Mynock Squadron: Judging and Cryodex with Chris “Chico” Brown

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X-Wing pilots, report in! We’ve got Chris “Chico” Brown on board to discuss tournament organizing!

Welcome to the Mynock Podcast LXXXIII

This week we have Chris “Chico” Brown, the creator of Cryodex and one of the most dependable judges in the country. We discuss the difference between a T.O., Marshal and Judge, types of calls made in big tournaments, what judging for FFG is like, and the ins and outs of Cryodex. This is a great episode for all you tournament organizers out there!

[00:00:00] Intros
[00:07:00] Clearance Checks
[00:15:00] The world of “Not Playing”
[01:10:00] Judge Program?
[01:30:00] Tome vs CRYODEX!


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  • euansmith

    Gah! Please resist the temptation to use a photo of Karl Urban as Judge Dredd unless the article is entitled, “Netflix Announce Karl Urban to star in Dredd series.”