40K: Fate Of Konor: The Battle Is Over

It’s been a hard fought 6 weeks of Global battles and the results are in – The Fate of Konor has been decided!

For the past 6 Weeks Games Workshop’s Global Campaign has been running. We’ve been keeping track of the event and after a slow start for Chaos, they started to close the gap. But after over 140,000 games played and reported in, the final victors ended up being the Imperium!

Imperial Victory

It actually ended up a lot closer at the end than many folks were expecting. With only 3 days left it looks like Chaos was able to close the Imperial lead, but fortunately for the loyal force of the Imperium, they were able to fend off Chaos when it counted.

All of the details of the campaign are available on the Fate of Konor Website so you if want to go back and read about the events surrounding the campaign, the different weeks, or if you just want to go back and play the scenarios yourself, you can do that.

This might be the end of the Campaign, but the war is far from over. With the Death Guard being so close to Ultramar you can bet that Guilliman and Mortarion are going to be seeing a lot more of each other on the battlefield. We can’t wait to see what else Games Workshop has planned for Warzone: Ultramar.

Overall, I think this was a pretty big success – a massive global campaign in which hundreds of stores and thousands of players joined in is pretty impressive. So congratulations to all the folks that participated and added their games to the grand total. I hope that Games Workshop takes this formula and expands on it in the future. The custom website, game tally, and the custom missions/scenarios every week were all a nice touch. It really did look like they took the lessons learned from the previous campaign (Age of Sigmars Season of War) and applied those to this one. I’m hopeful that next year’s campaign will be even better!


Did you get any games in for the campaign? What are your thoughts about how it was run and what feedback would you give Games Workshop?

  • DoctorBored

    Congrats for Imperium. I’m hoping next time they’ll pick two opposing forces with established codexes…

    • Marco Marantz

      Yes that was certainly an advantage. i wonder in how many of the games played the undercosted Roboute made an appearance? 😉 I still think Chaos were given a couple of wins to make it seem interesting.

      • SacTownBrian

        At our local GW I pulled out Guilliman for the final battle. Otherwise he was not on the table for any of the campaign games played. And even in the final we ended with a draw. Of course, Chaos putting a warhound on the table was a bit stupid and Guilliman with a Terminus Ultra and a gaggle of Knights was equal to the task…

        Here are a few pictures.

        • MarcoT

          Why is a Warhound stupid? If not in a big final battle, then when? Awesome minis > rules.

          Cool looking Roboute. Too bad that in big battles you always have to share space with half-painted armies, which for some reason ALWAYS turn up.

          • gmsniper

            Do you need a safe space to not share your FUN HOBBY with half painted armies?

          • MarcoT

            Someone’s triggered

  • uatu13

    While I applaud GW for running an event this large, but overall I thought it was a big disappointment.

    First, it would have made much more sense to run the event once both the Chaos and Death Guard codexes were out. It’s hard to get excited to play for Chaos when you’re working from a mish-mash of rules. Second, by only reporting wins, Imperium is guaranteed to win since there are simply more Imperial players than Chaos overall. I know Xenos could side with either faction, but for fluff-based players a large portion of the Xenos armies would never side with Chaos, and the others were just wildcards. Finally, the missions were pretty god-awful and unbalanced. Rather than being excited for each game, I kind of felt like it was a chore to get out of the way to play some actual fun 40K games.

    Hopefully the next one will be a bit more interesting than this one.

    • thereturnofsuppuppers

      Its generally used to mine data and gauge the popularity of armies being played compared to what is bought.

      If its fun is kinda secondary concern.

      • SacTownBrian

        I think Fun is the only concern. This is Narative gaming at its best. I doubt that Codecies, fairness and balance were even considered. Only “let’s have some fun during summer vacation”.

        • ZeeLobby

          Man. Then they have a lot to learn from other companies campaigns. BtGoA, KoW, infinity, etc. Have all ran much more interesting campaigns. Heck, the current KoW one you can look up pictures of battles, battle reports, generals are ranked and campaign results actually impact the world. GW campaigns have never been all that fun.

