Painting Competitions from GenCon 50 – Part 3

Take a look at the 2nd half of miniatures that where displayed at Gen Con’s Privateer Press and MHE painting competitions.

It was divided into parts for ease of download.


MHE Painting Competition (continued)



This one was my entry into the Gen Con painting competition. I won silver with it. When I have taken better pictures of the Eldar Scorpion, I will post them in a separate article.



This was my 12 year old son’s entry into the contest. He won gold in the 14 years or younger category.


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  • Mike Tbone Green

    have to say, alot of these are truly art

    • Wampasaurus

      “Art is what you can get away with.”
      “Art? That’s a man’s name.”
      ~Andy Warhol

  • Jose A Velez

    Hope you are all enjoying the pictures of the stuff I saw at Gencon. My son now is pumped to paint tanks and other stuff to take to next year convention…. I just teached him to play 40k and Warmachine :)… And Im got the batman game (mainly cause I wanted to paint batman) and we are going to play it this weekend and see how it is.

  • euansmith

    That paint job on the wonderful Blood Rage Fire Giant is really nicely done. Definitely a Cool Mini.

    • Jose A Velez

      That one looks nice, just needed more details picked and a little smoother blending (only my opinion 😊)