40K: Mortarion & Death Guard This Weekend

Games Workshop’s Death Guard Trailer along with a TON of pics, plus stats on Mortarion!? It’s a good time to be a Death Guard Fan!

This weekend Games Workshop unloaded a ton of Death Guard goodies with both barrels. Check out the awesome below:

via Games Workshop

Plague Brethern – a Collector’s Set of 3 Death Guard Plague Marines

Death Guard Limited Edition Codex & Goodies

Mortarion, Primarch and Daemon Prince of Nurgle

Here are Mortarion’s Stats and he looks like a BEAST! Toughness 7 with 18 wounds is nothing to sneeze at! Also, Games Workshop mentioned he will come with a 4+ invulnerable save as well as the Death Guard’s standard “Disgustingly Resilient” ability. Putting wounds on this guy is going to be tough, getting them to stick is going to even harder.

On top of that Games Workshop is also showcasing two more abilities that will make him even deadlier to deal with – you’re not going to want to get a hug from Mortarion…

He already sounds like a deadly opponent – and GW has only hinted at what his Scythe Silence will do…

Anyone want to take another swipe at what craziness Silence will bring to the table? What about his side arm? Could be a Plasma-type weapon, could be something similar to his Heresy Era weapon…but it looks downright deadly, too.

One last clue was this image in the Trailer. That looks a lot like Tyhpus. And that pose looks pretty similar too:

Is that Typhus? I guess we’ll find out in a few days…


Are you ready for another Daemon Primarch to bring his Legion to your table? I hope you brought some sanitary wipes and some cough suppressant. And be sure to wash your hands…

  • Adelaide Lee Rosa

    1 Dark Lance * 2/3 hit * 2/3 wound * 1/2 save * 3.5 damage * 2/3 disgustingly resilent = .519 damage each.

    Statistically speaking I’ll need 35 Dark Lance shots to take down our good friend Mortarion. (Lascannons follow the same Rubric FYI)

    • Gorsameth

      He dies from 24 Smite wounds, and needs to run into them to do anything.
      He has higher Power then Magnus so one would assume he costs more aswell.
      Probably not viable in the current Meta.

      • Bootneck

        I have a feeling he will get some aura which augments DR by +1 or something like Magnus has with Invulns

    • DoctorBored

      tbh I’d rather see stats on lasguns and how he would fare up against Guilliman and other big beefy characters, since that’s what people are truly going to throw against him.

      • ahairyrat

        For Mortarion I calculated it to take 972 lasgun shots seeing as each one does a whole 0.019 points of damage.

        With conscripts it would take 1500 shots…

  • Pat H

    What’s the triangle for?

    • I_am_Alpharius

      WH-com article, where this this a whole piece is ripped from, mentions a points tracker; so i guess it’s that. I suppose one side is victory points, another command points, and the last something to do with a tallyman tracker(?)

    • They look like they got part of the standard bearer in the background

  • Matthew Pomeroy

    it may be just me, but I really really hate the new cartoon art they are using. The models are just “meh” too busy

    • luke-vdv

      Exactly. How hard is it for GW to give them a drab, grimdark paint job like something out of Blanche’s work.

  • Ravingbantha

    Is that a Death Guard Apothecary around the 0:43 mark?

  • AwesomePizza

    Am I the only one that thinks their paint job of Mortarion looks off? It’s the blue smoke.