40K: Blightlords And You – A Primer

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Blightlords are coming. Slowly. It might take them a minute or two to get there, but when they do, hoo boy.

Blightlord Terminators are an elite group of warriors, garbed in ancient Cataphractii Armor that renders them nigh-invulnerable, and carrying a veritable arsenal of weaponry in their own right, the Blightlord Terminators have the second largest suite of options available to Death Guards unit (second only to Plague Marines), leaving them no end of methods through which to deal out death and disease to their enemies.

Seriously though, they practically swallow the page.


So let’s break these guys down. The Cataphractii Armor means they’ll be able to withstand even the heaviest firepower–it’ll take someone trying to take ’em out. It’ll take serious firepower to overwhelm their saves, and even then, they’ve got two wounds and Disgustingly Resilient, which makes them all the more hardy in the face of Lascannons or Meltaguns.

But then on top of that you get to layer their Inexorable Advance (which only nets you 1-3″ of extra movment, granted) on top of that, which means that if you can get these big blight buddies within 18″ of a target, they can rapidfire twice. So that’s 20 shots minimum on the normal, off-the-rack Blightlords. Or if you really want to be mean, give them Combi-plasma weapons and unload 10 plasma shots and 10 bolter shots on your target–that’s firepower comparable to a  squad of Hellblasters.

And that’s not even discounting the fact that you can load them down with heavy plague weapons, like a 9″ flamer (that is also a plague weapon) or the Reaper Autocannon.

They get really spicy though, if you can get them into combat. With their Baleswords or Bubotic axes you can pierce armor like nobody’s business. And the fact that their plague weapons means you’ll reroll 1’s. And if a Balesword gets a 6 (which means it wounds) it penetrates at meltagun levels. The Flail of Corruption though, is the all-star. So far this is the only weapon in the game that lets you mimic mortal wounds. Sure they’ll get a save against it–but any damage that actually bleeds through continues hitting the unit until it’s done. Stick it on your Blightlord Champion for 3d3 attacks in combat.

One of their big problems, though, is their cost. Blightlords are 14 power level for a unit of 5, or 38 points per model plus wargear. Add to that the fact that you’ll need some kind of assistance to get them where they’ll going (otherwise they’ll spend the battle chasing after them), and you’ll really have to be careful with them. But if you can get within 22″ of a unit at the start of your move phase, you can lay out a withering hail of fire.

Plus these models are just gorgeous. You get a variety of sculpts–there’s a terminator bursting out of his armor, or another who is transforming into an insectoid creature. They’ve got a ton of character, even their weapons are all blighted and corrupted.

So that’s a brief rundown of Blightlords for you.

How would these guys fit in your army?

  • soggie

    “38 points per model plus wargear” some editing is needed here. It should read “38 points per model sans wargear” instead.

  • charlesthoss

    The Champion cannot take the flail as he is a ‘Blightlord Champion’, not a ‘Blightlord Terminator’. Note how the option to take Combi-Weapons mentions ‘any model’, whereas the two bottom options only mention ‘Blightlord Terminators’.

    • SYSTem050

      I think I agree. The blight lord champion though still has the keyword blight lord terminator so see how it can be argued that the champion can take it.

      Personally I wouldn’t take it on the champion but wouldn’t make a fuss if an opponent wanted to

      • Dooms Day

        However if it was using the keyword the blightlord terminator part would be I ln bold letters.

      • I_am_Alpharius

        Keywords don’t relate to details within the unit datasheet. It purely relates to the unit designation as whole i.e. Blightlord Terminators. If it didn’t apply to a unit as whole, you’d then also need a separate keyword for the Champion.

    • Lyca Atteneder

      I believe your right about that. Especially because, when you look at the Plague Marines entry, there are options for the Plague Champion listed seperately. Although it’s a shame that the Blightlord Champion has no way to be customised… even slightly.
      But it’s pretty much the same for the Chaos Lord (standard and in termie armour)… no ‘cool’ equip except the blightsword. I’ve really hoped to get some nice options to convert one with a flail but nooo… Also I’m missing Disguistingly Resilient on him.

