Next Week’s 40K Prices & Products CONFIRMED


Yet more Space Marine Primaris minis and a lot of Citadel hobby is coming your way. I hope you like skulls!

Here’s what’s headed your way this weekend according to numerous industry professionals:

The last Space Marines reinforcements and a lot of Citadel hobby kits are HERE!

Warhammer 40,000

Space Marine Ultramarines Primaris Upgrades $15

Space Marine Primaris Inceptors $50

Adeptus Astartes Dice: $20



Hobby Items

Barbed Bracken $25

Creeping Vines $25

Citadel Skulls $25

Black Library

Black Legion (Hardback) $27

Ezekyle Abaddon and his warlords strive to bind the newborn Black Legion together under threat of destruction. Now Khayon, as Abaddon’s most-trusted assassin, is tasked with ending the threat of Thagus Daravek, the self-proclaimed Lord of Hosts – a rival to the Ezekyle’s final fate. Fighting the vile whispers of the Dark Gods within his mind, Abaddon turns a fevered gaze back to the Imperium, where his destiny awaits. Yet the Emperor’s Champion and his Black Templars stand guard at the gates of Hell, and Sigismund has waited centuries to face Abaddon in battle.

Written by Aaron Dembski-Bowden

HH: The Path of Heaven (Paperback) $9.99

For too long had the Vth Legion ranged out beyond the sight of the wider Imperium, remaining ignorant of the Warmaster’s rebellion and the war that inevitably followed. Only once their primarch, Jaghatai Khan, had satisfied himself that the path before them was just and true did the White Scars choose a side, taking the fight to the traitors on every front. But, four years later, the Legion’s unfettered spirit has been broken by relentless attritional warfare against the Death Guard and the Emperor’s Children – the Khan’s Stormseers must find a clear route to Terra if they are to take part in the final, apocalyptic battle.

Written by Chris Wraight

Kingsblade (Paperback) $16

The Knight Houses of Adrastapol are both noble and righteous, and when the Imperial world of Donatos falls to the heresy of the Word Bearers, they are foremost in the vanguard to retake it. Led by High King Tolwyn Draconis, the Knights are peerless in battle and strike deep into the enemy’s ranks. But the war soon turns when a terrible tragedy strikes, casting the Imperial campaign into anarchy. As desperation grows, unblooded Knights Errant Danial and Luk must quickly learn the ways of war to prevent an unholy ritual or Donatos will be lost and all the noble Houses of Adrastapol with it.

Written by Andy Clark

~What are you picking up?

  • Daniel Hoz

    So is CItadel Skulls a flat mat with skulls which I will never buy or a huge lot of loose skulls that I will buy 10 of?

    • ILikeToColourRed

      I think , and hope, it’s the latter

      • Munn

        It’s the second one 100%, it’s in the WD

      • Guillermo Cordido

        it’s the later, and i also want a few of those to base mine gf’s nids army.

  • Foxdonut

    $15 to turn ultra primaris marines into ultra primaris marines, what a bargain!

    • Michael Cameron

      $15 to turn vanilla smooth shoulder pad wearing Primaris into Ultrasmurf Primaris. I used the current Dark Angel kit to turn all of my starter set Primaris into Dark Angels.

    • NNextremNN

      How about not buying them then?

      • Foxdonut

        What exactly did you think i was planning to do?

        • NNextremNN

          Buying 10 packs of them and then complain about how expensive they are?

  • Wolf-Assassin

    If you look on pages 150,173,193 and 195 of the space marine codex and look in the background you see square wall section (looks like floor plates from the city ruin kits) are these new or do they belong to a kit i have missed?

    • Bakvrad

      They use the old modular movement trays for all kinds of terrain conversion.
      But I can tell you later. I don’t have my wd close

  • dave long island

    They had me at Citadel Skulls. Good lord how have they not come out with this before?? This is like plastic Crack mixed with ground up Cthulhu tentacles or something. I’m telling the FLGS to order all they can and then order more. Stat!

    • barry sadler
      • Cergorach

        HERESY! Those are resin!

      • dave long island

        Haw haw!! I had no idear! Wow, cool. Can’t habe too many skulls, lol..

    • Moonsaves

      Seriously. I’ve been shaving skulls off kits and snipping them from stuff for ages to get them.

      • dave long island

        Ha me too! The old skeleton sprues were great for that.

      • Krev_Grazl

        You can buy bags of resin skulls from many retailers. Have a look around! Saves a lot of time!

    • ZeeLobby

      They are quite awesome.

    • Krev_Grazl

      A bit off topic, but what does stat mean? I realise it means quick, and I’ve heard it on TV, but where does it come from?

      • dave long island

        Doctors say it. I’ve heard it in medical dramas. It’s short for the Latin word statim meaning Immediately.

  • Simon Chatterley

    Those vines are a great idea. Looked at the WD with them wrapping them around stuff. Awesome.

    And yes I know other companies have made this sort of thing but you can never deny how cool GW designs are for detail.

  • Moonsaves

    Definitely getting the skulls. Not sure what theme I want yet, but I want to bolt them all onto loose chains so that they sway in the breeze.

    Think I’ll do them on my Evil Sunz finish line.

  • benn grimm

    Got Black Legion and it’s a corker already. Starts off with a Chaos Sorcerer (Khayon; our confined and blinded narrator) talking us through why he believes the Gods hate us, why Ahriman is naive and just gets better from there. ADB for president! 😉

    • DJ860

      Yes! Sounds like I’m at a similar point to you in the book, loving it.

      Especially after reading Dark Imperium, which was basically a creatively written product catalogue for the most part.

      • benn grimm

        Yeah, it was so definitely worth the wait, like most ADB sequels. Glad you’re enjoying it too, guess I’ll probably give Dark imperium a miss then…)

  • generic eric

    I want your skulls, I need your skulls!!!

  • nurglitch


  • JL

    And the skulls shall be adorned with skulls.

  • CommandoCrow

    Any word on plastic upgrade sets for other chapters? I have thirty Mark 3 Marines just itching for some Death Guard shoulder pads

  • phobosftw

    Space Marine Primaris Inceptors with welding helmets?!
    cannot believe how this design got past the brainfart stage..

  • Krev_Grazl

    It’s about time GW sold skulls, to keep pace with all the independents who do so! They look good.

    But those Space Marine Primaris Inceptors! What the hell? Those are some goofy looking models!

  • Josh Felstead

    What on earth was the design team smoking when they came up with those Inceptors? Especially the terrible helmets!

    • NNextremNN

      I dunno maybe they thought about what could actually protect them during the jump from low orbit to the planet surface and actually survive that initial shock. Maybe they thought when blasting energy bolts with the temperature of the sun in close combat you need extra protection to not
      burn your normal helmet and face off.

      • Josh Felstead

        Their hands clearly require no such protection hahaha. The helmets are just so ugly…

        • NNextremNN

          Due to a little design error heat shields were accidentally added to the bolter version instead of the plasma version. To compensate for this minor error each pack of plasma guns comes with a pair of free bionic hands*

          * bionic hands are not heat resistant. Warranty of bionic hands voids if exposed to great heat.

          • Josh Felstead

            “Please fire your plasma weapons in an alternating fashion to avoid incinerating both of your own hands simultaneously. Adeptus Astartes Ltd. is not liable for loss of limbs due to recklessly pursuing flying space cowboy fantasies”.

            And you’re right – as silly as those blast shields look, it at least looks like they can just be glued open to appear as on the left-most Inceptor.