          • Muninwing

            GW is about a decade behind with their campaigns, and that’s a self-created fault.

            hiring one person (with a small staff) who knew what they were doing to handle their online presence should have been done at least five years ago, back when they were “not a games company.” events that interacted with the players, systems and support for narrative and competitive play, outreach to gaming groups… it’s what other companies in other industries have been doing for decades now. it’s what my sister-in-law does in a different industry, and she’s been working in an established field for nearly a decade now.

            there’s no excuse.

            the Medusa V campaign was sloppy and used inexact systems to report. the Nemesis Crown campaign was messy and had very little to motivate players.

            and what have they done since then, before Konor? can we count the rushed, ungainly mess that was the End Times? it was a major shift that should have been at least another year in the making so as to allow people to make their new armies and say goodbye. it started strong… but ended as a cluttered, rushed spamfest. and had they taken that extra year to make AoS a full product at release instead of the mess that it was, maybe they would have lost fewer longtime players/customers.

            see? sitting on the results of the 13th crusade for 12 years wasn’t the worst mistake they made. at least they are finally trying to remedy that one, even if their solutions are a bit sloppy.

          • ZeeLobby

            LoL. Yeah, I guess in the grand trainwreck scheme of things that is GW campaigns, this might be a shining star. If only they hadn’t written stories about the results of the campaign before it even started… sigh…

          • marxlives

            Words out of my mouth. Though the rules for 7th and 8th changed 40k is not much more tournament worthy as a system. At the Gates and Warmachine have been refining their narrative play every year for 10 years and when it comes to compaign play Malifaux and especially really nail it. Wyrd may not do summer campaigns for all their systems like to the Malifuax-verse but Infinity does and they both have narrative scenario packs you buy where you get cool models and missions.

            So what is 40k good at…40k is great for homebrew tournaments and narrative games. It is never going to be a great tournament system when compared to other options out there like Warmachine where the company refines the tournament system every year, and its not going to be a great narrative system like Infinity which constantly puts out great playable narrative content. But what it is great at is being the GURPS of miniature wargaming. People can mod the game with comps to make their tournaments balanced or run their own local campaigns and have a lot of fun.

          • Severius_Tolluck

            Eh they kinda had that with the original 13th Crusade. We were all ranked. The old forums were and website were rife with user submitted photos at the time. Slightly the same but less so with Storm of Chaos with WFB the following year.

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah, I remember that one. Even participated. It was fun, but when the end amounted to nothing, it pretty much killed my desire to play in GW campaign again. When I found out that this one’s outcome had already been decided before it started, I just couldn’t help but shake my head at people wanting to play it. I mean play in any other systems campaign and it just seems so advanced by comparison, and this is with GW being on top of the heap. I really hope their next offering has some cajones.

          • Severius_Tolluck

            Yeah that was what really sucked about Storm of Chaos. Sadly even though it was rigged for Empire, the hilarious thing is Chaos reported so badly that it was way more in favor of empire then they had anticipated, it never made it to the siege! They had to force the siege in the final week!

          • ZeeLobby

            Haha. Yeah. I remember that as well. Still have some of the models from that campaign. It’s like GW has no clue what the demographics of their player base are. Like expecting that AoS campaign to end up with anything but Order winning was just silly. And they do little to counter the releases that perpetuate the issues :/.

    • Gamecock13

      My favorite was mission three. Objective: attacker gains VPs for every unit that pushes completely off the defenders side of the board.
      …but it doesn’t address the fact that the standard rule book specifically states if no models are left on the board, the other player wins immediately? If you don’t think that was exploited in my games to its fullest extent, you’re mistaken.

      And I agree, it would be a big disadvantage for one army to have its new Codex and the other not.

      Just make thoughtful decisions, GW. Bush-league mistakes.

      • SacTownBrian

        You know this wasn’t a tournament, but rather narative gaming right?

        • ZeeLobby

          I forgot GW’s motto. What is it again? “When not in tournaments play to lose.” That’s it!

