Warmachine: Steamroller 2017 Arrives

The official packet for 2017 Steamroller is out!  We take a look at Warmachine Hordes tournament rule pack for this year.

Privateer Press always aims to have great rules and no drama tournaments.  Everything is streamlined and very little is left for interpretation. Each year brings new scenarios to keep the game fresh and keep tournament lists fresh.  Today we look at some of the changes from last years pack and some new things as well.

Now there are 6 scenarios :

The PitII: 2 Rectangles, 2 Objectives, 1 Circle:  Try to hold a side and contest the others.

Standoff: 2 Circles, 2 Rectangles, 2 Objectives.  This scenario is all about contesting your opponents rectangle to prevent them from scoring easy points.

Spread the Net: 2 rectangles, 1 circle, 2 flags.  With so many ways to score this scenario will push you to the limit if you bring a low model count list.

Breakdown: 2 circles separated by 1 rectangle.  This is all up front battling.  You will usually try to score a far circle and contest the other. A caster can control 2 zones in this scenario by touching both edges!

Outlast: 2 circles, 2 flags: With the circles so far apart it will be hard to score zones unless you clear out the far edges.

ReconII:  2 big rectangle zones, 2 flags, and 2 objectives close to the center of the board. This makes for an up in your face battle.  A caster can control the flag and the rectangle by touching both edges!

Now there are only 3 objectives:

Armory:  Can give a friendly faction model magic attacks.

Fuel Cache: Can give a friendly faction model pathfinder.

Stockpile: Can heal a friendly faction model.


What’s it all about?

Terrain:  PP has recommended uping the terrain amount on the board this year.  Tournament Organizers are encouraged to cover the board.  Get that pathfinder ready.

Winning: Killing the enemy caster is the old tied and true method.  However, now you need to win by turn 7 or score more then 5 control points then your opponent.  The winner is who has the most control at end of turn 7. Going 2nd is a big advantage if you are playing the long game.

Killbox: Every scenario is now killbox.  Your caster now only has to be at least 12″ up from the board edge now though.

Measuring Devices:  No longer can you litter the board with every widget known to man.  A limit of 2 to measure out your turn.

Zone Control: Zone control has changed a whole lot this year.  Casters can control everything, solos can control flags, unit can control circles, warbeasts/warjacks  and battle engines can control rectangles.


Check out these resources for 2017 steamroller:

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~What do you think of the 2017 steamroller scenario pack?  Please share in the comments below.

  • BeardMonk

    Only about a month late with this BOLS. But that’s about par for the course with your WM/H coverage. Late and vague.

  • Hahboo

    “Terrain: PP has recommended uping the terrain amount on the board this year. Tournament Organizers are encouraged to cover the board. Get that pathfinder ready.”

    Maybe they realized they’re the only miniature wargame that still uses mousepad terrain at large events. Too bad their players will hate the mm of distance lost with that ‘ambiguous’ terrain

    • Richard Mitchell

      I like the 2d terrain, less messy on a competitive level, unless you are doing like a grand narrative. And looking at the Holden wrap up at LnL it doesn’t seem like PP is afraid to run 3d terrain at large events are even for their Iron Gauntlet. However from a TO perspective 2d terrain is precise on the board, easier to transport, and cheap.

      The terrain rules in MKIII are more friendly now though for 3D terrain than in MKII if you have the money to put down pure 3d terrain for battles. You have to be entirely within a terrain feature such as forests and hills to benefit.

      Again BoLS shows itself as a GW marketing site. AoS is not even a top 5 miniature wargame and any little piece of news gets immediate coverage. But Warmachine, Armada, hell even the #1 selling X-Wing, got to wait.

      The coverage of the SR 2017 is not only a month old (the end of Lock and Load marks the end of the PP year so new rules for leagues and tournaments are released at the close of LnL), but the guy didn’t even play through the packet.

      The amount of terrain has not changed, PP boards always used terrains, but its placement has as there are clearly defined ways you set up terrain for scenario in a tournament. There is usually a terrain feature in the middle with others within (but not completely within) 6″from another feature starting from the middle.

      My actual experience with this focus on terrain placement has been completely positive. It has really changed the flow of battle just a brawl in the middle to really thinking how you want to place your army throughout the game. The benefits of either going first or deploying second and chosing table sides are also highlighted.

      Other positive changes is that models can deny points but only certain model types can score a flag, rectangle zone, or circle zone. This has also impacted the flow of the game in a good way. For example, I think only solos and warlocks can score flags. And most scenarios have a mixture of at least two of these components.

      Kill box is back but has been reduced from 14″ to 12″ so there is no hugging the back of the table, but support casters can still perform on the table.

      I know there are a lot of haters of PP out there (and most are GW loyalists who only play one game or from one company anyway) but out of all the things to complain about their dedication to the tournament scene is not one of them. They are fine tuning SR every year and have been doing so for a decade. Compare this to state of AoS (which is going the way of WHFB) or 8th (which is already being comped heavily to detour the core rules major balance and terrain issues, heck the guy organizing for our local scene is making up terrain rules just to curb top of turn 1 wins) and there is really no contest from a tournament perspective.