GW: New Releases August 5th “First Looks”

The Hellblasters are HERE – and so are TWO new codexes!

via Games Workshop

Codex: Chaos Space Marines

Codex: Grey Knights

Grand Master Gaming Collection

Exalted Champion Gaming Collection

Primaris Intercessors

Primaris Hellblasters

Grand Master Voldus

First Strike Starter Collection

  • Junior Mitac

    i honestly dont see dark angels accepting primaris in their ranks

    • Or Space Wolves. Or Blood Angels (and most of their successors).

    • Greg MacLean

      Even if there was a time when they would have, the idea that they don’t know that Guilliman was travelling with a huge compliment of the fallen is ridiculous. Personally, I hope the Lion awakens, they supercop up with the black templars and space wolves, and remind Guilliman that not everybody appreciates his codex or his time proven intent to usurp the Emperor.

      • Sharkey Tyberos

        It wouldn’t make sense for that friction to be there this time. The Emperor was the one who gave Guilliman his marching orders to the extent even the Custodes answer to him. The Space Wolves won’t suddenly become codex compliant but they won’t realistically go against Guiliman either, especially for the Dark Angels who recently played a part in wrecking their homeworld.

        If the Lion does wake up I don’t Guiliman will be his biggest problem. What’s going to be interesting is his reaction to what the emperor actually thinks of his so called sons and the fact his own legion has resorted to been ultra secretive and attacking other imperial factions. He’s probably going to facepalm as hard as Guilliman.

        • phobosftw

          On the basis of fluff alone, I`d say the awakening of the Lion would bet the most interesting choice, for sure..

      • SilentPony

        Guilliman could be playing hardball with the Angels. ‘Hey, take these new Marines and do what I tell you, or I spill the beans on the Fallen, kill all of you, and refound all your Chapters with Primaris Marines anyway.’

      • Goatsplitter

        I don’t think Gulliman appreciates his codex much either.

        • georgelabour

          He does. But he also is wise enough to recognize it’s not the be all end all answer to everything.

          Which is why the lore already makes note that he’s been revising and adding to it during the Indomitus Crusade.

    • Cergorach

      They already have at this time, but if that stays is the 40,000 dollar question. It might or it might not, might split Chapters right down the middle…

    • Krizzab

      I imagine something like this

      Chapter master Azrael:
      -“welcome to the rock primaris recruits, you see that sign?”
      “yes sir!!”
      “It reads hangar, you are only allowed stay on the hangar, good evening!!”

      • Mr.Fister

        You want chaos renegate primaris? Because this is hown you get chaos renegate primaris!

        • ReveredChaplainDrake

          But *I* want chaos renegade primaris…

          Carry on, Azrael.

    • Spacefrisian

      And i do see them accepting them, SW in particular cause the Wulf thing is removed.

    • Jack Boland

      who cares? GW has abandoned the lore with the beginning of 8th, literally does not matter when you want kids to buy your game

  • Luca Lacchini

    Nice trick on the Intercessors sprue to build the different weapon configurations.

    • Cergorach

      yes and no, it makes the Intercessor box less attractive to me. The Hellblasters a lot more interesting, especially when combined with a couple of boxes of Dark Imperium. Some extra poses and 14 heavy/assault plasma incinerators…

  • Kritarion

    How nice of GW to finally use more than the smurfs for their fancy promo pictures

    • Cergorach

      They have been doing that since the 8E starter box release with Blood Angels, Dark Angels and Space Wolves. Now with the new SM codex, that includes more then just the Plus Ultra! Smurfs, they have been showing off the Primaris in every primary Chapter in the Codex, plus some new Chapters…

      They need/want to sell as much Primaris as possible and it looks like that is going well.

  • Rafał Pytlak

    Nice to see some love for Red Corsairs and The Flawless Host

  • Jim Cook

    Intercessor Sergeant needs knife-hands; none of this pansy two-finger-pointing stuff.
    They are Marine infantry, after all; all the pogues are mortals or servitors.

    • Boondox

      Perhaps he’s two legit to quit?

    • Foxdonut

      Maybe he lost the tips of his other fingers in space vietnam, it’s like ‘nam but your country dosent betray you when you return.

  • Pagus

    Are any death guard players picking up chaos codex to use in tandem?

    • Multigeneral

      Nope. DG will be here soon enough.

      • Harkeal III Brennon

        Someone says 23 Spetember. Is that confirmed or finaly comes in next few weeks?

        • Ak318

          I have been hearing alot of chatter preoders for DG will be this weekend or next to capitalise on the campaign.

          September makes no sense as the campaign was the best time for it. especially as the last weekm has a bonus for LoW and we know a certain demon primarch will be coming out with DG.

  • edmundblack

    £25 for Codex: Grey Knights? That’s what a copy/paste costs these days? :/ Could have gone for some newer Codex art ffs …

    • Spacefrisian

      But you get options not in boxes, something lacking with marines and the chaos marines.

    • Jack Boland

      or you could get the exalted champion edition!!! FFS!

  • Clint Higman

    So…when do the new CSM/GK codex actually come out? Called my flgs they didn’t know about it and they’re not listed on the GW site.

    • Spacefrisian

      Next week.

    • phobosftw

      Release date is on the 12th, last I heard..

  • Foxdonut

    Wait so the autobolters rounds do two 90 degree turns to go out the bottom barrel?

  • Jack Boland

    those new marines are just so incredibly terrible

  • David Smith

    I don’t see a power sword for the Intercessor sergeant.
    Is it possible that there’s an option in the codex that isn’t i the kit?

  • bubba9000

    Whoever made the final call on the name Hellblasters needs to be banned from making any creative decisions.