      • Bakvrad

        This was the hardest scenario for the imperium. Chaos could have just spawned screamers and furies all the way and the normal troops just fix the imperium side where it is :S

      • zeno666


    • Reece Manning

      The arguement that “more imperial players” makes a difference is a bit off isn’t it? Because a chaos player would always have to vs one to make a game

      • Stephen’s

        Except for the Xenos you would be correct 😉

        • Muninwing

          meaning that there’s still a “chaos” side to the battle, if it counts that way.

          could two SM players fight, and report their victory as an Imperium win either way?

        • Muninwing

          i think GW needs to pioneer and invest in a new system.

          1. the ability to register clubs, at various levels, with various perks and responsibilities

          2. individual player IDs where you can register your armies and collect data on any games you log, including space for batreps and pictures on an account on a website

          3. ranking — take notes from chess and fencing. have a number that goes up with you win, down when you lose… and it goes up or down equivalent to the difference between your rank numbers. beating a newb might gain you a quarter point, getting beaten by a newb would drop you and boost them.

          add to that a letter rating for tournament players, much like fencing has. depending on the number of players in a tournament, a certain number of letters would become available for the winners. an 8-person local tournament might give a D to the winner, whereas a national open would give an A to the winner, Bs to the next four, Cs to the next eight, and Ds to the next twenty.

          then, if you throw down at a local club, and your opponent is a letter-ranked high-number player, you can arrange a handicap of extra points to keep the game interesting, or you can adjust accordingly.

          it would also open up tools for tournament organizers to keep track of games — using their IDs, registering players, etc. there’s plenty of software out there for other industries (the one i use for grading would work well), it would not be impossible to adapt it to work.

          • Severius_Tolluck

            So the outrider program.. gotcha. Sadly that is an industry standard many of the big boy companies have been forsaking in recent years.

      • Advachiel

        because it didn’t specifically say that players had to declare their allegiances at the start of the battle, some guys playing told me whichever one of them had won, they’d put their points to an imperial victory. :/

        • Muninwing

          an easy oversight, but a big one.

          they would have been better off declaring “attacker” and “defender” and an Imperial (or their designee) had to be one of the sides. then the other would have counted as a chaos victory.

      • Admiral Raptor

        I can’t speak to what was intended, but I saw plenty of Imperial vs Imperial matches at the local GW (a few Chaos vs Chaos too) where both players made it clear that no matter who one they were going to report for the same faction. Then once you take into account the points for painting and the points for buying stuff, I don’t think we can gain much insight from any of the results of this campaign.

        • Muninwing

          it would have been so much easier to have the two sides be “attacker” and “defender” with one always reporting in for chaos and the other for imperial.

          then you could play both sides, if you didn’t care about who got your points…but if it mattered to you, you could opt to play the “adversary”

          last year, i wrote up a whole campaign (it had enough for about 16 weeks of play, with 8 missions and a narrative) that was based around the idea that missions have two sides… and that only one of them often advances the plot. the “active player” scored points, while the “adversary” reduced their score — and everyone had to play at least two games as active missions, but could get extra points for play adversary games.

          Konor could have been built on the “adversary” model… where a player opted to either play the aggressor or defense, and that is what affected the overall scores.

        • LEGION3000

          Yeah the buying/painting side was totally biased. “Hey lets release all the new hotness for Space Marines and see if they sell better than 6 year old chaos models.”

      • Advachiel

        because it didn’t specifically say that players had to declare their allegiances at the start of the battle, some guys playing told me whichever one of them had won, they’d put their points to an imperial victory. :/

      • uatu13

        Not really. If they recorded wins and losses it would be closer, but the way it was, if everyone plays the mission until they get at least one victory to record (which is exactly what happened at my store), and never reducing the number of victories by their losses, then the side with the most players will win. The only thing that started swinging things is that the xenos players could throw a wrench in the works to give chaos a chance, which is kind of what we saw with the game results too.

    • mreindl

      It’s genius marketing. Just imagine the number of players who are going to rush out and get that Death Guard codex to get some payback.

      • LEGION3000

        screw payback, I just want the new plague marines. They look awesome.

  • Crevab

    Would anything have happened if Chaos won?

