Retribution: Priest of Nyssor Brings the Ice

On the rocks please. Check out  Retribution’s fun new support solo with a lot of versatility.

Guest Article by JohnheV


Front of card Immunity Cold, Pathfinder, P+S 12 Magic Weapon.

Battle Wizard: Finally!!! I have been waiting for a battle wizard character in retribution for a long time. I can see this guy working great with Rahn after he has knocked something down to guarantee a free hit followed up by one of the spells from the priests strong list.

Elite Cadre [Nyss]: Grants Immunity cold to all Nyss models take that Sorcha! This is a great Elite Cadre as the number of stationary effects has grown in the game since late MK2 and well into MK3 if that trend continues this will only become more and more valuable.

Magic Ability [6]
Blessings of the Winter Father: Grants all other Friendly Nyss Models a +1 to Attack Rolls. RAT 7 Nyss Hunters and Mat 8 Defenders seems extremely powerful considering both units have a pretty easy time putting up some heavy damage when needed as well. There is a fairly small list of models that can take advantage of this spell at the moment but the models in retribution that can really take advantage.
Frostbite: Range 8 POW 12 cold damage spray attack. Rhan loves it and if you are running two of these guys the first one can throw up the blessing so the second one can charge in with a mat 7 P+S 12 swing followed up by a effective RAT 7 spray that will devastate your opponent.
Winter Storm: Lanyssa Ryssyl’s signature spell now has a new owner. I have always tried to live the dream with this spell but always find one of the other two options work way better. This an be situationally amazing and with the way SR2017 requires there be a middle terrain such as a forest I could see this spell gaining new life as you set up on the outer edge of the forest on your side and steal away the pathfinder of some of your opponent’s troops that may have moved too close.

Prowl: Gains stealth when hiding in that pesky middle forest makes it even more difficult for you to remove.

Vendetta [Legion or Blighted]: Boosted attack and damage rolls against blighted or legion models. Take that Legion of Everblight now we have a strong weapon against you especially that devastating spray.

Critical Freeze: A great last ditch item that when comes up could be momentum shifting. But I hope you kill what you hit for BATTLE WIZZZARD!


I have found this model to be a near auto include when I am taking either the Nyss Hunters or Ryssovass Defenders. The increased MAT and RAT for both units is huge, followed up by the other utility the model has after most of the benefit from Blessings of the Winter Father diminish. I will love when I get to live the dream and charge in pop a model and throw out the spray, I think I have tried it twice and failed both times, but it would be awesome if it ever happens! The Priest of Nyssor is a fresh new model from the Privateer Press line that I cannot wait to see in many of my own armies as well as across the table. Whether supporting other Nyss or being brought to fill a magic combat roll I can see him wiggling into all kinds of different lists.

~What do you think of the new support solo?

  • Jabberwokk

    Thumbnail on the article had legion of Everblight. might want to change that to Retribution of Scyrah.

  • Richard Mitchell

    Like the new Nyss options for Ret. The whole release links into the fluff and tells a story.

    • Txabi Etxebarrieta

      Agreed. It’s awesome that a whole new section of elves have been won over to the correct political line of the Retribution as a means of self-preservation.

      • UnpluggedBeta

        I like how ElfQaeda started as nothing more than terrorist cells and slowly started gaining legitimacy until it basically is Ios now.