GMM Showcase: Stormcast Monster Army Finished!

Hello BoLS readers! It is finished! The big Stormcast army is a wrap, and here is the full gallery.


“You come.
I forge.
We talk.
You good friend.
I very happy.”
– G.B.

The army went well, lots of time spent Overall very happy and the original scheme idea worked great with only minor tweaks. The customer wanted something similar in layout to the traditional scheme, but with a much darker feel. Antique and royal, but also brooding and ethereal. Ancient armor that has seen some stuff, but still on this side of “good.” Personally love this sort of aesthetic so it was a whole lot of fun from start to finish.

Feels good to be done with what is my longest spanning project in terms of time involved. You never fully see it, despite all the time spent with them in my face, until pictures are taken. It is extremely rewarding. On the other hand, there is always a bit of postpartum, for lack of a less dramatic term, when an army is finished. I enjoy being in the thick of it and that is what allows me to do things like this alone. But that is life, and there is always another cool project waiting for me to get my mitts on it.

So until next time, thanks for following along with the making of it, and see you for the next one.

As always for the rest of the gallery, or more images of other projects, feel free to visit me elsewhere:




~BRAVO! Give it up for Brandon!

  • orionburn

    Those wings. 0_0 The scales are stunning as well. Amazing work. It isn’t often these ongoing projects actually hold my interest but this one certainly did, and it did not disappoint.

  • Vayral

    How does someone paint this many minis for a single project and keep the motivation high, along with the quality?

  • thereturnofsuppuppers

    Its impressive, but I kinda feel it would have been nice to see a specific stormhost.

  • AEZ

    All beautifully done. Nice colors especially the swirls on the prime.
    Only thing I could say is that while the individual stardrake are stunning the wings draw the attention and so it’s very obvious they all have the same pose. Conversions there would help.. Or maybe just turning several around a bit.. The fact we see them all from the same angle doesn’t help in that regards.

    PS now my post is mostly about what should be a very minor comment about an otherwise completely awesome project. 9.8/10

  • Vepr

    I am jealous of the motivation and talent. 🙂

  • Richard Mitchell

    Great work, but is this game still being played?

  • Aaditya Rangan


  • BenTheMan

    Awesome Paintjob! One can loose oneself in those wings. oO
    Did anyone else spot the “Where’s Waldo” Marine? 😀

  • ZeeLobby

    Super awesome. I do really like some of the stormcast models (even if they are just fantasy space marines). Just wish the world was more interesting. Comon normal humans!

  • Perturabo

    Still impressive, even 1 month after he actually finished it and posted those pics on FB… BolS is just late to the party as usual xD

  • Waldo!

  • greenskin

    Who else found Waldo Marine?