    • NNextremNN

      According to: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/09/11/the-fate-of-konor-imperial-victory/

      This would have happened: “a loss would have seen the Konor System devastated as Loebos was turned into a planet-killing plague missile.” But it is not mentioned which planet would have been destroyed.

      • euansmith

        Having turned Loebos in to a planet killer, GW could have then run a Battlefleet Gothic campaign to cover the Chaos Forces moving their weapon in to position; a la Star Wars.

        • NNextremNN

          Apart from that GW currently does not care about BFG on the tabletop it would have been funny if the Chaos BFG player then fail their campaign and Chaos still accomplishes nothing XD

          • Son_of_Corax_XIX

            Well that’s a load of rubbish, it’s Andy Hoares big aim to get it back out as he has a passion for it as does the specialist games team

          • NNextremNN

            Well we will see when this happens currently they seem busy with other things.

          • Son_of_Corax_XIX

            It still doesn’t validate you putting across personal opinion as fact. Also, Andy wants Epic, Battlefleet and 40k all being able to interact with each other for campaigns.

          • NNextremNN

            What? I have no idea what I have done to upset you. I never said anything about BFG being good or bad or being part of campaigns or not. I even said it would be funny.

            All I said that it is currently not a main focus for GW/FW. The next spin off game is Necromuda. We know and have see previews from Titanicus so this is somewhere on the horizon.

            I haven’t seen anything about BFG recently (except for the video games). So I kinda doubt we will see any new BFG rules or models for sale for at least a year.

            … and your personal opinions aren’t facts either.

          • Son_of_Corax_XIX

            But you say it’s not the main focus isn’t true, all specialist games are the main focus.
            You can only do one at a time, to make sure everyone takes part in them all.
            Never said you said it was a good or bad idea, I told you the view of the guy who runs specialist games for all games like BFG and Epic to prove its at the forefront of their thinking and important to them.
            It’s not a personal opinion when I speak to the head of Specialist Games and that’s his words so it is FACT!

          • NNextremNN

            Do you have any source for them mentioning BFG in the last year? Specialist games might be a focus for them but BFG is currently not.

          • Mira Bella

            He is a classic “know it all” character.
            I’m calling him out on his idiotic claims for a while now.
            He will defend his point of view to death no mater how ridiculous they are.
            Watch out, in a short while he will claim that you “know nothing about the hobby”
            Just see below. 🙂

          • Mira Bella

            He is a classic “know it all” character.
            I’m calling him out on his idiotic claims for a while now.
            He will defend his point of view to death no mater how ridiculous they are.
            Watch out, in a short while he will claim that you “know nothing about the hobby”
            Just see below.

          • Son_of_Corax_XIX

            Just told you Andy Hoare at the HH weekender in February.

          • Mira Bella

            Talking about rubbish…
            “NewYork times best sellers list is the gold standard of book awards”

          • Son_of_Corax_XIX

            Thing is though as I’ve pointed out it is for most as they are really proud it makes it there and are rewarded by being allowed to put it on their book and on their resume.
            Shame that’s about the most meaningful contribution you can make to any article here.

          • Mira Bella

            “I’ve pointed out it is for most as they are really proud it makes it there and are rewarded by being allowed to put it on their book and on their resume.”

            I’m not denying any of that.

            You called being on the NewYork Times best sellers list “the gold standard of literature awards”
            That is simply incorrect. No matter how much you want it to be true. It is simply not.
            And talking about shameful…

            I consider it to be pretty shameful if a grown man like you is unable to admit that they made a mistake.
            In fact I would go even further and call it utterly pathetic.
            It clearly shows what kind of character you really are.

          • Son_of_Corax_XIX

            It’s not a mistake,
            More you holding onto any small sliver of information you can use is.
            Like I said that’s the only worthwhile thing you can say on these boards as I pointed out you know nothing about the hobby.

          • Mira Bella

            I’m on BolS for almost 10 years now. Daily.
            I was already here when the first 30 comments under every article were “first”

            I was already here when BolS still produced their own 40k campaigns.

            You do know anything about my contributions.

            What exactly are you contributing here?
            Because making false claims that everyone with half a brain can disprove within a second is not contributing anything.

