Generals Handbook 2017 – Top 5 Changes

The Generals Handbook 2017 is bringing big changes to Age of Sigmar. Here’s our favorites ones from our copy.

The Generals Handbook is up for pre-order and will be hitting the tabletop in a week.  We’ve been poring over our copy and here’s what here is what stood out to us:

Updated Point Costs

GW has been saying for a bit that many units would get point adjustments, but we had no idea how many.  I would estimate that over half the total units have point and/or unit size updates.  So get ready for a new meta with new winners and losers across all factions.

Battleline Units are the New Black

Many of the battle-line units now get hefty discounts in points when you take them at maximum size.  Also note that the max-size of these units has gone up in many cases. You can easily take advantage of these discounts to save enough points to throw in a hero or two to your armies.


Location, Location, Location

Now each Mortal Realm (Chamon, Aqshy, etc…) have a table of special rules. For the first time you can give your AoS battles some rules context and a lot of flavor. No are are you fighting on generic fantasy tabletops. Now the location of each battle in the 8 Realms makes a difference. I can see these being popular with both the narrative and competitive scenes.

Siege Mode

Siege Warfare arrives in Age of Sigmar. Siege rules have a long pedigree in Warhammer Fantasy, and make their grand arrival to the 8 Realms at long last. You get 2 new siege missions, along with a new “siege-phase” that helps shape your battles in a narrative way, such as attempting to starve, batter, or tunnel under the defenders. It’s a very cool mechanic to give your games some gritty flavor.

Crazy New Battlepans

Look out for all new diverse missions to open your AoS. You get everything from standard missions to crazy ones such as The Beast Run, that is played on an 8×2 table and involves one army chasing another, while it attempts to escape off the long narrow table – while avoiding monsters all the way.

Bonus – All New Allegiance Abilities

Pretty much all the Grand Alliance sub-factions get some love with new Command and Artifact tables. Those old WFB armies that have been sitting on your shelf just got an all new lease on life, so pull them down and give them a whirl in the 8 Realms.

~We’ll have move on the General’s Handbook 2017 this week.  What do you guys think of the changes?


  • marlowc

    “Those old WFB armies that have been sitting on your shelf just got an all new lease on life… ”
    One more tiny step along the path back to fully supported gaming in the Old World – excellent 🙂

    • Blues

      It’s false though, since pretty much all legacy stuff that’s not old dwarves, free peoples and wood elves is left out of GH17 (along with everything Destruction that’s not Ironjawz).

      • Khelban Blackstaff

        They finally, killed off my Tomb Kings. Good times. All that money I spent and time invested in painting them is at an inglorious end. Makes me want to invest in more GW products. Like over hyped, and spammed Space Marines. Not feeling the love, GW.

        • EnTyme

          Compendium armies will get update points in a free PDF. Tomb Kings rules are still available for free on the GW website (and I hear they are cleaning up the AoS rules page to make them easier to browse) as well as through the AoS app. For an army they’ve killed off, their rules seem to be awfully easy to access through official GW channels.

          • Frank Krifka

            shush with your fancy logic words

          • Bingo.

        • Randy Randalman

          There’s an area in the city of Hammerhal, as well as models in the upcoming Shadespire, that have symbols and iconography very similar to Tomb Kings. Only…Sigmar’d. There will be a major league update for Death.

          That said, people didn’t support WHFB. That’s why it died. Armies like Tomb Kings were also an impossible IP for them to protect. It has nothing to do with ignoring or hating ‘s player base.

          • marlowc

            I think the reason support for WHFB fell away, was the rules had become too bloated. The Old World is still the best fantasy setting by far. IMHO 🙂

          • I_am_Alpharius

            Partly, for sure. However, as Randy Randalman points out there was the looming spectre of more desire for easily copy writable IP; which, for the most part, WFB was not.

          • marlowc

            Not so sure about that. GW seem to be doing pretty well selling the Old World for the likes of Total War Warhammer, and now a first person roleplay on pc. Nobody is queuing up to buy the Realms are they.

          • UnpluggedBeta

            I’d be curious to know how the sales of Total War: Warhammer would compare to a hypothetical “Total War: Age of Sigmar.”

          • euansmith

            “Total War: Warhammer: Age of Sigmar” 😉

          • benvoliothefirst


          • I_am_Alpharius

            Thing is there is that the WFB IP is on licence. It literally cost GW nothing and comes with very little risk; GW can just collect the cheque.

            As for AoS and computer games? I’d say its a little early days. GW are only recently actively trying to utilise their IP in a major way for computer game; previously GW were very closed and reluctant about selling the licenses – to an extent they are still very careful. I’m sure AoS will get some video games in due time; Silver Tower/Hammerhal are ripe to get a Warhammer Quest style game; Gorechoosen is ripe for a computer gamel and likewise the up coming Shadespire is too.

          • Agreed. The old world was amazing. I wish hey had done something like WoW did to change the landscape of Azeroth, but it’s STILL Azeroth. I love the AoS rules, but the setting is “ok”. It’s no old world for sure. Then again, nothing is stopping anyone from doing a pocket dimension that is an “echo of ages past”. Just saying

      • marlowc

        I admit it’s only a faint glimmer of light at the end of a long tunnel – two years at least? Once the tsunami of stuff for 40K 8th subsides, and AoS has sagged from mediocre sales to dismal sales 🙁

  • dave long island

    I love a good Battlepan. I got a nonstick stainless steel Farberware +5 Holy Avenger heat inducting black iron skillet. I’m ready for Battle!… lol

  • Bakvrad

    New location rules? Like two year old ^^
    Such rules exist since realmgate wars but have been limited to open play and storytelling games.

    • I_am_Alpharius

      Probable a case of collating all the realm rules into a single place (I can see the Realm Gate Wars being discontinued). In addition taking the chance to tweak the rules a bit.

    • CloakingDonkey

      “New location rules for the only game mode that has any traction – Matched Play.” Better? 😛

      • Bakvrad

        Definitely better 😀
        But matched play is not 100% of the game ^^

        • Mathew G. Smith

          Hypothetically some kids could be using the other modes for their kitchen table games I guess.

  • Ryan

    “New location rules for the only game mode that has any traction – Matched Play.” Better? 😛

    • matty199

      Played open play once. Pointless lol

      • euansmith