40K: Regimental Focus: Mordian Discipline

The Iron Discipline of Mordian stands firm. The tides of the Enemy hold no power over the unbreakable Mordian Iron Guard!

Few armies look as sharp and professional as the Mordian Regiments. They go to battle in their Dress Blues and they maintain disciple even as untold horrors charge at them. Maybe it’s because of way the culture of their home planet developed. The Iron Guard is the only thing that maintains discipline and safety on a planet of perpetual night.

But enough about their lore – let’s get into the their new Regimental Doctrine: Parade Drill.

If you line your Mordians up in tight ranks (and why wouldn’t you – it’s more efficient for tablespace AND Templates are gone now) then each Infantry model gets +1 Leadership and you can add 1 to your hit rolls for Overwatch! For vehicles, they can ALSO get a bonus and get to add 1 to hit rolls in Overwatch if they are within 3″ of another friendly Mordian Vehicle. This is one of the few instances where you get to add a modifier to an Overwatch attack – that’s pretty huge. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

The humble Leman Russ becomes pretty deadly with this Doctrine, and variants like the Punisher go BANANAS. If getting to add 1 to the roll wasn’t good enough, how about a Stratagem that makes them even deadlier:

Defensive Gunners enables Astra Militarum Vehicle units to successfully hit on a 5 or a 6 for their Overwatch shooting. And yes, Parade Drill does indeed stack with that ability as it adds 1 to the hit roll and the target number is now 5 or 6. That means if you roll a 4+ you’re getting hits during Overwatch – basically, it’s another round of shooting for free! That should make folks think twice about charging your vehicles…

If that doesn’t make you want to bust out your Leman Russ tanks then you should know that GW has also lowered the points and given them a new ability that might make you rethink that: Grinding Advance

Congratulations faithful Tank Commanders, your Leman Russ Tanks can now fire their turret weapons TWICE if they move under 1/2 speed! On top of that, you don’t take a penalty for moving and firing your heavy weapons if they are turrets. That’s going to put a rumble on the table top the likes of which we haven’t seen in ages.

Let’s see…Punisher Gatling Cannon has 20 shots base. Shoots twice a turn and if you charge it, then it can also hit on 4’s with the right stratagem. And I can still shoot the other guns too? Seems Legit.

Still not scared of the Iron Guard? Well the Mordians are getting one more special ability that is going to make characters want to duck and cover:

This looks like it’s a special order that the Mordians are getting. Form Firing Squad! allows an ordered squad to target enemy Characters with their Rapid Fire weapons until the end of the phase. That should give players pause as those “untargetable” characters can be picked off. And it’s not just snipers weapons. Why not use Plasma Guns from a vet squad. Or hey, how about that Conscript Squad?! I’m sure a MILLION shots from lasguns will do something to those characters…

The Mordians are coming back in force with the new Astra Militarum book. I can’t wait to see what Relics/Warlord Traits and other goodies they get! Also, in case you missed the Catachans preview you can read up on that HERE. For more info on the Mordians and GW’s recommendations be sure to read their full breakdown HERE.


What do you think of the Mordian Iron Guard? Are you ready to march to battle with the Astra Militarum? Let us know what you think of them in the comments below!

  • I_am_Alpharius

    DAAAAAAAAAAAMN Leman Russ just got real nasty, and for less points!

    The Moridan Doctrine, along with their special order is neat enough. Not to flashy but very flavourful to their background. Although, Defensive Gunners is a nasty cheap stratagem.

    • Heinz Fiction

      Well, the Russ was pretty bad for it’s price in the first place…

  • Tshiva keln

    Russes needed something to make them worthwhile so pleased with that, and Mordian stuff seems cool too. I do think that either one seems a bit much with the Punisher cannon though. It’s the sort of thing I’d feel guilty using.

    • Watcherzero

      Pask Punisher with Yarrick nearby moving under 5″ per turn 40 shots hitting on a 2 rerolling 1’s.

      • el_tigre

        You may as well just toss a rock across the table.

      • John Henry III

        Doesn’t work, Pask is Cadian, Yarrick is steel legion

        • I_am_Alpharius

          It would with Yarrick; all his rules are keyworded to Astra Militarum. Yarricks not Steel Legion. He is not part a Regiment, but part of the Commissariate; who are commissioned to any regiment and can move around during their career, that is, if they live long enough

          But, yes it would not work with Pask; as his Tank Orders ability is keyworded to Cadia(n).

          • Tyr

            Why wouldnt it work? Grinding advance works for every LR, not just mordians. So 49 paskisher shots hitting on 2s rerolling ones is absolutely possible. (dont forget the Bolter sponsons!)