            If you could just swallow your immense pride for just one second you would be able acknowledge that being on the New York Times best sellers list is not “the gold standard of all literacy awards”.

            That would most certainly be the Nobel Price for literacy.

            You know the one that gets awarded once a year instead of every week.

            You know the one that is actually a physical AWARD in form of a gold medal.

            You know the one that is endowed with one million dollars.

            I might not know anything about 40k but you either don’t know anything about literacy or, what I consider more likely, are absolutely unable to acknowledge being wrong.

            That my friend is a serious character flaw and I assure you that you have my pity.
            Still. I won’t let this slide until you either acknowledge that you were talking rubbish or you leave this site for good.
            Because I enjoy calling little pathetic “know it all’s” like you out on their ridiculous claims. 😉

            I don’t think that you will
            ever have enough spine to acknowledge that you deliberately made insanely idiotic and wrong claims to further your point.
            You simple don’t have the guts for that.
            Your comments showed that to me and all the regulars here more then enough.
            So do us all a favor and just leave and never come back.
            You certainly won’t be missed.

          • Son_of_Corax_XIX

            Saying you’ve read bols for 10 years isn’t an achievement and you comments are terrible I’ve read through them. You don’t know the hobby and like to keyboard warrior it’s hilarious

          • euansmith

            At which point various teams are dispatched to seize control of the Planet Slayer, leading to a six month long Kill Team/Shadow War campaign. 😉

          • NNextremNN

            Don’t forget new Space Hulk missions XD

          • euansmith

            Oooh, yeah!

          • Muninwing

            that would be cool, actually…

            i really wish they’d de-40k their killteam rules, have it play more like an actual skirmish game, or even a rpg-style board game.

            but there’s hope for Necromunda having more meat to it.

    • zeno666

      Nope, because thats how these things go

  • The Bob

    I hate summer campaigns, wish we had winter ones, being in a tourist based area and vocation missed out on all 6 weeks, shop by me was running power based and i was looking forward to dropping a warhound and some reavers in week 6, curious how it would have played out

    • Watcherzero

      It was timed to match the length and start/end dates of the British school summer holidays.

  • DeCold

    And thats how you NOT do a campaign.

    • BrianDavion

      and how would you have done the campaign?

      • DeCold

        I rather mention what I would not have done like: release codex for one of the sides giving them an advantage for some time, not reveal that lore is already written that Chaos loses this campaign, find a balance mechanic for overwhelming number of imperial players. Something like that.

        • ZeeLobby

          Woah woah woah. We’re just trying to show that we pretend to care about our customers here. Not that we actually do. Too many good ideas.

        • Lyca Atteneder

          You’re right.
          It was the same for the Season of War in AoS… One Order faction was released just at the start of the campaign so the result was pretty much the same as here.
          I personally don’t like the idea of getting points for your side by buying and painting models…
          Also: Wasn’t it about Imperium vs Death Guard? They only released Primaris stuff… now that the campaign is over we finally get DG.
          I’m pretty sure if they released them earlier the result would be different.
          Fazit: I’m not going to support this kind of ‘campaign’ any more.

  • Just a player

    It was fun and a good incentive to paint your army: )

  • Admiral Raptor

    I wish Wargames manufacturers would pack it in with the Summer campaigns. They’re never close to being fair or interesting, and really only appeal to those who collect a single faction and get worked up over a meaningless pissing contest. Konor has been the worst part of the summer just for all of the stupid online arguments over which side is better, who’s cheating, and / or why the whole thing is rigged. It only seemed to bring out the worst elements of our already hugely toxic community.

    Now at the end we get the great surprise that the side with the majority of player won! Wow! that was so worth it.

  • Erikjust

    Question did you have to participate in an official tournament or could you just send in your result with no way to verify them?
    If the latter no wonder the imperium won, because everyone and their dog could send in tons of victories for their side, without anyone ever being able to confirm it.
    If the first okay good for the imperium.

    Now as a side note one thing i would LOVE to see GW do would be to take a page out of Kings of War´s book and say every second or third year we are holding several larger tournaments world wide, which the result of will determined where the fluff is going over all.

