Hordes: Who is the King of the Trolls?

Today we look at the Sea King, the Mountain King, and the Glacier King and see who comes out on top!

Which is the King for You?

Each of the might troll gargantuans bring different things to the table.  Today we look at the big 3 and breakdown who really is the King of the Trolls.   We are going to look at shooting, melee power, and utility.


Mountain King:  Has a long 10″ spray.  With a low RAT and only the 1 shot it leaves much to be desired!

Sea King: Has a short ranged AOE shot that scatters again.  It does extra damage vs living.  It’s a decent shot but doesn’t do much to enemy heavies.

Glacier King:  Has a long ranged gun which it can shoot up to 3 times and can push or knockdown.  We have a winner.  The Glacier King is a great shooting platform and can threaten assassination with the Thunderbolt knockdown.  Combined with rerolls from the Dhulian Knot or Calandra it can get pretty reliable crits.

Melee Power:

Mountain King:  Has 2 POW19 fists. He can hit hard but, with only MAT6 he might need to boost the hit rolls to hit reliably.

Sea King: Has a 4 RNG melee POW 20 and a POW19 fists.  The Sea King still has the same problem as the mountain with MAT6 but, threatens farther and ignores shield bonuses.

Glacier King: Has the same POW 19 fists. BUT, his fists will cause stationary to non immunity to cold targets.  Meaning he only really needs to hit the first attack.  The extra 2″ threat on the Sea King and chain weapon is really strong but, MAT6 is a bummer.  Looks like Glacier King wins again!


All 3 kings have bulldoze and snacking.

Mountain King:  The Mountain King sheds whelps like its going out of style.  Meaning if you fail to 1 round the king it will most likely heal to full health with all the whelps around it.  Throw in the Rage animus you can make any beast hit extremely hard.

Glacier King:  The Glacier King provides concealment to everything within 3″.  His animus frozen ground means models wanting to jam/muck up the area will most likely be stationary.

Sea King: The Sea King doesn’t have any passive abilities but, he does have argueably the best animus in the game.  Vortex of the Deep is like having a mini hellmouth added to your warlocks spell card.  Its a great way to line up big nasty AOE shots or to slow a non pathfinder heavy down.  I vote for the animus.



The winner is?

It really depends on your list make up, but in a vacuum the Glacier King seems like the best pic, followed up by the Sea King.  The Mountain King is great for an armor brick with the whelp shedding.

~What do you think?  Share your comments below!


  • UpAndAtom

    Missed a trick here by not using the old trope “King of Kings”.

  • JN7

    Per CID, the crit KD on the GK is set to become crit stationary. I think you are underselling the Rage animus of the MK. Rage is a must-have in 90% of troll armies, which immediately makes the MK more valuable. With assault and Kill Shot, it isn’t hard for the MK to produce two sprays each turn. The combination of animus, durability, and threat provided by the MK makes it easily the best of the troll gargs, with the SK and GK each having niche uses.

    • Sinner!

      Yup, MK is the clear winner.

  • orionburn
  • benn grimm

    We three kings… The nativity would be so much more awesome with these guys. Just imagine the gifts they would come bearing; ‘Ooh, that’s a nice set of mountain survival kit, thank you! Oooh, a surf board, very nice, and what’s this? A fridge freezer? Amazing! Wait…have they been invented yet…?’

  • Crevab

    You think the Sea King frets over its’ ship like a delicate hairdo?

    • UnpluggedBeta

      I want to believe; that is a hilarious image.

  • Schnauzer

    Mountain King – Rage and über healing is better.

    Dracodile will take him…