          • I_am_Alpharius

            The example provided implied you could have Yarrick and Pask in the same list using Mordian as your regiment and the benefit of both rules, alongside the Mordian doctrine – which you can’t. Yarrick would work with the Mordian and/or Cadian, as his rules are keyworded ‘Astra Militarum’, so the regiment keyword doesn’t matter; but Pask would not. Pask’s rules can only affect keyword Cadian regiment. However if you were using the Cadian regiment, then yes of course you can combine Yarricks and Pask abilities.

          • Tyr

            Yeah, thats what I meant. The example didnt specifically mention mordia, and its not really required to work, either. So it definitely seems like it could be a pretty deadly combo, provided you want to use cadia as your regiment (or supporting detachment). 🙂

        • Watcherzero

          Yarrick is officio prefectus (commisars) not steel legion. Yeah pask cant order Mordian I was agreeing with the sentiment that grinding advance with punisher is devastating and suggesting how it could be even more so.

          • John Henry III

            I stand corrected

        • GWELLS

          The Grinding Advance rule is a new addition to all Leman Russes. It is not exclusive to any one legion. So yes Pask could do a 40 shot Punisher if he goes slow.

      • Fredddy

        Ok, you got 40 hits, wounds on a 3+, 27 wounds, roll the 3+, 9 dead marines, so basically a tactical squad of, lets say, 150 points in ideal (no -1 tohit or cover) circumstances. Not bad, but would not call it earthshaking for the 330 points Pask and Yarrick cost together.

        • Watcherzero

          You also have two sponson weapons and possibly pintle mounts and Yarrick will also be buffing other nearby stuff e.g. Your infantry lines and pasks squadron.

      • Tshiva keln

        Ouch! I personally hate the idea of a 2+ with a reroll. Maybe the rule should be reroll 2’s and keep a 1 is always a miss.

  • Fredddy

    Lets face it, fellow Imperial Guard commanders: we are the Emperors Tau now. (well, dont open the champagne before we see the new points values of LR variants)
    And now there is a legit reason to introduce movement trays to 40k!

    • el_tigre

      Time to break out the square bases again. Time is a flat circle.

    • Muninwing

      i’ll wait until i see the other regiments. my Vostroyans need some love…

      • Fredddy

        I run an infantry heavy army- my bet is on Valhallans for the mass infantry theme.

        • Chad Underdonk

          I hope so, I’ve already got over 200 Valhallans painted, and probably another 100 ready to go under the brush if worthwhile!

    • luke-vdv

      I feel left out. What do you mean by this?

      • Fredddy

        Which one? Tau was famous and hated for crazy overwatch and double shooting in 7th ed. Making LR so much better might cause a point increase. And an army fighting in tight formations like a napoleonic era army might be easier to handle when put on movement trays.

        • Tyr

          Points went down though. Not by a lot, but they did. LR definitely seem viable now. 🙂

  • Luca Lacchini

    Leman Russ Demolisher squadron + Catachan doctrine is very, very, very promising.
    Now, let’s see if the Tank Commander got the Officer keyword…

    Quite happy how GW is treating the IG for 8th edition so far.

  • generalchaos34

    Russes are back baby! Also even though the doctrine here is ok but not amazing, they make up for it with an amazing special order, chimera Vets are back too! Im going to call this here though, I bet all guard infantry is going to go up 1 point to compensate for these crazy rules (and for already being too damn cheap)

    • generalchaos34

      actually I misspoke, the doctrine is really good because our one weakness is getting our tanks caught in close combat and becoming useless.

    • Fredddy

      I hope they wont touch the infantry points values. Every army will get crazy doctrines or stratagems sooner or later, and 1 point for IG is not the same as for SM, it is 25% increase!

  • Heinz Fiction

    The army wide overwatch bonus is nice, the buff to the Leman Russ was needed and plasma veterans targeting characters is gonna be really mean…

  • Drpx

    Can we just rename this Guardhammer 40k now?

    • Settle down. Everybody is getting candy. Let’s wait till all the codices are out before we declare who got the best haul.

      • I_am_Alpharius

        Shhhh! This the internet. Unbased wild conjecture is its middle name…

        • John Henry III

          and last name

      • Watcherzero

        I would say so far Deathguard had best codex on top of already strong army with many additional mortal wounds and invul saves.

