40K: Remaining 3 Astra Militarum Regiments Confirmed

We’ve got confirmation of the final 3 Regiments and their Doctrines – For the Emperor!

The last three Astra Militarum Regiments have been revealed and we’ve got the run down for each of their doctrines! We’ll be talking about them in the week to come but just in case you’re wondering how accurate these are…

…You could say we can independently verify these.

Without further ado –  the final 3 regiments are:



Militarum Tempestus

The first two don’t surprise me. The inclusion of the Tempestus probably means we won’t be seeing a unique book for them…


Regimental Doctrines

Cadian: Born Soldiers

Re-roll hit rolls of 1 in the Shooting phase for units with this doctrine if they did not move in the previous Movement phase. If an Infantry unit with this doctrine is issued the “Take Aim!” order and it did not move in the previous Movement phase, re-roll all failed hit rolls for the unit until the end of the phase instead.

Tallarn: Swift as the Wind

Infantry units with this doctrine can Advance and still shoot any weapon type (except Heavy weapons). When they do so, they do not suffer the usual penalties to hit rolls for Assault Weapons. Vehicles with this doctrine do not suffer the penalty to their hit rolls for moving and firing Heavy weapons. If a Titanic Vehicle with this doctrine Advances, it treats all Heavy weapons it is equipped with as Assault weapons until the end of the turn (e.g. a Heavy D6 weapon is treated as an Assault D6 Weapon).

Militarum Tempestus: Storm Troopers

If a model with this doctrine is shooting a target at half range or less, it can makes an extra shot with the same weapon, at the same target, for each hit roll of 6+ you make for that model. These extra shots do not themselves generate any more additional shots.


So now that we’ve see all of the Regimental Doctrines, do you have a favorite?

We’ll be covering the Astra Militarum all week long and we’ll be featuring them on our Twitch Channel with a brand new Dark Apocrypha Campaign (that’s our 40k show). We’ll be answering questions as we play so pop on over, watch the games, and ask questions!


The Guard is back and better than ever – are you ready for the Astra Militarum?!

  • Tox

    Damn I was really hoping the last would be Praetorians. Militarum Tempestus are not really a regiment given their limited unit options.

    • Mathew G. Smith

      Their doctrine is canonically identical to Iron Guard, just use the Mordian rules.

      • mordiano

        Minis are also similar. To play at GW you might need a slight head conversion though 😉

        • VoidSong

          Secret weapon miniatures has praetorian heads. They aren’t advertised as such but they have them.

    • Will Frank

      I wanted Tanith. Which would have been easy – just given them the Raven Guard Chapter Tactic as a Doctrine for Infantry.

      • Mathew G. Smith

        I was suprised at the lack of Tanith rules too. The light infantry niche is conspicuously empty.

  • Carey_Mahoney

    So, Tallarnians are “mostly-relentless” now.

    • Adam Richard Corrigan

      They’re Eldar apparently.

      • Matthew Manall

        Better than Eldar even in that their vehicles also get the bonus to heavy weapons…

        • Until they get their Codex in a few months’ time and one-up them with their own traits.

    • euansmith
      • paxter

        Very much so they got an order which works like the old eldar crystal targeting matrix

      • Dennis J. Pechavar

        In that wind and dust he really should have his goggles down.

        • euansmith

          He would not lower himself to notice the mundane detritus of the world. He dwells on a high plain, of honour and snootiness.

      • Mud_Duck

        I love how his ‘accent’ starts Arabic, goes Russian, and ends Scottish.

        • euansmith

          The Final Liberation cut scenes feature some truly hilariously bad “acting”.

  • Adam Richard Corrigan

    No Praetorians, that sucks.

    • I_am_Alpharius

      Just use the Mordian Doctrine – that will suit them perfectly.

  • And none of them are Praetorian Guard…

    • I_am_Alpharius

      Just use the Mordian Doctrine – that will suit them perfectly fine.

  • Karru

    The Cadian one feels a bit… lame. Getting re-rolls of 1’s for everything as long as you didn’t move is very nice, but it really limits the options for you if you want to utilise it. Just hunker down on your side of the board and blast the enemy. A pity I must say.

    • Manuel Bateman

      true. its strong an will be played, but on the same time ist boring as hell.
      i wonder if you can have any kind aof unit as tempestus say eg tempestus conscripts?

      • euansmith

        “You conscripts are the best of the best!”

        • Moonsaves

          Well… they actually are. The Whiteshields are their youth corps, where they are promoted and trained into guardsmen (or even Kasrkin).

        • Dennis J. Pechavar

          With honours!

          • euansmith

            D.S.O. with Bar (and Grill)!

          • Dennis J. Pechavar

            I was going more of a Will Smith in M.I.B but yeah.

    • Scott Resnick

      Cadian Leman Russes that don’t move are firing twice and rerolling 1s.

      It’s a toss up if that’s better than the other one that will let it half damage on the charts.

      Either way. Armored tank companies will be big this time around.

    • Bootneck

      I really like the Cadian doctrine combined with the Take Aim order – makes regular guardsmen pretty good shots, i don’t think it changes how the traditional IG army works. Its been a campfest for years so nothing new hunkering down and blasting the enemy.

