GW: Shadespire at Gencon 50 – It’s Awesome

Games Workshop showed off the new skirmish game at the con this weekend.

GW had demos available for 8th Edition, Age of Sigmar, and the new skirmish game.

We’ll have our full demo video out soon. Until then here’s a quick overview:

  • Gameplay is tactical, incorporates luck and it’s fast – 30 minutes per game
  • The board covered with hexes – no tape measures required
  • Two decks of cards – objectives and powers/upgrades/abilites
  • Fighter stats and abilities are static – cards are used to keep track of fighters
  • Custom dice for attacking and defending

The objective deck includes classic capture and hold scenarios, targeting and killing specific enemy fighters, and others that change up the game dynamic. The powers and upgrades deck has wargear and weapons upgrades, and twists like being able to change postilions on the board with other fighters. The decks are customizable – play defensively or go after the enemy with all of the aggression you can muster. You choose how you want to play.


The models are easy-to-build, quick assembly, and have a range of character poses. The two forces come in different colors so you can tell them apart easily, and get them on the table as soon as you open the box. You can customize them with paint at your leisure.


We’ll have more in depth looks at Shadespire over the week – keep an eye out!

  • Son_of_Corax_XIX

    Abit boring sticking with the same two factions as the other sets

  • TonioMoblo

    WH-Com mention that the first Warband Expansion will be coming fast on the tail of the main set in November:https://www.warhammer-commu

    • I_am_Alpharius

      copy and paste much?

  • Luuk

    Copy and paste much?

    • euansmith

      Mush copy, such paste.

  • The Bob

    Played it the other day and loved it. Also kinda oil too I see myself in the video

    • euansmith

      Which one is you?

  • Sonic tooth

    Worst gw artwork iv seen in years