Geekery: The Robot Fight is On

That USA vs Japan giant robot fight announced in 2015 is actually happening.

Two years ago Suidobashi Heavy Industry and Megabots announced that they were going to face off in a giant robot smack down. It’s taken some time to get the robots ready and everything set up. But it seems that the match is going to happen this September. One of the biggest challenges was finding a venue according to a recent interview the Megabots team did with Quartz.

Logistical issues for an event of this magnitude have included: whether or not the venue’s floor can support the weight of giant robots falling, having sufficient power and utilities available to work on the robots, safety containing a fight between extremely heavy and powerful machines, being able to access the venues with heavy trucks used to transport the robots, and more.

Their Eagle Prime robot weighs 12-tons and is 16-foot tall. See it in action…

Team Kuratas team hasn’t uploaded a new promo video for their robot (hopefully we’ll get a preview before the fight), so here’s a reminder of what their bot looks like…

With pilot to give a sense of scale…

The fight is set for some time next month and will be available on Youtube and Megabot’s Facebook page – no news as to whether that will be streamed live or not. For safety the event will not be allowing spectators to watch at the venue.

Will you be tuning in?

  • I’d be interested to see this stand up to a forklift. But these things “battling” it out seems pointless to me.

    • Koonitz

      “Science, because we can… Also, it’s really cool.”

      I see nothing wrong here. It pushes the limits of what we can do. Medieval jousting was entertaining, but kept knights in fighting form when there was no battle to be won. This pushes mechanical and robotic invention, when is otherwise no necessity to do so.

      • I can see you comparison to jousting. I like it.

        I’m looking at the vehicles them selves. I drove a few large Forklifts in the Army and that’s what I see when I see these thing. Over engineered forklifts. That doesn’t mean they haven’t done some interesting things, they have. I just see it as silliness.
        They crash through a few stacked barrels with their fancy “robo arm”. why. Why don’t they have a shield with rollers. Something like that. To protect their fancy arm and the drivers compartment. Just bugs me.
        I’d like to see it fight off a few actual forklifts. just to see if it can. Or if it gets tipped over.

        • Rusty Hatfield

          Nah they get points for style in my opinion. Otherwise they’re just big battlebots. Battlebots eventually evolved to the point that they were mostly just wedges with motors. It was practical, but also boring and lame. The Japanese team seems to be pushing the envelope for style. The American bot looks like crap.

  • Damistar

    Nice, but the minimum is 15 tons to qualify as a light battlemech. These would be Protomechs at best.

  • Admiral Raptor

    Japan wins on aesthetics at the very least.

    • GrogDaTyrant

      America has never been one for aesthetics. Just look at their tank designs over the last century.

      • Admiral Raptor

        Good point! Though they had some very pretty ships during the second world war.

      • SacTownBrian

        USS Zumwalt

    • Spacefrisian

      Until the Dutch come with the windmill version…Only burning fingers beat that.

  • Rolf Soldaat

    I believe “weather” should be “whether” in the second to last sentence.

  • Rayna M. McCowan

    Just noticed the head of the Japan robot is like that of a Dom from Gundam. Nice.

    • pokemastercube .

      well what do we expect, they love there mecha and would reference something

  • Jared Swenson

    I will definitely be trying to watch live for sure. It’s either going to be really embarassing and awkward to watch, or really cool. I think regardless it will be a good thing, as this concept of mecha fights needs to start somewhere. We still don’t know if japan is offering something new or one of their kuratas models.

  • Heinz Fiction

    A “robot” piloted by a human is like an automobile pulled by horses.