WarStages: Gorgeous Gothic Cathedral Terrain now on KS

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WarStages is an ultra modular gothic terrain set for 28mm miniatures–this thing is epic. The Kickstarter ends soon, so check it out now!

This is truly epic terrain. I’m not even being that hyperbolic. Just look at what Raging Heroes has done with their WarStages.

It’s incredible. You can click on that picture to zoom in a little and see all the detail for yourself, but this is gorgeous stuff. And it’s gigantic as well. That person is there for scale. These terrain sets are monumental. And moreover, they’re modular. The whole thing is made out of high-quality, 1.8mm thick, super-dense, pre-punched, coated, color-printed cardboard. It’s tough and durable, but it’s light and easy to put together.

And as we mentioned, it makes the whole setup modular. Those cathedrals are all 3-d projects assembled out of the gorgeously detailed cardboard. Each has a similar ‘core’ and expands outwards. But as they’ll tell you themselves, this is only just the beginning. Like a good box of legos, half of the fun comes in seeing what you can put together with the pieces they give you.

It’s all meant to work around putting together “stages” out of the various bits and linking them together with the walls and walkways that you can see. Here’s a closeup of one of the stages in its assembled form:

To quote their kickstarter, that is a “Kahn-Urkan demon made mostly out of metal perched on a 20cm high platform without even making it bend.” So, like I said, tough. But you can kind of see how all the pieces start to come together. You build platforms for your models to fight on, give them cover, line them with beautiful walls–it’s a perfect scenario.

Here’s another example of the kinds of stuff you can create with this terrain:

Note the tables and computer monitors and even the throne in there. These are AMAZING! They’re made out of the same material–and if you’re wondering why these seem so perfect, it’s because these are basically sci-fi versions of the furniture from HeroQuest and we all know that the best thing about HeroQuest is the furniture.

And, like the rest of the game, this is all modular so you can set things up the way you want.

They’ve even got bookshelves. Which is another thing that bears mentioning–you can use this to set up an awesome board for wargaming, skirmish–whatever the scale of battle you want (as long as it’s ~28mm), you can build an arena of your choosing with these things.


It’s only available for a limited time. The Kickstarter Campaign only runs until Saturday August 5th. This is a limited campaign for a limited run. Once they reach their crowdfunding goal, they’re going to acquire what they need to make their backer-kits, and then any excess will be stored–but that’s it. And those will definitely sell out. After the Kickstarter, you will have a hard time finding these. So, quit wasting time and get in there. There’s only a few days left–and they’ve already blown past their funding goals. Even if you’re getting the smallest kit available, you’ll still get more than enough furniture and other extras to satisfy your creative desires.

Check it out:

via Raging Heroes

With the WarStages system you can play all types of games: Siege, Urban Warfare, Skirmish, Exploration, etc., with a single kit.

STUNNING: For the first time ever, your chance to get a gaming table as awesome, big, and epic as a convention center piece.

MODULAR: Make it yours! Assemble the Gothic Cathedral, reorganise its layout to your likes, or completely re-invent your own WarStages thanks to our super modular assembly system.

IMMERSIVE: Immerse yourself in a movie-like environment with loads of accessories that bring an unprecedented sense of atmosphere, scope and epicness to your games.

PRACTICAL: Easy to assemble, easy to store, no painting required.

GREAT VALUE: In our survey, you told us that you wanted great value for money, so not only are you getting the most insane gothic scenery ever at a great price, but it is super modular, infinitely customisable, epic as a convention table, immersive as a movie set, and ultra practical, quite easily giving you the best possible of bang for your buck!

With 4 sizes of Cathedral kits and the Gothic Daedalus extension to be unlocked soon, you may wonder which pledge is right for you… Here is a quick guide.

SMALL Cathedral:

A very beautiful piece of scenery that has the same level of details and quality as its bigger counterparts. However, it doesn’t have as many wall sections as the other kits. So it would work to make a centrepiece that would be perfect for Siege Scenarios. Alternatively, you can break down its various Stages and scatter them on your table and have large elements to block lines of sight, or to be used as snipers’ nests.

