40K RUMORS: Grey Knight Codex: Latest

The Grey Knight codex is just around the corner. Here’s the 11th hour rumors:

While everyone is going GAGA over the upcoming Chaos Marine codex, the Grey Knights are flying under the radar.  Whatever we get this weekend will be a big deal for a couple of reasons.  This will be the first “single-chapter” codex of 8th edition. It will give us a blueprint for all the others from Death Guard, to Space Wolves, and all the other smaller organizations of the grimdark.  It will let us know if GW will be adding sub-factions to every codex, or just the “big forces” like Chaos Space Marines. It will let us know if every codex will be recieving new models or not – and how GW will handle armies that only get new rules.

Grey Knights are a fairly niche army and didn’t get anything new in their last codex. In fact they lost all the Inquisitorial parts of their 2010 Matt Ward codex and a character or two. Here’s what’s doing the rounds out there on the new one:

via BlackBlowFly (facebook) and Tasty over at Blood of Kittens:

Grey Knight Codex

Psychic power:
Vortex of Doom
Purge Soul
Gate of Infinity


Finest Hour:
2CP Use at the start of your turn. A single Character can double the range of any aura ability on its datasheet to 12″ for this turn.

Mental Focus:
1CP Cast an addition psychic power in the psychic phase.

Psychic Channelling:
1CP When attempting a psychic power roll 3 dice and pick the two highest.

Armoury of Titan:
1/3 CP Your army can take an extra relic or two extra relics for 3 CPs. All relics must be given to different characters.

Leaked Rules:

Grand Masters can take Nemesis Dreadknight Armour.

Grey Knight Products

  • Codex: Grey Knights $40
  • Datacards: Grey Knights $15
  • Grand Master Voldus: $35

Thoughts So Far

The Grey Knight Grand Master in a Dreadknight is a neat trick. A new unit that uses an existing model. I’m thinking most folks will just use a headswap, or glue on some extra scrolls and do-dads onto the existing kit and give it fancy paintjob.  I could see GW using this trick to get extra mileage out of older ranges to add new datasheets here and there to some new codexes that aren’t getting new models.

~ “We are the hammer”


  • Patriarch

    These aren’t rumours, these are simply what is stated as examples in White Dwarf.

    • Nathaniel Wright

      He doesn’t want to be proven wrong again.

      Like his Slaanesh diatribes.

      Alternatively: he wants to say ‘See? See? I can be right, too!’

    • dave long island

      That’s right. It’s not a rumour. It’s a rumor…. We didn’t make it a habit of bailing you guys out against the Gerrys in the last century to keep mispelling your words… lol

      • euansmith

        Whilst I am grateful for your nation’s actions, that is “Jerry”, not “Gerry”. 😀

        • orionburn

          For whatever reason I never try to put a ‘u’ in color, but I have to stop myself almost every time these days when I type out armor.

          • CloakingDonkey

            it’s armour. Don’t let the filthy colonials win!

          • orionburn

            But I am a filthy colonial!

          • CloakingDonkey

            Somewhere on the inside you’re still a proud crumpet boy or sausage boy! (most likely) 😛

      • Patriarch

        I am glad you chaps finally showed your true colours in both WWs! Better late than never… 😉

      • orionburn
        • bobrunnicles

          Close, but that’s a Geri 🙂

  • Brad Parks

    Didn’t they also say that there would be 6 psychic powers in the sanctic table?

  • miniwar monger

    No matter what, a Codex release without new models is a major disappointment.

    Isnt GW a Miniature company first ?

    • Severius_Tolluck

      Well in al lfairness that was the last CEO’s statement…

    • Cergorach

      Voldus earlier this year was a surprise imho. I suspect that we’ll only see a Getting Started! box for a while. On the other hand we might see more releases not directly linked to Codexes after they are all out (by 2019)…

  • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

    You read my FB comment!

  • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

    They’re getting more planes too, you know.