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The forces of Forge World Metalica will Kill ’em All.

The world of Metalica is beyond magnetic, the entire surface of the world is covered in metal–thanks to the meddling of the Tech Priests of the Cult Mechanicus. Now this is a world of relentless machines, capable of rapid advances and laying down withering fire. The forces of Metalica fire so fast they barely have time to load and reload before they’re upon you. A highly mobile force thanks to their dogma of Relentless March.

This lets your units control their distance, making sure that they’re always just a bullet away.

Metalica’s dogma synergizes well with a few different units. GW mentions the Skitarii Rangers, who can ensure they’re either moving and firing their galvanic rifles while maintaining enough distance from assault units that will surely chew them up, or closing to within rapidfire range, where they can really make their enemies ride the lightning.

And then toss in something like the Protector Doctrina Imperative and you can get an extra +1 to hit (+2 if you’ve got a data-tether). Although any Ad-Mech unit can benefit from that one–it’s another little bit of insurance to make sure those shots you really need to hit, actually hit.

Metalica is known for their fast tempo, aggressive musicianship, and surprisingly broad and expressive range, reflected in the rules for the Adamantine Arm, which is a much more commercially viable bionic arm.

Finally we have their warlord trait, which capitalizes on their mobility and efficiency. Ordered Efficiency lets your units fall back and still shoot, even in the face of things meant to tarpit a unit in assault forever. Now mind you, this is going on one of the Ad-Mech’s HQ choices, and they’re all a bit fragile, and again–this means your warlord is going to have to get up in there, so you’ll want to keep them nice and nested in with your other units.

But, combo this trait with the Protector Doctrina and you’ll still be able to hit your foes, blasting them with lightning or plasma, or radium and justice for all.

As you can see, Forge World Metalica, with its insignia of a hand grasping a hammer, is primed and ready to take the Imperium by storm. Their tour starts next week, so be sure and get your tickets in advance.

We know one of the tech-priests from Metalica went on to the death world of Mega, but all in all the Forge World has produced a steady stream of hits.

  • kaptinscuzgob

    get down with the sickness, am i right?
    wake me up inside

  • Fraser1191

    Wow that stratagem is hot!
    That right there is what I was hoping to see

  • DoctorBored

    Interesting. Doesn’t seem as strong as the other two, but good overall.

  • Le_smee

    So if some one could educate me I would appreciate it, ‘Relentless March’ says ‘until the end of the turn’ I thought this would behave like a chapter tactic and be turned on all the time, I’ve clearly missed something here.

    • I_am_Alpharius

      Its so stupid rule twisters can’t claim they still have use of the ability in the following turn when just moving normally. It’s just making it clear that you have to have ‘advance’ in that turn.

      • SIA

        But it provides no positive if you normal move since you would lose the extra shot at half range that rapid fire weapons have. It is literally only useful if you advance not normal move.

        • I_am_Alpharius

          And your point is?

          The ability is going to useful if you wish to move up to certain position (e.g. to take an objective) quickly and still be able to shoot. It is going to great when wishing to reposition (e.g. say moving away before getting charged) a units; as you’ll be able to move fast and still have some shooting effect.

          • SIA

            My point is that “stupid rules twisters” would gain nothing from saying it was still in effect after they regular moved if they advanced their previous turn as it would make their rapid fire guns into just assualt 1 meaning they wouldn’t get the second shot at half range anymore so it is only useful if they use it to fire after advancing.

        • generalchaos34

          and one of AdMechs major problems is lack of mobility outside of ironstriders, this seems to do the trick and make them move fairly quickly around the battlefield and grab objectives while still being able to do what they do best, shoot.

          • SIA

            I wasn’t saying it was a bad dogma I was merely pointing out that it didn’t have any benefit if you tried to twist it to still being in effect after a normal move if it didn’t have the till end of turn part there

      • Le_smee

        Thank you very much, this sounds the most fun to me out of the 3 revealed so far.

    • crandora

      Because they then go back to being rapid fire for overwtach

      • Le_smee

        Thank you very much.

  • benvoliothefirst

    I thought this was a great and characterful bit of fanfiction, until I realized with horror that this is actually something that games workshop paid money to produce. I hope Ulrich has gotten over his napster-era litigious streak!

    • benn grimm

      I dunno, I think it’d be pretty amusing to see an overly litigious miniatures company sued by an overly litigious rock band. Won’t happen though, by dropping the ‘l’ they’re not actually using the band name, they’re using the feminine form of the Spanish/Portuguese word for ‘made of metal’.

      • generalchaos34

        precisely! just like how you can’t copyright Space Marine you can’t copyright a word in common language, take that Lars!

        • benn grimm

          Tbf, Lars took a lot of crap for basically what is now the acceptable mainstream attitude to peer to peer file sharing. Gw on the other hand actually attempted to copyright quite a few terms/names/titles which they didn’t create, never owned and are in common usage.

          And while Mr. Ulrich is now good friends with the co founder of Napster and one of the big backers of Spotify, Gw just keep on nicking stuff as they always have, whilst simultaneously rebranding large parts of the range with incredibly silly names.

          • generalchaos34

            excellent point, but I think the napster thing was just revenge for releasing St Anger upon the world =P

          • benn grimm

            Lol, now that I can get behind 🙂

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      The Forge World and the Titan legion that share the name is old., first seen in 1994!

  • mafiacheese

    I can live with this. Obviously the other Forge Worlds weren’t going to get something nearly as good as UltraMars, but it’s not total crap either.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      The fact that the only named character is Mars only means Mars will always be better than the other Forge Worlds 🙁

      • Vayle

        you can always paint cawl in the colours of your forgeworld and discuss with your opponent if it’s alright for you to use him.
        I know a couple of people who did so with Rowboat Girlyman for their own spessmehreens

        • OctopusVolcano

          we can use cawl regardless, its his main aura that only applies if your’e mars.

  • Fergie0044

    Where’s Ryza?!?!? *quietly sobs*

  • Iconoc1ast

    Now all we need is Dark Mechanicus…..

    Legio Suturvora please!!!!!

    • Rasheed Jones

      That would be a great new faction, especially if it had like some rules for innovations on their technology since they aren’t bound by the regular dogma. There’s a lot of possbilites, especially with things like daemon engines. Who knows they could even get a damn transport! Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll be seeing them doing that for a while.

      • OctopusVolcano

        Stygies VIII also has that unbound ideology, though its still frowned upon lol

      • euansmith

        Maybe with a rule called, “Don’t Push Dat Button!” and another called, “Red Onez Go Fasta!”? 😉

  • Rasheed Jones

    This trait reminds me of the black legion one, but for a faction with no transports I think it might be overall better.

  • Kelly Wasden

    At least spell Matallica correctly… Not one L…

    • benn grimm

      Oh the irony…

      • I_am_Alpharius

        Must resist…must resist…too easy to point out…aghhhh!

  • Carey_Mahoney

    Most flavorful of the three AdMech features teased so far.

  • Carey_Mahoney