    There will be certain exception no matter what happens Gulliman won´t die nor will any other named character that has a model.
    they might be severely wounded, which would mean that in the next edition their stats will be greatly reduced to represent this.

    The different parts of the world where W40K is played would then represent different areas on the galactic maps and GW would set up the basic plot lines.

    It could be the entire UK represented the solar system and on Mars the bonds holding the Dragon of Mars imprisoned is failing, maybe the guardian of the Dragon is dying prematurely and nobody seems to be on their way to replace him/her (we don´t know who took over after the 10.000 years had passed between Machanicum and now)
    As or how this is the Dragon and not just a shard, it could explained like this, that when the Necrons rose up against the C´tan.
    The void dragon already weakened from it´s battle with Vaul, chose to flee after being gravely wounded by the Necrons.
    As it fled it “bleed” and it´s essence formed the shards the Necrons used.

    It wasn´t until “recently” the Necrons learned of the survival of the void Dragon their failed “attack” on Mars was to capture the dragon themselves.
    Since the attack failed however they decided to leave the dragon where it was, deciding that for the moment it´s current prison would be enough.

    Now they have learned that the bonds are weakening, and the weakening of those bonds are effecting the Necrons themselves, some of them are starting to be enthralled by the mind of the Dragon reaching out wanting it´s prison opened.
    in desperation to retain their freedom the necrons are mounting an attack on Mars, wanting to make sure the Dragon remains imprisoned by transferring it to a Tesseract Labyrinth.

    Mars itself are also divided as are many of their forgeworlds, as civil war once again rages on Mars as some of the Machcanicum see the Dragon as the true Machine god and wants to free it.
    The other part sees the Emperor as the Machine god and remains loyal to the imperium.

    the result of the various tournaments for the necrons and mechanicum would determine what happened on Mars

    If each only win 0 to 25% of their battles, the Dragon is freed from it´s prison.
    Mad from it´s aeons long imprisonment, the Dragon wrecks great havoc on Mars destroying several forges and Necron Ships, before leaving for unknown parts of the galaxy with several of the Mechanicum loyal to it among several necrons.
    There it plans to recuperate it´s strength and plot it´s return, to punish those who betrayed it in the past.
    it´s a crushing defeat for the loyalist Necrons and Mechanicum.

    if the Necrons and Mechnicum win 26 to 50% of the battles the Dragon is freed from it´s prison, but it never manages to leave Mars, before being blown to smithereens and it´s essence scattered to the four winds of the galaxy.
    It´s a small victory for the loyalist Necrons for while they didn´t manage to impression the Dragon, it will take the Dragon a great deal of time before it will be able to resemble itself and get a new body.
    As for the traitors some manage to flee, while the others are killed.

    if the Necrons and mechanicum win over 51% of their battles, the Dragon is transferred to a Tesseract Labyrinth and will remain there for a long time.
    Most of the traitors a killed a few manage to escape, in time they might become a treat once again, but for the moment they are harmless.

    Later Black Library could get Dan Abnett and other great writers to write a few stories set in the battle to make the events canon, same with some of the winners characters and their armies (providing their names aren´t to ridicules or falling under copyright from other companies).

    Personally i think this would be a great way for GW to include their customers.
    1: You get to be a part of where the lore is heading in the next edition.
    2: Your characters might get mention in the books.
    Kinda like you call your character for Tuth lord of the black sand and you bring these units including a shard of the nightbringer.
    In the books we see the story from the perspective of Imotekh and he might mention in one line, that one of the Lords fighting on the surface of Mars was Tuth Lord of the Black Sand with his warriors using a shard of the nightbringer to take the brunt of the attacks from the loyalists.
    I think that might increase sales a bit.

  • SilentPony


    The war GW wrote the Imperium won months ago ended in an Imperial victory?! What a shock! Literally, shocked to my core by this incredible change of fates!

  • Ronin

    Absolutely love the concept and I really hope to see more global campaigns from GW. That being said, first campaigns (in a long time) are usually rough and there were definitely issues with this one and the results definitely feel rigged considering some players reported seeing things swing at the last minute to fit a narrative. Also, painting scores seemed like a factor that was easily abused.