    • Fergie0044

      You’re prob right, although this means the champ has not wargear options at all which sucks.

      • Dooms Day

        urmm no it doesn’t. he can still take a different combi weapon.

        • Fergie0044

          ok technically yes – but that’s hardly making use of his extra attack is it? I want to be able to give him some impractically sized smash-your-face-in weapon!

  • Jeremy Larson

    Flail of the Unforgiven (from the Dark Angel’s Deathwing Knights) does the exact same thing as the Flail of Corruption.

    • Dooms Day

      Yer I noticed that. I wouldn’t be suprised if when dark angels get there codex that flail does the D3 attacks per attack thing

  • Rafał Pytlak

    Guess that makes Deathshroud…the Edgelords. Eh? Eh? Y’ know because their scythes have…sharp…edges?
    …… Papa Nurgle would laugh at that joke….

  • Hrudian

    Quite disappointed with this release.

    The kit that sucked me back into warhammer after 10 years was the AOS Putrid Blightkings one. All these extra bits, possibilities etc. were just so inspiring to me. Now I have a 2k Nurgle army with these leftover bits spread over several models and units.

    I was under the impression that these Terminators would give me this new inspirational boost. I was wrong.. The terminators look great. For sure. But why is it so limited and uninspiring? It doesn’t com with a single extra nurgling, bell or weapon on the sprue. You cannot even give them all Axes…


    • Lyca Atteneder

      yeah… 3 axes and 3 swords… and of every combi weapon option there’s only a single one on the sprues…

    • Fergie0044

      Really? ack that’s a shame. I was hoping to have enough bits to ‘re-arm’ my current chaos terminators as DG counts as.

  • Slackermagee

    “But if you can get within 22″ of a unit at the start of your move phase, you can lay out a withering hail of fire.”

    Do… do they not teleport?

    • Jim Collins

      They do, it’s on the datasheet.

      • Slackermagee

        So then I’m confused as to why the author thinks it’s a challenge to get them within 22″.

        • Fenix Dargon

          Some people just cant read.

  • Larry McIver

    So with the flail if you hit once and wound once against single wound models it will kill two?

    • Dooms Day


    • Jim Collins

      You roll a D3 per attack, attacks spill over in the case of single wound models.

      • Larry McIver

        I get that but says damage spills over in the explanation.

        • Jim Collins

          You’re correct, dmg not attacks. I would read that as I made 2 D3 attacks on a model, and any dmg not allocated spills over.

        • I_am_Alpharius


          Situation: A last remaining Blightlord Terminator with a Flail of Corruption is in close combat, with an unit of 10 Astra Militarum Conscripts (C). Its the Blightlords (BL) turn to fight.

          1. BL has two attacks, but due to the Flail both attacks generate D3 attacks that need to all roll to hit. BL rolls a D6 and scores 6 and a 3. Thus this makes for a total of 4 attacks.
          2. BL rolls to hit with his, now, 4 attacks needing a 3+ to hit. The BL rolls 4 D6’s and scores a 4, 4, 2 and 5. Thus hitting with three attacks.
          3. The BL now rolls to wound. BL are standard str4 and Flair grants a +2 to str, for a total str6. C are T3. This means the BL needs roll 2+ to wound. The BL roll 3 D6’s and scores a 4,1 and 5. Thus wounding twice.
          4. Each wounding hit with the Flail does 2 damage on to each model wounded.. The C do not get a save, since the Flail AP is -2, and there save is 5+
          5. BL allocates the 1st wound to a C and the first point of damage is enough to kill the C, who has W1 and no save. Normally, the 2nd point of excess damage would be lost . However, the Flails rules means that it is not lost and can be allocated to another C. Which, as before kills the C.
          6. BL can now allocated the 2nd wound, which has the same result as stage 5.

          So in total the BL would have killed 4 C from his attacks.

  • Keh Win Tan

    Just to confirm… They can rapidfire both weapon options on the combi-plasma, right? So 2 plasma shots and 4 bolter shots.