40K: Unboxing Typhus, Herald of the Plague God

Want to take a closer look at Typhus’ new model in all his plague-filled glory? Come see what’s in his new kit!

Itchy throat? Irritated eyes? Bleeding gums? Sounds like you might be heading for the full blown plague. It’s the return of Typhus, Herald of the Plague God! We’ve got a copy of his new kit and we’re happy to show it off. It’s sooooo gross, but in all the right ways:

Typhus, Herald of the Plague God follows in the tradition of the new style Chaos Character Kits. Like Kharn and Ahriman before him, Typhus has been updated using all the latest tech from Games Workshop’s modeling studio. This new take on a classic character showcases just how far GW has come. Compared to the old model it’s evident that this new plastic Typhus has a LOT more going on in terms of detail and the fluidity of the pose.

Typhus still has the same themes and elements from his old armor: the cloven “hoof” of his feet, the Nurgling riding on his hip, random pouches, a Manreaper Scythe, a single horned helmet, Terminator Armor, and putrescent vents pumping Nurgle-knows-what into the air. However, all of those elements have been touched up – he’s also a physically larger sculpt than before. He’s got more dings, pits, scratches, boils, horns, and battle damage than before. But’s not done in an overwhelming manner. He also looks bolder and open with his scythe raised to the sky – like he’s summoning the Plague Horde into action!

As a plastic kit – it’s exactly what we’ve come to expect from Games Workshop. It’s becoming routine to call their sprues amazing and technically superior to most of the competition. Games Workshop’s plastic kits have raised the bar and Typhus is just one more notch in that belt. The material retains so much detail and it’s easy to work with. You can see from the two sprue pics just how much goes into each bit. You can seriously get lost studying all the little things in this kit.

Obviously, we’re totally impressed with Typhus’ kit. We love the updated version and think it’s a great addition to the Grim-Dark universe. If you’re a Death Guard player it’s going to hard to turn this one away. And if you’re a fan of Poxwalkers, he’s a must-buy. I won’t get into all the rules of Typhus (which are included in the box) – but he’s an amazing buff character for the army. Typhus officially arrives in stores next weekend but he’s up from pre-orders today. And I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing much more Typhus on tabletops around the world…

Typhus – Herald of the Plague God

Typhus, Lord of Mortarion’s First Plague Company and Host of the Destroyer Hive, is the most feared of all Plague Fleet commanders. From his ancient ship, the Terminus Est, Typhus spreads contagion and misery across the galaxy. That Typhus has been truly blessed by Nurgle is indisputable. For ten thousand years he has been a blight on Imperial worlds; in the wake of Typhus’ fleet a virulent plague spreads, creating plague zombies whose bites carry the disease to new victims. Billions have died and been returned to undeath, as the proliferating energies of Chaos distort and mutate this disease to ever-more terrifying vectors.


New Typhus vs Old Typhus – which model is your favorite?

  • piglette

    How to paint the new Typhus model

    Step 1: Throw it in the trash.

    • I_am_Alpharius

      ….insight full…

    • wibbling

      What a stupid thing to say.

      If you don’t like it, explain why, constructively. If you can’t manage that, remain silent.

      • ZeeLobby

        “Explain why, constructively… And then I’ll insult and ignore what you say.”

        Oh wibbling.

    • Le_smee

      You need to explain that you throw it in the trash BECAUSE it is garbage, then all the Wibblings and Jibblings and the Bibblings won’t get upset.

  • Le_smee

    Is the old model going to look like a midget now? I would like to have a unique Typhus model that isn’t……the other one.

    • Yes

      • Le_smee


    • Darkcat
      • Le_smee

        Indeed that model is very very nice, I think it would look to out of place for my peace of mind. I am very finicky, appreciate the link though.

      • eMtoN

        Ok, that one looks awesome.

    • luke-vdv

      No. The old Typhus is regular size and the new Typhus is oversized. In other words, the old one will look normal and the new will look big.

  • Lyca Atteneder

    If it wasn’t for the pose I’d really like the new Typhus…

    • Dumbcow1

      i wonder if I can find a way to use Deathshroud arms or something on him to get the scythe back across his body like his old pose. LOVE the old pose, love the new details on this kit…do not like the raised scythe posing.

      • D. B.

        That’s when you start converting. This bad boy is sittin’ on plastic, so get cracking! Chop-chop! It is inspired conversions that make the hobby great, after all.

      • Lyca Atteneder

        exactly THAT.
        guess the conversion could be done… although the way the parts look on the sprues may make it a little time consuming. But I believe it would be worth it. Expensive though… if it doesn’t turn out in a good way

  • Dennis Holman

    Don’t like this new one. Looks far to busy, and the raised manreaper… Kind of reminds me of a old nurgle champion. Old one looks like a unstoppable rhino is coming your way. Looks a lot more menacing to me.

  • 415Native

    I know I won’t be the only one who converts a Typhus from the old model and the Lord of Contagion body. The pose and shape of this one is a little too “anime” for me. There are some great details, but not worth my $35 or so for the kit.

  • Philip Estabrook

    Jesus, people are never happy.

    • luke-vdv

      They were happy with the design of the older model so, in fact, people can be happy.

      • ZeeLobby

        What he meant to say was: why can’t everyone be nice to poor GW, for they can do no wrong!

    • MechBattler
  • UnLachy

    I am really happy I can build this without the smoke/flies.

    • Jimmy van der Poel

      same here, although, would have loved the option to adjust the scythe arm for a more dynamic pose than Link getting his sword 😉

  • Rita-Audrey Jones

    This is a cool model with a nice pose.

  • Talos2

    Where as the old one has an aura of inevitable death, the new one is just too cartoonish. Why would something that has nothing but your destruction on his mind be waving his scythe in the air like a flag? He wouldn’t waste the effort. He’d be a leader by example, not through encouragement.

  • Nyyppä

    Does it come with a 60s disco tune?

  • eMtoN

    The old one looks like he is going to pound you into a greasy stain. The new one looks like it’s possessed by John Travolta.

  • KreskinsESP

    I just can’t get over the pose. He’s like “HEY GUYS, CHECK OUT THIS COOL SCYTHE I FOUND!”

  • He doesn’t need to have a fluid pose! He’s in Terminator Armour!

  • Lion El’ Jonson

    I really like the fact that you can assemble it without the smoke and daemonic bugs. I also kind of think this pose suits Typhus more then the old one. Typhus the traveller, the herald of NURGLE not the Death Guard, should look more jovial then his brothers.

  • kerouac50

    Was this article written by a 12 year old?

    • ZeeLobby

      Straight from GW’s mouth it sounds like.

  • FCBullsht

    Typhus, the dancing hippie-clown

  • Dennis J. Pechavar

    I still think it looks like Old man Typhus is yelling at the neighborhood kids to stay off of his lawn.

  • Andrew K. Vanderwilt

    The new typhus model looks gleefull compared to the old one , which has a very sinister evil look.