited.

The series is produced and includes three episodes directed by Fincher. Other directors on the series are Asif Kapadia and Andrew Douglas. Take a look…

The series is based on Mark Olshaker and John E. Douglas’ book Mind Hunter: Inside FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit. You’re probably already familiar with Douglas even if you don’t recognize the name. He has inspired several well known characters…

  • Jack Crawford in Thomas Harris’ Hannibal Lecter books
  • Will Graham in Hannibal the television show
  • Jason Gideon and David Rossi in Criminal Minds are both based in part on him

Douglas joined the FBI in 1970, and worked as a hostage negotiator before joining the Behavioral Sciences Unit in 1977. He started interviewing violent offenders while traveling around the country training police departments – which looks like where we join him in the series. He spoke with David Berkowitz, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Charles Manson, and Edmund Kemper (seen above portrayed by Cameron Britton)  among others. The information gathered was used to create profiles, as well as interrogation and criminal trial strategies.

Mindhunter drops on Netflix October 13th

  • dave long island

    Oh, here we go again with this ‘FBI Profiler’ John Douglas fraud. Don’t believe the hype around FBI profiling. It’s all Hollywood BS for the dupes, suckers and rubes that make up the fat and stupid American public. It’s rather like that John Edward fraud and his cold reading of grieving people while he’s supposedly talking with their dear departed loved ones… lol… John Douglas is a fraud on par with John Edward, without the pleasant mannerisms. The trick is in the sheer volume of details that they throw against the wall: something’s bound to stick. See Malcolm Gladwell’s excellent article on this Hollywood nonsense known as ‘criminal profiling’.

    • benn grimm
      • dave long island

        Haw haw!! Yah IDK how that guy sleeps at night.

        • benn grimm

          Id imagine soundly on a big mattress stuffed with money he conned out of vulnerable, grieving people.

          • dave long island

            Ya prolly true. That’s too bad.

    • spla5hmummy

      Oh interesting to know, thanks for that!

      • dave long island

        No problem pal. If you liked that article by Gladwell you’ll likely enjoy more of his stuff. He wrote a fascinating book on high achieving people and what makes them so successful called ‘Outliers’. As you’d expect his conclusions defy conventional wisdom. Also his blog is Fascinating writer. Peace.

    • CommandoCrow

      Good read, thanks for the link

  • I enjoyed Hannibal although season 3 was slow.
    Not to interested in Mind hunter. Might be worth watching.

  • Jared McWilliams

    Thought the show was going to be about real life illithids and their real life problems such as workplace etiquette, dating, and how to handle lines at the local coffee shop.

    Much less interested in this.