  • Paul Raymond

    I had removed Russes from my lists after between not hitting and first turn targeting that one-shot or crippled them. No longer with this update. Great update to the Grinding Advance rule from the Index, I’m going to have to argue that it applies to Forgeworld Russes that have Grinding Advance like the Conqueror, Annihilator and Thunderer next time I go to a tournament.

    • Tyr

      Well… theyre still just as vulnerable to being crippled, its just that now they can actually *so* something if theyre not.

      Also, I wouldnt hold my breath about the FW tanks… If they dont FAQ them (which they might), RAW is pretty clear. Just because a unit in the codex is changed doesnt mean that the unit in the index is changed, too. :/

  • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

    Just dirty.

  • 40KstillRulesTheTT

    It is now official, AM are the new Eldars !

  • Watcherzero

    It mentions a point reduction for Leman Russ, before the buff to grinding advance I argued they needed an across the board 2 power cost reduction now I would be happy with 1. What will be really telling is what they do with transports to make them viable? I would suggest halving their cost but reducing their ballistic skill at the same time.

    • Tyr

      Nah, halving their BS would suck. Youd just see HF chimeras then. Id rather they got a boost to shooting while moving, to make them viable infantry support. As it is, theyre stuck deciding between two roles: transport, and tank. Just decide on one of those and boost them in that area. And since the rhino is already filling the pure transport role, the IFV seems a decent fit for chimeras.

      • Watcherzero

        Rhino is 4 power and can transport two squads of 4-8 power, Chimera is 5 power and can only transport one squad of 3-7 power.

        • Tyr

          Yeah, but a rhino is basically just a box on tracks. Once youve dropped your payload, theres not much it can do (apart from trying to tie up enemies in CC). The chimera actually has 2-4 weapons systems it can use to deal damage on its own. Once the squad has been dropped off, it can go do its own thing, and be reasonably effective at it.

          Also, the rhino is actually worse for transporting multiple squads, since its limited at 10 passengers, to the chimeras 12. So while the chimera can carry a full squad and support characters, the rhino has to lose a model or two if you want to add an additional character. Hell, you could have up to 3 command squads in a chimera, with 4 SW each…. thats 12 plasma guns, with 24 shots in rapidfire range, PLUS the firepower of the chimera. Not too shabby.

          • Watcherzero

            We have plenty of tanks though, what we want is an option to transport soldiers to an objective and protect them and they are too expensive to set aside that many points for the role being a weak tank when we have hellhounds, leman russ, baneblade and forgeworld tanks. Taurox is what the Chimera should be but its too small physically (already clown car that it can carry 10 when it has seats inside for 6 so cant plausibly carry more)

          • Tyr

            Exactly. Thats the role of the taurox. Changing the chimera would just make taurox obsolete. And while I agree that the taurox is hideous, thats no reason to change the chimeras role. It should probably just get a price cut, maybe regain some rules like the old “command tank”. Also, the tallarn trait might be useful for chimeras, since it allows them to move and still shoot at full effectiveness.

  • Gustav

    I have 6000 points of Cadians, including many, many tanks. Fingers crossed for their Doctrine.

  • marxlives

    Mordians have always had a place in my heart. As well as House Steiner.

  • Bootneck

    Time to dust off Pask and his cohort, can’t wait to see the other regiments doctrines.

  • piglette

    Mordians are so unbelievably cool.

  • IronMaster

    My 11 Leman Russ are squee-grinding with joy.

  • Chad Underdonk

    G-DUB says “Veterans are a key component in any Astra Militarum
    list, thanks to a versatile range of equipment and a great Ballistic
    Skill. In a Mordian list, plasma gun veterans are going to be essential
    thanks to their unique order, Form Firing Squad!”

    Sadly the Mordians are not modelled with Plasma guns. All the Perry Boy Regiments are modelled with 3 out of 4 special weapons. Initially they only have 4 out of 5 heavy weapons too, but that was corrected around the turn of the century!

  • This Dave

    For the last few editions I’ve been complaining that my beloved Leman Russ tanks had been neutered because of the whole Ordnance weapon thing. 8th edition made them fun again with not only the ability to shoot with everything on the move but with no penalties firing the main gun. This new rule might have moved the needle a bit too far.

    Vehicles are tougher to start with in 8th. Being able to fire all their secondary guns AND the main gun twice on top of making them cheaper seems a bit much. Especially with some of the Regimental Doctrines thrown in for good measure.

    Also, I wonder if Forge World will actually update their Imperial Armour AM Index to reflect these changes to points?

    • Tyr

      I dunno… you do have to limit your movement to take advantage of GA. And even then, hull and sponson weapons shoot at -1 BS. Still seems reasonable, with the possible exception of the punisher…