Another option would be to expand the SMALL kit with the Gothic Daedalus to add more pathways and labyrinthic sections on your table. A different approach would be to get 2 Daedalus Extensions and one SMALL Cathedral kit to achieve a sprawling environment with several landmark elements that you could build with the Cathedral component.

→ MEDIUM Cathedral:

This is the kit that we’ve used in all our images and videos.

When you choose this kit or the larger ones, you know that you are getting at least one of each of the Bricks and Stages that we designed.

It instantly creates a striking gaming environment just by its sheer size. The amount of options and combinations that you get just by moving around the Stages of this kit are pretty insane (see our Stages video below). And of course, you can break down your Stages in smaller or different layouts that will give you even more options to set up your table in just a minute. To us, this kit allows you to do anything: Skirmish, Siege, Mass Combat, etc.

Add to this one Daedalus Extension or two and you are then only limited by your imagination. It gives you a large amount of options to expand and transform the Cathedral Stages into sprawling labyrinthic environments. This could be gothic ruined cities, space ship interiors, ‘Name of the Rose’ style gigantic libraries, the list goes on. Channel your inner engineer/architect/game designer and get something you’ve never seen before on your table.

→ LARGE Cathedral:

Now we’re getting serious. The LARGE kit is great for you to run massive games, or have loads of assembled Stages options at your disposal. It gives you all the options of the MEDIUM kit but pumped up to the next level, and also with many more Freebies.

Unless you are interested in only having massive pieces of architecture on your game table, we would highly recommend at least one Gothic Daedalus Extension, and 2 would definitely make sense. With that type of setup, you’re equipped to host a special event at your local shop, at your gaming club, or even in a convention.

→ EXTRA LARGE Cathedral:

Are you a space overlord who reigns over thousands of planets? Then this will make a nice crash pad for your weekend getaways :).

Seriously, this thing is huge. And it’s pretty obvious that there’s nothing like it available on the market, especially at this price!

If you’re interested in this kit, you probably know what you want to do with it. Whether you’re planning to use it as-is in its Cathedral form, or to break it down in many Stages for your table(s), the options you get and the number of Freebies you’ll receive sky will sky rocket.

If you plan to use it with the Gothic Daedalus Extension, it would make sense to get at least 2 of these, possibly more.

→ Do you need a FLOOR MAT?

Please note that the mat that you see in our images and videos is a smaller version prototyped on paper.

It’s entirely up to you. It is nice because it instantly transform any kitchen table in a gaming landscape with no effort whatsoever. And it certainly adds atmosphere.

Since our kits can cover such a wide gaming area, we have looked for the best options to make a Floor Mat that would easily adapt to various table sizes and configurations. For that reason, we chose a quality fabric material. We know that foam/rubber backed materials are very popular, but the problem with this is that they can’t hang over the table’s edges on the day you decide to have a smaller sized game. Since our WarStages allows you to play on the smallest to the largest tables, we wanted a floor mat that would adapt to any situation.

→ Do you need the DAEDALUS EXTENSION?

The Daedalus Extension adds a lot of versatility to your WarStages Cathedral.

Thanks to both its low (2 in/5cm) and high (4in/10cm) walls, which you can also easily stack up for more height, you can create enclosed rooms and corridors.

The arches, stairs and platforms allow you to create 3-dimensional labyrinthic structures that will probably remind you of Esher or the Monument Valley game.

It is a truly fun environment to play with in all types of games, and even more so if you’re playing skirmish and RPG.

Of course, you can mix and match the elements of the Cathedrals and of the Daedalus together, thanks to our clip assembly system.

Back WarStages on Kickstarter Today

Now to make my dream of a sci-fi HeroQuest come true at last.

  • Adam Sweeny

    That lighting is so heavily shopped to try and make it look like it’s not just fancy cardboard.

    • ZeeLobby

      eh, lasercut board terrain still looks pretty good though. And the artwork looks decent. In the end it’ll still look better than probably what 90% of people play on at home. Definitely overcosted though.

      • Xodis

        Which is why I hope its successful, so next year we can see more terrain campaigns for actually cheap terrain that is both useful and decent looking and we can get past this whole no terrain BS that seems to be everywhere.

