40K HOBBY: Painting Up Mortarion

Aventine, our BoLS painter was excited to get Mortarion assembled and painted up. Here’s his thoughts on the Daemon Primarch model.

Mortarion was a great model to paint up. First off, he is absolutely huge; none of the photos I have seen really do justice to the true bulk of this model. It is covered in little details and characterful extras, but somehow avoids being too cluttered. He is so large that it is almost difficult to take the whole model in at once as your eye flits around.
I utilized the classic white DG scheme to match Big Reds army, including all the Dark Imperium sets I finished up over the summer. I have to say that I think that he looks a lot better in dirty white than putrid green (and the less we talk about the purple, the better). I thought about utilizing sub assemblies with this model, but it really was not necessary, as the wings are already nice and spread out. Perhaps I would have if I had utilized more of the optional “spirit/fly smoke” bits. I used some extra slate to give him just a bit more height and to accent his existing plastic base scenery.
Overall, like all Primarchs (resin or plastic) that I have painted, Mortarion is a pleasure to work with…
The model is quite large – much larger than you would expect from it’s on-sprue appearance. ┬áMortarion is on par with the Bloodthirster model, and makes a fantastic army centerpiece.
~Now if I can just kick this cold…. achooooo
  • Luca Lacchini

    The more limited and muted color palette is a better fit than the GW paintjob, IMO. Too many yellows-purples-green&blues detract from the menacing feel of this figure (and that aside from that oversaturated first leaked pic we’ve all seen).

    Don’t know about the extra bits, I actually quite like them, but this sculpt looks quite detailed and full of varied elements without them too.

    • SB

      Can’t agree more. Recent GW painting scheme is to “pop” for my taste.
      Why don’t they just paint the models like the art work.
      Dark and gritty paint schemes seem to fit better in the grim dark setting me thinks.

    • J Mad

      They did it to highlight details easier…

  • zeno666

    Much better colours than GW and it does look better without all the crap surrounding him.
    Still not a fan though.

    • Pl4gu3 B4st4rd

      Totally not fly-looking wings

      • zeno666

        No, I don’t know what those wings are supposed to be.

        • Pl4gu3 B4st4rd

          Morty’s bed sheets stuck in his power armor because he woke up late, I guess ?

  • Spacefrisian

    Waiting for a matching butterfly paintjob, monarch butterfly with warm brown colours and big eyes on wings.

  • Iconoc1ast

    Great job! Just what i had in mind should i buy him….

  • Thomas

    Are there any sub-assemblies that make this easier to paint or should I just fully build it first?

    Also, those wings look amazing. Anyone know how I’d get them to look like that?

    • AventineX

      The only sub assemblies I did was not adding the nurglings (flying or on base) on while I did the main body.

      As for the wings, they are pretty simple, but the key is VMC Pale Sand as the base color:
      1. Undercoat white
      2. Coat of VMC Pale Sand
      3. Carroburg Crimson line wash, allowing slight pooling around tatters and boils.
      4. Agrax line wash.
      5. Touch up w/ VMC Pale Sand

  • Prisoner 42

    You stole my paint job I was thinking of doing it exactly like this but much worse.

  • Just a player
  • Jimmy van der Poel

    Nice one, great work! Pre-Heresy colors are so good on these guys. Nice touch btw leaving the Nurglings off, makes the model look even better. GW paint team should have painted him like this in the first place ­čśë

    • AventineX

      White undercoat, lined with both Agrax and Nuln, some stippling w/ Skavenblight Dinge.