The Emperor’s Beard #238: Fifteen boyz in a dead nob’s bar


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The emperor’s beard

  • euansmith

    A short while before…

    “Oi! Yew short-arse, squig-muncha, did yew spill me pint?!”

    “Affirmative. I shall requisition you a replacement, stat.”

    “Wot! Dat ain’t no Orky talk! Yew sand like a ‘umie! I dun’t fink yew is a Ale-runt at all!”

    “Drat! Assassin Bella Donna to Callidus Command, I’ve been made. Abandoning Chameleon Protocols. Going dynamic!”

    • georgelabour

      Then the Solitaire in the back mimed everyone attack, and it turned into a bar room WAAGH!

      • euansmith

        😀 😀 😀 BLOKK BUSTA!!!!