        • ZeeLobby

          i’m not gonna lie, GW would help a lot with that if they posted articles/examples of how to build home made terrain. I know it goes completely against their “buy our terrain” policy, but I’ve noticed a serious dropoff of home-built terrain ever since they abandoned that aspect of the hobby.

          • Xodis

            Even if they just starting having pictures of boards with an good amount of GW terrain, showcasing their terrain and how much is on the board, it would go a long way.

            Here is the battle of “blah blah”, you want this many of this, and this many of that, but you need this here as the focal point.
            Now lets look at the “hehaw” warzone with this terrain…..

            I would even be ok with having standardized terrain as part of the game set up.

            We are playing Board 2, mission 1, and…..

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah. That would def help as well. For me, personally, filling a table with GW terrain is just cost prohibitive. What they used to do a good job of (back in the day) was taking terrain (either home made or sold by them) and then have articles showing how to convert it, and expand it, using things like cardboard, foam sheeting, trees from hobby stores, etc. Which is all super affordable. We have a bunch of popsicle stick forts from playing fantasy back in the day, inspired by a WD article.

          • Xodis

            OH I agree GW terrain is expensive lol, but if they made set tables that are suppose to be used it would force people to pay (good for GW) or get creative (good for the wallet lol), and both paths are good for the game.

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah, just hard to get creative without inspiration, and GW doesn’t really push that anymore. But oh well, maybe they’ll switch it up now that terrain is more critical.

    • Moonsaves

      I suppose we’re all just playing with plastic molded in fancy shapes, though.

  • Zingbaby

    These look – amazing – but my group is already so rough on our hard resin terrain, these things would die fast, and they’re still not cheap (granted you get a lot).

  • Xodis

    I like it…I just dont like the cost.

    The medium set comes in just a few dollars away from the GW all plastic Chaos Helfort from AoS…..and there isnt that much difference in the size (L&W, it definitely has it beat in H…). Also im not sure I would like terrain that tall, I usually play on tables that at least up to my waist (Im 5’9) which means a lot of leaning over…..yeah just sounds bad.

    Seriously though if it was 50-100 bucks cheaper I would jump on this, but for the price I rather stick with some plastic.

    • Zingbaby

      Exactly this.

    • euansmith

      The size of both the price and the terrain put me off too. The Daedalus Extension looks more useful; but then I’ve just bought a Proxxon Hot Wire Cutter and a large pack of 5mm xps sheet, so I think I am probably good for terrain for a while.

  • Mr Tish

    Yeah its massively over-costed for what is essentially pretty cardboard

  • I went in for the Medium Cathedral set and the Daedalus. It is a lot but I love all the miniatures from them so far and these fit the aesthetic perfectly. The art looks great and the modularity seems like it will offer limitless combinations for play. I hear you all on the price but you don’t have to paint it and it disassembles flat and carries light which are bonuses. I would like the Hellfort some day too but I am excited to mess around with this.

    • Xodis

      Seriously I do hope it works out for you.

      One complaint I saw on FB was that it seems like folding it flat and then having to bust it out and set up again wont be as fast as it seems with all those clips, so a few people were saying that it would be better to store in large chunks (kind of like normal terrain).

      This definitely is the best as far as long term transport and storage though.

  • GoodOleBoy01

    I was so excited about this kickstarter! Then I saw the prices and realized I had to choose between a new army and this “terrain” to use the army with. Guess who has two thumbs and is getting another army!?!! This is way over priced, unless they’re aiming at stores with good table set ups instead of individuals.

    • Moonsaves

      I could see a local game shop maybe getting one for the use they would get out of it.

  • AEZ

    I think it looks good.. but wouldn’t even buy it for half the price.

  • dave long island

    The next KS will be for a fancy house to store all this @#%^@#@!T^&# for the 99.9% of the time that it isn’t in use… lol

  • TheMCP Angel

    I went with the med set, the daedalus expansion and im quite happy with the fancy cardboard. And by the time it ships ill have completely forgotten i kicked it, so ill be twice as happy 😂

  • Good surce of insperation for my own scratch made scenery. Shame this is so bloody expensive or Id grab a F&$k ton of it