NeverQuest – Is that a Chaos Emerald?

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This week, our heroes just try to have a nice meal like a family for once.

NeverQuest is BoLS’ weekly celebration of the fact that we’re still all successfully clinging to a spheroid of mostly iron, nickel, and water, which is itself hurtling at ridiculous speeds through the cosmic dark with only a thin, depleting atmosphere standing between us and oblivion. We celebrate this with the most rewarding, pleasurable experience known to humanity: playing Dungeons and Dragons. Every week our band of Free Range, humanely raised heroes strikes out in search of adventure for your entertainment. So kick back, grab a cold one of your choice.

And come join the fun on NeverQuest.

This week, our heroes go out for a nice dinner, having come into possession of a mysterious artifact. And then, as is the case with these things, a band of assassins tries to take it back. Tune in to see the very reason we can’t have nice things and then join us next week for the exciting conclusion to the Icefalls Saga.


Are you new to the NeverQuest scene? Want to know a little more about these characters and figure out why they’re so obsessed with fish? Catch the beginning of our first adventure here:

And be sure and tune in each week for more 5th Edition foibles and misadventures. Join us live on Twitch, where you can not only live out the excitement alongside our heroes, but you can grab the reins. Steer their fate, introduce monsters, spells, plot complications, and the like, live as the adventure unfolds.

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Happy Adventuring!


Don’t forget – our new streaming schedule starts next week starting September 4th!

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