      But the other doctrines allow for other styles if you want to try something more adventurous.

    • Koen Cambré

      I believe Cadia was also getting a specific tank command that made them reroll the dice for the number of shots they get.

      I can see a Cadia Tank company with some LR Plasma spam being quite nasty this way. A LR can shoot twice, reroll 1’s and get high volume of fire in a cadia force.

      Heavy weapon teams in Cadia will also be quite strong if they can remain stationary.

      • Jani Jalassalo

        Don’t forget punishers that can chew infantry with 40 shots

      • ieyke

        These are pretty much just the classic traditional OG Cadians.

        Their original rules/theme was:
        – Sharpshooters
        – Lots of plasma weapons (whole Special Weapon Squads instead of Heavy Weapons Squads)
        – Lots of conscripts
        – Super elite Stormtroopers
        – Sanctioned Psykers
        – Iron discipline
        – Armored Sentinels

        Most of that has been absorbed into the general IG rules, so this gives them their sharpshooting, including the ability to use lots of plasma safely.

  • SYSTem050

    The sub factions were confirmed 8n the original warhammer community post you shower of ejits, you had an article about at the time do you lot not read your own work!?!

    • Bols is an aggregator, they pull articles from a bunch of different sources

  • Troy Dean

    “No Praetorians?!” Guys, I hate to tell you this, but they were a limited run more than fifteen years ago. What did people actually expect? Really? Just use the Mordian doctrine, since it fits them perfectly, too.

    • I_am_Alpharius

      They were initially a limited thing, but sold very well, so GW kept them around for a fair while. However as you say just use the Mordian Doctrine, fit them fine.

    • ieyke

      People acting shocked that there are no Praetorians is hilarious.

    • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

      More angry about not having an RT for Tanith, but I can choose between Catachan and Cadian for that.

  • I_am_Alpharius

    “…we can independently verify these…”

    Golly you guys are funny!

    WH-Com literally told us the 8 Regiments getting Doctrines last Sunday (which you guys reported on!), WD subscribers got then Oct issues early, after a mess up by the distributors, which also listed the 8 Regiment AND WH-Tv went through them all during their twitch stream on Thurs, including talking about every Doctrine (although I appreciated not everyone would have watched that).

    Anyhow….They, all sound good to me, since I heard them on WH-Tv on Thursday. Frankly, they all seem really good and there is something for everyones play style.

    More stuff from Twitch stream:
    – When you take certain tanks in x-numbers (I think 3 as one choice) then those unit gain the Objective Secured rules! So you can make tank armies.
    – All the aux units like: Psykers, Techpriest, command dues; etc.. are back and have a rule meaning they don’t affect your army being Battle Forged
    – Similar Scions and their ilk have a rule so you can include them in AM armies that are purely them and not affect your army being Battle Forged (Although they can’t use their Doctrine or the armies one either)
    – Combined Squads stratagem. Cost 1cp Use this stratagem during the movement phase. Select two Infantry Squads, and they combine to form one big unit – so yes, that does means blob squads of conscripts could still be a thing.

    • Tyr

      Combined squads only works on regular infantry squads, not conscripts, but yeah. True otherwise. 😛

      • I_am_Alpharius

        Really? I was under the impression, from what was said in the Twitch interview, it was restricted to units with keyword “Infantry” and therefore would include conscripts. Does that mean its keyworded “Infantry Squad” and so exclude conscripts and other infantry units?

        • Tyr

          Pretty sure, yeah. At least Ive had someone else burst that bubble in a thread on dakka. Cant really be sure until the codex drops, but I wouldnt be terribly surprised… :/

  • milan

    Just use the Mordian Doctrine – that will suit them perfectly.

    • euansmith

      This is getting Meta. Is @Milan’s comment an echo of @I_am_Alpharius’s comment which @I_am_Alpharius appears to have repeat a couple of times down the thread. Is this the echo of an echo?

      • ReveredChaplainDrake

        I’ve been looking for a doctrine to represent my Genestealer Cult IG:

        Just use the Mordian Doctrine – that will suit them perfectly.

        • euansmith

          😀 😀 😀 😀

        • LankTank

          XD I can’t breathe. But it’s probably a ripper inside my chest…

          • Adam Marshall

            Just use the Mordian Doctrine – that will enable you to breathe perfectly fine.

    • LankTank

      No… It’s just use the Mordian Doctine – that will suit them perfectly. You need to say it right

  • PrehistoricUF0

    Love the Storm Trooper rule.

  • Marcus Clark

    So No death Korps of Krieg but we get lumped with both Vostroyans & Valhalla. the Death Korps have one of the largest and well supplied Imperial Guard Armys of the Imperium.

    • ieyke

      Death Korps are a ForgeWorld army.
      Valhallans and Vostoryans are GW armies.

    • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

      Save some money, buy Index: Forces of the Astra Militarum. Like any other special subfaction, Death Korps don’t follow the formula of their parent Codex, but have all of their benefits hardcoded into their own Datasheets.

  • Tijmen

    😀 😀 😀 😀

  • Andrew Reynolds

    Hey that is a pretty nice sized Bols sack in the second picture there! 😀