Tabletop Gallery “Twilight Dreams”

“All your friends, stacks of pizza and 8 hours to burn…”

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  • af

    I used to own Twilight Imperium 3 but gave it away ages ago. It certainly looked pretty, and what’s not to like about galactic empires? Sadly, the rules were terrible and the game awfully long, and I didn’t enjoy most of it. Its setting seemed pretty derivative and unoriginal, too. Now, my main complaint (“rules too long and unwieldy”) is usually met by fans of TI3 with “that’s the point, it’s supposed to drag for 8 hours”, which I don’t understand. Will TI4 be a shorter, more fun game, or is this just a minor revision of the rules?

    • Nyyppä

      This is my problem with it too. Eclipse does the same thing in half the time or less. I’ve been drooling over TI3 for years, but have not bought it just because it’s not realistic for me to get people to play it.

      • Tynam

        I play TI3 because Eclipse *doesn’t* do the same thing. It has the same tone and feel, yes, but the politics doesn’t have the same depth and variation.

        TI3 is a long game, but we find it worth the time.

        • Nyyppä

          Not the base game, no, but the expansions expand on the diplomacy aspect you are supposed to actually negotiate with another player anyway.

          Now, if you want that aspect to be only in game mechanics then I am sure that you are right.

    • ForgottenLore

      “Sadly, the rules were terrible”

      What?!!! Are you trying to troll? The length is a valid complaint but the TI3 and 4 rules are about the most elegant, well designed rules in all of gaming. I have frequently described the TI rules as like a swiss watch. Yeah, it’s insanely complicated, but all of the pieces fit together in an elegant whole so that once it starts everything just flows naturally without really needing to think about it. Just about everyone I have ever played it with has commented that yeah it is an insanely long game, but when your playing it you get so involved in what is happening that the time just flies by.

      It is definitely not a game for just anyone. I can totally appreciate not wanting to devote the time needed to play it, or not liking the general type of game, but the rules accomplish what they are supposed to and do so in a vastly more refined manner than any other game trying to capture the same theme.

      • Dan

        I agree a lot of TI is incredibly elegant though two problems seem to always arise for me.

        The first is that players always seem to get locked into a cold war that drags on *too* long. the buildup becomes ridiculous to the point that once hostilities break out whoever winds up winning the all-out apocalyptic battle is generally determined to be the winner of the game by collective mental exhaustion. This is, I suspect, caused by the following.

        The second is that any race that dominates trade/diplomacy is viewed with intense distrust at all times and players tend to form coalitions against them presuming *any* meddling or favourable trade is an insidious plot by default. Likewise any race that’s purely militaristic tends to get locked out of trade and everyone comes to distrust them and forms coalitions against them assuming they will be forced into aggressive expansionism which, obviously, they will especially as they have no trade ties to any other player.

        The net result of this is that there’s only three factions in a game: A lone trader with litttle military who depends on diplomacy to stay alive. A lone militaristic player who is forced to stockpile a huge military but never fight because he is surrounded by too many enemies. And finally the rest of the players who are all unwilling to make any major moves because they’re too psychologically dependant on their allies support, fearing that their economies or armies will be dismantled by the other two factions if they step too far out of line.

        so we get a *brutal* cold war that, while tense and interesting for ahwile, just drags way too long. Or maybe thats just my freinds being bad at TI….

      • af

        Nope. Not trying to troll. You don’t have to believe me, but like I said, I used to own it and gave it away. It’s frustratingly long, boring, and simply not fun. Plus it has an uninspired and derivative setting. All in my opinion, of course.

        I’ve never played TI4, which is why I asked.

  • vyrago

    there are two types of board-gamers:

    those that have never played Twilight Imperium and those that have played Twilight Imperium once. 😛